President Biden's 'Green' Obsession Is Already a Disaster

President Biden's 'Green' Obsession Is Already a Disaster
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The green revolution in the left’s $3.5 trillion reconciliation is a matter of trade-offs and Americans will find the final numbers don’t balance.

We can argue the “existential threat” of climate change which will be here in 7 years, or 10 years, or is already here, depending on the rhetoric.  We can scoff at John Kerry’s private jets, Bernie Sanders’ multiple homes, and question the credibility of the prophets of doom whose carbon footprints are ripe with hypocrisy. However, it’s more important to push all the politics aside and be pragmatists. 

Forcing half of our electricity to be “carbon free” by 2030 necessarily entails a give and take. In this case, we need to give up the current state of life in America for the goals of the climate agenda. On the balance, this forced transition takes much more than it gives. That’s the reality the American people need to understand and the serious conversation we need to have. Yet it’s not happening, and the reason is very simple: Americans don’t know the consequences. 

Show me a politician saying fossil fuels can be traded for renewable energy while keeping all other aspects of life (cost, reliability, national security) the same…and I will show you a liar.

Case in point: Germany. Our Deutsch allies are years ahead of America in pushing for a green agenda. They have closed 12 of its 19 nuclear power plants, with all 84 of their coal plants slated for extinction within the next decade.  The green movement cheers this on as progress and leadership.

Sadly, they are utterly detached from reality.

Germans pay 37 cents per kilowatt hour for electricity, about triple what we pay in America. In simplest of terms, take your electric bill and triple it. Environmentalists will tell you this is what the people want. They’ll argue Americans will embrace and accept this sacrifice as part of the battle against climate change, but I maintain many have no idea this is what the future holds because politicians are not being honest.

America is already experiencing blackouts because of politically-charged green energy mandates. Parts of New York City this summer went dark. Same in New Mexico and California. Even energy-rich Texas experienced blackouts which tragically cost the lives of many people.

Simply put, renewable energy is incapable of producing the same amount of energy and cannot withstand the elements. 

The green movement refutes this passionately, but facts are stubborn things. The rolling blackouts are a result of politicians pushing green energy mandates faster than the science and technology allow, and the consequences are deadly. 

There’s also a national security component to energy, perhaps the most vital, and yet rarely discussed in serious terms. Europe is struggling to keep the power on and begging Russia to export more gas.  In turn, Putin has cut gas exports from the typical rate of 81 million cubic meters (mcm) to around 20 mcm last month. Is it because Russia is running out of gas? No. It’s because Putin wants to see Europe dance for his pleasure. And they’re putting on a jig.  

The Nordstream 2 pipeline between Russia and Germany, previously opposed by the Trump Administration under Germany’s NATO obligations, is now fully blessed by the Biden Administration.. 

While this relationship is bad news for Germany, America is entering into the same dangerous bargain with China. My organization, Power The Future, authored a study explaining how upwards of 70% of the renewable energy is manufactured in China. Even worse, in another study we explain how a whopping 95% of the rare earth mineral market, those mined metals and minerals necessary for wind and solar to function, is monopolized by China.

We are forgoing affordability for expensive electricity. We are forgoing reliability for blackouts. We are forgoing domestic energy for Chinese dependence. Yet these realities are never discussed. 

The Biden green agenda is a matter of trade-offs. The American people have the right to know what is on the line: affordability, reliability, and national security.

We all deserve to know the full cost of Joe Biden’s “going green.”


Daniel Turner is the founder and executive director of Power The Future, a national nonprofit organization that advocates for American energy jobs. Contact him at and follow him on Twitter @DanielTurnerPTF

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