Elon Damns Wind With Faint Praise

Elon Damns Wind With Faint Praise
Elon Damns Wind With Faint Praise

Members of the renewable energy community don't come right out and dismiss a form of renewable energy. It's just not done. Renewables, the thinking goes, are embattled enough, what with Big Fossils arrayed against them and climate catastrophe about to descend at any minute.

So, in the Kremlin-dias-seating-arrangement business of energy reporting, when an Elon Musk sounds a less-than-completely rah-rah note about a form of renewable energy it's a big deal, an occasion prompting a Huffington Post headline: "Why Elon Musk Is Betting On Solar Power Instead Of Wind" and the relatively scorching claim in the first paragraph: "Elon Musk doesn’t see a place for a wind power division in his expanding clean-energy empire."

And why is Elon not all that high on wind energy? “I think we can solve the problem [of renewable energy] with the giant fusion reactor in the sky called the sun,” he told the Huffington Post.

The sun. No intermittency problems there.

This is generally (see chart) the pattern that investments in renewables are following as well, with solar showing much more strength than wind.


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