America in 2022 After a Biden-Harris Win

America in 2022 After a Biden-Harris Win
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January, 2022

Six months after assuming the office of the President, under the provisions laid out by the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, President Kamala Harris is able to implement the final components of the Green New Deal. She issues an executive order banning fracking nationwide causing oil and natural gas prices to spike nearly 35%. The White House press secretary blames speculation and condemns Wall Street greed. Senator Sanders demands an investigation.  

Nearly 75,000 men and women who worked in the fracking industry file for unemployment.

February, 2022

Senator Debbie Stabenow, Chair of the Agriculture Committee, holds hearings on the rising food prices that are punishing American families. CEOs of America’s major meat, dairy, and food suppliers testify that the sharp increase of transportation, harvesting, and irrigation prices, coupled with the shortage of fertilizer, is to blame. Speaker Pelosi promises a major investment in food stamps, vowing that America’s spirit is stronger than corporate malfeasance.

Twitter and Facebook join forces to launch a new program encouraging home-growers, highlighting the benefits of the #everydayfarmer.

March, 2022

Airline industry workers go on strike, grounding almost all commercial air traffic nationwide, and one airline declares bankruptcy as oil prices continue to climb past the $100 a barrel mark.

President Harris promises to “deal with the airlines” in a national address from the Oval Office, vowing major investments in high-speed rail.

April, 2022

The newly resurgent ISIS factions in Iraq launch a major offensive on Kuwaiti and Saudi oil fields, resulting in a massive overnight spike. #IranRising trends on social media as the Ayatollah promises to restore dignity and honor to his country “after years of punishing sanctions and economic stagnation.”

May, 2022

Wall Street takes a major tumble on the plummeting new-home-construction numbers. The dwindling coal supply and surging cost of production collapses the steel industry. Housing and construction companies nationwide issue massive layoffs. China then announces a 50% price reduction in Chinese steel, winning major market shares in Germany, Italy, and Turkey.

An article called “Why America is Better on the Ground” runs in The Atlantic. The White House press secretary promises “immediate action” on the 20% unemployment rate plaguing Texas, Oklahoma, Alaska, and New Mexico. President Harris holds a CNN Town Hall in Berkley, CA on Xenophobia.

June, 2022

Category 5 Hurricane Daphne tears through the Gulf of Mexico and pummels Louisiana, taking all major refineries offline for 10 days. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Chair of the newly created Climate Change Committee, announces his third hearing. In a major win for the green energy sector, Congress appropriates $1.25 trillion for the “immediate transition to clean energy technology.” With over 70% of solar and wind technologies manufactured in China, President Xi toasts the new partnership with the United States at the White House State Dinner.

New York experiences a rolling blackouts as heat waves push temperatures past 101 degrees. President Harris orders the DOJ to investigation the NYPD after riots and looting break out in more than 60 different neighborhoods.

July, 2022

Nationwide, Americans are encouraged to “Grill for the Earth” at Independence Day celebrations as beef prices rise to $10 per pound. The First Gentleman appears on the Food Network with “BBQ vegan favorites.”

Earlier that day, President Harris accepts the HUD Secretary’s resignation after a fifth government housing facility was ordered to turn off air conditioning units to ease the strain on the local electric grid. Minority Leader McConnell’s attempts to hold a hearing are blocked by Senate Leader Schumer.  

An article “July 4th in Sexism Wrapped in a Flag” is published in VOX.

August, 2022

Tensions rising in the Straits of Hormuz with the Iranian navy seizing an America oil tanker and its crew, and President Harris is faced with her first major international test as Commander in Chief. America’s auto industry continues to shed jobs as the nation averages $7.75 per gallon gas prices. Meanwhile, Chinese President Xi holds a summit in Beijing with the leaders of Russia, Venezuela, Iran, and North Korea. The UN Security Council unanimously condemns Israel for “disproportionate” response to Hezbollah attacks in Tel Aviv.

The New York Times begins a series of “Staycation Opportunities” as one of America’s largest hotel chains files for Chapter-11 bankruptcy.

Sarah Silverman and Mark Ruffalo appear at the weekly “White House Friday Festival” with the newly announced Hollywood rom-com “Brooklyn Heartland” about a quirky New York City couple launching an urban, organic farm.

September, 2022

As Congress returns from their 2-month recess, “The Coalition for Justice” march brings nearly 500,000 people to Washington, DC. Led by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate, the coalition declares “food is a human right” and “Farmers = Wall Street”. Signs demanding $35 minimum wage intermingle with “Black Lives Matter” and “End the Occupation of Palestine” up and down Pennsylvania Avenue.

Social Media vows to crack down on any efforts to illegally sell food or agriculture products. “We cannot allow this black market to disrupt the right of Americans to buy food in grocery stores” President Harris proclaims from a fundraising event in Maui.  

October, 2022

During talks with European partners on the purchase of oil from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, President Harris announces that her administration “is monitoring” the increased movement of the Russian army along the Polish border.

The Farmer’s Almanac predicts an unseasonably cold winter for America’s northeast, which is unwelcomed news for the nearly 60 million people who will see home heating bills more than double the cost they were just a few years ago.

As the final numbers from the travel season are released, The Washington Post celebrates America’s unclogged roads and “more breathable” national parks. Fenway Park attendance drops to below 50% attendance for the first time in 110 years.

November, 2022

The midterm elections of the Harris Administration are upon us, and the American people have experienced what it is to be dependent on others for energy. The public realizes the impact it has on our country: it’s inexpensive, reliable, and abundant domestically. It powers the nation, provides affordable food, clothing, and consumer goods. It lowers the prices on anything transported and manufactured. Energy allows travel and tourism for the masses. Domestic energy frees us from the geopolitics of war and terrorism, and affords us the freedom to live in peace, prosperity, and opportunity.

Right now, America is energy independent and dominant. Let’s skip two years of moving backwards and ensure our way of life forever.


Daniel Turner is the founder and executive director of Power The Future, a national nonprofit organization that advocates for American energy jobs. Contact him at and follow him on Twitter @DanielTurnerPTF

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