Why a Biden Administration Threatens US Energy Security

Why a Biden Administration Threatens US Energy Security
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Two certainties will happen in the Biden-Harris Administration: Americans will pay more for everything and we will have more war in the Middle East. It’s inevitable, and also completely preventable, but given Joe Biden’s long career as a committed globalist along with his new-found passion for appeasing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez… let me rephrase that… newfound passion for environmental causes, he will make very foolish decisions which will precipitate both.

Here’s how.

For starters, Biden plans to cripple the energy industry. Biden will implement a fracking ban. His fracking lie was so blatant even CNN called him out. Additionally, Biden will prevent energy development on federal land and offshore. All this will reduce our domestic energy supply.

Of course, Biden won’t admit this is the goal. Of course not. He’ll package it as “a new regulation to study the effect of” or a plan to “to measure the impact of”, etc., and by targeting the means by which we produce energy he will de facto ban energy.

How many parents have punished their kid saying “I didn’t say you can’t see your friends. I just said you can’t have the car.” Every teenager knows it’s a crock.  

Look at the Biden EPA transition team. Groups like Earth Justice do environmental activism for a living and spent the past four years filing lawsuits against the energy industry. Once given the power of the federal government they will make it nearly impossible to produce oil and gas.

When the energy supply decreases and the demand stays the same the price will by laws of economics increase. Why is energy so inexpensive under President Trump, even outside of the demand-crushing COVID lockdowns? We did not discover more oil and gas or invent a new technology, and we consumed more than ever before. The delta was in supply. The Trump Administration created a regulatory and financial climate which allowed energy producers to produce and their success was on volume even as the price declined.

The average January oil price under Obama was $83.77. The average under President Trump is $58.86. That $24.91 cent difference reflects supply and is an extra cost felt throughout the rest of the economy.

Every farmer planting, fertilizing, and harvesting food passes the extra cost onto the consumer. Every manufacturer passes the higher cost of raw materials, production, and shipping onto the consumer. Every airline reflects higher fuel costs in the ticket price. Utilities are more expensive. And when consumers have less pocket change due to higher prices, they spend less

There’s a reason 2019 saw record spending on travel, shopping, and restaurants: Americans had more cash. This used to be considered a good thing.

When the Biden Administration reverses this, and 100% they will, prices will climb. Then the same economically illiterate members of Congress get to recycle their tired phrases. Fossil fuel companies are called greedy. “Big oil” becomes a catchphrase. Sen. Bernie Sanders will slam executives for putting profit over people and Congress will haul executives before the cameras of Committee Hearings where Representatives in wingback chairs feign indignation reading from scripts written by interns. They will all demand answers: why oil is $90 or $100 or even $150 a barrel?

Ask me to testify and I’ll tell you the truth: Joe Biden made it so.

This first certainty gives way to the second: Middle East war. Don’t act surprised. Just the other day Biden (or more likely the poetry graduate who runs his twitter account) tweeted “When I’m speaking to foreign leaders, I’m telling them: America is going to be back. We’re going to be back in the game.”

This is a rather terrible statement (and not just the punctuation). America does not need to be in any foreign policy “game.” Globalists like Biden have decades of terrible decisions causing war and death. Remember Biden is the self-proclaimed foreign policy expert who wanted to forcibly divide Iraq into three distinct nations. How many Iowa farm boys would have died defending those arbitrary borders (especially ironic considering he’s proposing to virtually abolish America’s borders, but I should stick to energy).

Protesters once marched through DC shouting “no blood for oil” and politicians from both parties assured them America’s activities were about our “strategic interests.” That’s a polite way of saying “oil.” We needed their oil, and it was reflected in both the high prices and the perpetual violence and unrest.

That was all gone for a few years, but it will be reversed, so in a sense Biden’s stupid tweet is rather correct in sentiment albeit in the wrong tense: America will be back. Biden will make sure of it.

His foreign policy game will give the other players a huge advantage. When oil prices climb, Iran, the leading sponsor of terrorism, will have extra cash. What will they do: “invest in education” or “make bombs?” You know the answer. What will Russia do with 50% or 100% more cash? What about Yemen? Oman? Libya? Saudi Arabia? Venezuela?

We haven’t heard much from Iran these past few years, and their economy is on the brink of collapse because of tough American sanctions and inexpensive oil. It’s been quite a while since “Tensions in the Straits of Hormuz” was a regular news headline, but Biden looks determined to change that. Iran did capture 10 of our sailors when Biden was Vice President. His policies will ensure it happens again.

As for our other enemy, our real enemy, China, well there’s some other lousy news. As they dominate the green energy technology market in both rare earth elements and manufacturing, Biden’s plan to “go green” through government mandates of wind turbine and solar panel acquisition will transfer billions of our dollars to the communist coffers.

So, there’s the rosy picture for the future. Life will become expensive in America, our enemies will become richer, Iran will sponsor more terrorism, China will dominate our energy security, and the likelihood of war will increase.  

Worry not about the “10 years to fix climate change.” Worry about the existential threat of four years of Joe Biden.


Daniel Turner is the founder and executive director of Power The Future, a national nonprofit organization that advocates for American energy jobs. Contact him at daniel@powerthefuture.com and follow him on Twitter @DanielTurnerPTF.

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