Climate Change Hypocrisy Begins With the United Nations

Climate Change Hypocrisy Begins With the United Nations
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Over the weekend, I saw two tweets with roughly the exact same time stamp. The first one, stamped at 2:32pm, was from the official account of the United Nations (UN) spokesperson announcing that UN officials were in Kabul discussing “humanitarian” issues with The Taliban. The second tweet, from investigative reporter Lara Logan, included reports of The Taliban executing Afghan women police officers including one who was six months pregnant. It was stamped 2:43pm. 

It makes you wonder what the actual purpose of the UN is these days.

The neo-liberalism of this relic, which seeks to legitimize The Taliban and welcome it into the global community, will result in many more senseless deaths. And they will use American dollars to do so. The U.S. currently funds 22% of the entire UN budget, contributing roughly $675,000,000 tax dollars. This is more than double the next largest donor, China, who contributes $336,000,000.  It’s bad enough the UN bureaucrats are so foolish in foreign policy. One could argue they are even more clueless and moronic on energy and environmental issues.

Here’s one small, or rather, enormous, example of the UN’s green stupidity: two months from now, an anticipated 30,000 activists will gather is Glasgow, Scotland, for yet another international conference on climate change. There, in large auditoriums with impressive sound systems and jumbo screen TVs, they will live stream charts and graphs of climate panic porn predicting the inevitable end of mankind unless we immediately stop using fossil fuels. 

Rest assured, there will not be one slide on the carbon footprint of 30,000 activists gathering in Glasgow. 

But I’ll write more about UN Hypocrisy Fest in November once they finalize the speakers. I’m sure you’ll be just as excited to hear billionaires like Bill Gates and Michael Bloomberg tell us how we need to alter our lifestyles for Mother Earth before boarding their Gulfstream Six to the mega-yacht in Capri. But we’ll have to wait: there’s plenty of UN hypocrisy for today. 

The most recent example of UN stupidity is the August 25th letter from “CERD,” the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, which is part of the UN Commission on Human Rights. The focus of the letter was, of course, the U.S. and especially the known source of all racial strife: oil pipelines. 

Line Three, a proposed pipeline to ship tar sands from Alberta, Canada to Superior, Wisconsin, is the new pipeline of attack for the green movement now that Joe Biden granted their wish of stopping the Keystone XL Pipeline. No one gained from the Keystone decision. Oil still arrives from Canada, as it did previously, via the more carbon intensive railroad and truck, but that was never the issue. It was never about carbon footprints or the Earth. It’s about the battle. As a Wellesley College student titled her 1969 thesis on communist activist Saul Alinsky “There Is Only the Fight.” Hillary Clinton would probably agree with the green movement’s tactic of never declaring victory: just move on to the next target. Line Three. 

This project would “project would infringe the rights of the Anishinaabe indigenous peoples, in particular by significantly reducing their traditional source of food, the “manoonim” wild rice” the UN letter states without any specifics. “Reportedly, this project would exacerbate the already disproportionate impact of climate change on indigenous peoples in Minnesota” it adds without any data of how the indigenous Minnesota people are faring. But facts are not necessary when you have a green agenda. Just ask the 30,000 “climate advocates” gearing up to fly to Glasgow. 

Here’s the line that really should make you break your screen: “the Line 3 project would furthermore increase the risk of violence against indigenous women, including sex trafficking and sexual abuse, due to the significant influx of workers and the establishment of camps composed of male workers.” Yes, you read that correctly: an accusation that American energy workers will sex traffic and abuse the native women of Minnesota.

I’d like to ask Governor Tim Waltz if he will let this accusation go unanswered. Some UN bureaucrat besmirching the people of your state for a political agenda. I’d like to ask “Middle Class Joe” Biden if his team will stand by the American energy worker before such a disgusting claim. I wish they would both tell the UN Committee to, politely, pound sand. 

To make this letter even more offensive, more egregious, more infuriating is the author of the Chair of the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination is Yanduan Li, delegate from China. Yes, that’s right, the country that has over one million Uighurs in slave camps is sending their diplomats to blast America for building an oil pipeline to its largest trading partner. 

The slave owner chastising you for wearing white after Labor Day.

China’s myriad of human rights abuses run the gamut from the persecution of the media and lack of a free press to crackdowns on human rights in Hong Kong to nationwide censorship to forced sterilization to political imprisonment…the list is seemingly without end. It is the systematic abuse of a brutal regime. The Biden Administration and the Governor of Minnesota should rip up that letter. On TikTok so the Chinese are sure to see it.

And if the UN had any credibility left, it would assume Yanduan Li from China is as much a threat to human rights as the country she represents. But they won’t. It’s the same UN meeting with The Taliban while they are murdering women police officers. It’s the same UN telling you to “go green” as it books celebrity entertainers for a week-long junket in Scotland.

Energy is a critical resource and sadly has been the source of countless wars and acts of violence. America has many energy enemies: Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Iraq. It’s sad to now have to count the UN on that list. And even sadder to know we’re paying for all of it. 

Now is the time for the Biden Administration to see American energy independence as more critical than ever before. 


Daniel Turner is the founder and executive director of Power The Future, a national nonprofit organization that advocates for American energy jobs. Contact him at and follow him on Twitter @DanielTurnerPTF

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