Nuclear Reactors Threaten America - By Closing Down

Nuclear Reactors Threaten America - By Closing Down
Nuclear Reactors Threaten America - By Closing Down

Nuclear power is threatening America once again. This time by closing down. It's finally dawning on some people that nuclear provides 20 percent of our electricity without putting any carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Of course there's always the threat of nuclear meltdown that would make an area the size of Pennsylvania uninhabitable and wipe Los Angeles of the map or was Jane Fonda was warning about.

The above graph is supplied by the Energy Information Administration, which is beginning to take note of the situation.  It shows the path of carbon emissions over the next 25 years if coal and nuclear retirements are accelerated. The worst scenario is for nuclear reactors to close while coal plants continue to operate - something that Germany is experiencing now. The best scenario is if coal plants are retired but reactor life is extended.

As Joao Peixe writes on OilPrice, "Many of the nation's nuclear plants began operation in the 1960s and 1970s with an initial 40-year operating license - meaning most are near the end of their intended lives. However, more than 75 percent have received 20-year renewals, which extends their operations into the 2020s and 2030s. Many plant operators are pushing for a second 20-year renewal, and how successful they are at convincing regulators and the public to allow such a move will largely determine how many plants remain in operation beyond the next two decades."

Strangely, the one scenario that no one considers is for someone to build new nuclear reactors

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