Trump Energy Advisor Kevin Cramer Talks About U.S. Energy/Climate Policy


North Dakota Congressman Kevin Cramer--who is also an adviser to President-elect Donald Trump on energy and climate policy--talks with RealClearEnergy about energy policy in a Trump administration.

RealClearEnergy: What do you think will happen next year in terms of changes in U.S. energy policy?

Congressman Kevin Cramer: I would go so far as to say that energy policy was a major reason for Republican victories this year including Donald Trump’s, who was able to combine the energy patch with the Rust Belt. I like to say that it took a billionaire to get working class Americans back in the Republican column where they belong. Now it’s our job to keep them there by passing policies that are important to them.

I think energy policy is a great place to start. What I think is going to be a high priority, and it will start immediately next year, will be the roll-back of regulations. It’s pretty clear that we are in a area of energy abundance, most if not all of the energy bills and laws in place today were based on a time of energy scarcity. Before fracking, before clean coal technologies, before natural gas and oil were in such abundance, we passed policies that reflected that.

Now we have to pass policies that clearly understand that we can, and must be energy secure by being energy independent. So, rolling back the Clean Power Plan, rolling back Waters of the United States (WOTUS), rolling back the stream buffer-zone rule for coal mining, rolling back those taxes that are punitive for American businesses as it relates to global opportunities. We have a great opportunity to do that and that would be priority number one.

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