Hello, I’m From the Government and I’m Paid by Leftists Billionaires

Hello, I’m From the Government and I’m Paid by Leftists Billionaires
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"Politicians should wear sponsor jackets like Nascar drivers, then we know who owns them."

Maybe it’s because that quote combines their feigned outrage over money in politics with their genuine ignorance about a sport loved by millions…either way, leftists love it.

However, sending campaign contributions directly to your favorite politician appears to be on the way out in leftist circles. Call it the MySpace of political financing. Instead, the new-fangled scheme is more sinister and more widespread than many of us can imagine.

Across the country, leftist billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg and Michael Bloomberg are putting their money where the real action is…bureaucrats. You may laugh, but the results are shocking.

I first noticed it in my home state of New Mexico in 2019 when Mayor Bloomberg bought himself his very own attorneys within the state Attorney General Office. The pitch happens in three phases. First, some elected official or other government administrator applies for a grant from a non-profit. Then, a non-profit offers something every bureaucrat wants: funding to enlarge their government fiefdom. By pure happenstance, said obscure non-profit conveniently aligns with the political leanings of the office. Then, voila! Applied grants are awarded and now this government official has more manpower or new equipment to carry out their mission.

There’s no need to disclose the funding on campaign finance forms because this isn’t money for elections. This is money for those already elected.

In the case of New Mexico (and several other states) Attorney General, Mayor Bloomberg funded two full-time lawyers charged with pursuing his environmental agenda. In the sweetheart arrangement, Mayor Mike pays for the salaries of the lawyers and the Attorney General gives them the power of the office. On the outside, it simply looks like the AG’s office has two new attorneys focused on climate issues. In reality, these lawyers must report to Bloomberg’s chosen non-profit on a regular basis to ensure they are getting results for Bloomberg’s extreme green policies.

The co-conspirators are not terribly forthcoming about this arrangement. We only learned about the contracts through New Mexico’s Freedom of Information Act. When the details became public, you would think the lawyers would be fired and the AG would apologize for approving privately-funded officials in his office.

Think again.

A spokesman for the AG’s office said the arrangement that pays for inside access is acceptable because it “isn’t unusual” – a statement that makes as much sense as President Biden claiming his $3.5 trillion dollar spending boondoggle does not cost a dime. Sadly, as we went through 2020, they were proven right. It turned out it wasn’t unusual at all.

In her new book, Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech and The Democrats Seized Our Elections, Mollie Hemingway does an excellent job revealing how scehmes like Bloomberg’s climate lawyers were copied when it came to our elections.

Organizations marketed as “non-partisan” received hundreds of millions from Mark Zuckerberg and then offered “grants” to local elections officials who were supposedly underfunded. These grants, called “Zuck Bucks” were used to purchase equipment and pay personnel during the 2020 election. Hemingway points out that, not surprisingly, states that ended up voting for Biden received 88.4 percent of the funding from Zuckerberg’s group[1].

Not only does this peddled influence undermine offices that are supposed to serve all the people, it also highlights the absolute hypocrisy of the left when they howl about the influence of money in politics.

Where is the outrage from Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren about these arrangements? What about an angry editorial from the New York Times bemoaning the influence of the rich? Even if they did stand up, I doubt Zuckerberg would let you see it on Facebook. They would be de-platformed faster than our former president.

It all adds up to one very sad conclusion: the offices in our government are indeed for sale to those who can afford it. Sponsor jackets not included.


Larry Behrens is the Communications Director for Power The Future, a nonprofit organization that advocates for American energy jobs. He previously served as Communications Director for former New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez. You can find him on Twitter @larrybehrens or @PTFNewMexico. Learn more at PowerTheFuture.Com.

[1] Hemingway, pg. 74.

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