Greens, It's Time to Embrace Rick Perry

Greens, It's Time to Embrace Rick Perry
Greens, It's Time to Embrace Rick Perry

Environmentalists, Greens, Climate Realists...whatever the current nomenclature is, Jude Clemente of Forbes has a message for you: Please relax about Rick Perry, former governor of Texas, now energy secretary nominee.

He may not have a hipster beard but the guy's so green he's practically straight outta Brooklyn. Consider the facts: He's been known to drive a Tesla Model S -- as part of his bid to get Elon Musk to base the Gigafactory in Texas.

In 2011 he launched something called the "Television Takeback Law...which orders manufacturers to accept and recycle TVs at the end of their useful lives...a way to keep toxic materials such as lead and mercury out of landfills and water sources."

And for the last ten years his state has beaten the pants off green-haloed California in wind energy generation (see chart.)

Most importantly, as Clemente points out, "under Rick Perry's 2000-2014 tenure, per MWh emissions for [sulfur dioxide], [nitrogen oxides], and [carbon dioxide] plummeted 56%, 66%, and 17%, respectively...a great achievement considering the sweltering summers that demands Texans use more power than others."

California, quite frankly, you should be taking lessons from Texas.

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