German Greenhouse Gases Are on the Rise

By Editors

Germany's greenhouse gases have been rising steadily since it entered the Energiewende era in its attempt to shut down its nuclear reactors. Emissions hit an all-time low of 913 million tons in 2009. Since the Fukushima accident they have risen to 951 mT, a level not achieved since 2008. Emissions were much worse in 1990, when they stood at 1248 mT. The yellow portion of the bar represents carbon dioxide. The brown portion at the top is non-CO2 greenhouse gases such as methane, nitrous oxide and fluorocarbons.

The green shaded area indicates Germany's Kyoto Protocol targets. The goals have been met over the last six years but the rise is now approaching the limit. The 2013 is still a forecast, since figures are not yet complete.

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