Americans Must Fight 'Green' Climate Ideology

Americans Must Fight 'Green' Climate Ideology
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If those who espouse the Green New Deal and other extreme climate change legislation get their way, it is only a question of time before they stop people from using even simple home appliances, such as gas stoves. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s website promises to “reduce emissions through new, aggressive appliance-and building-efficiency standards.” In their quest to move the economy away from fossil fuels, which provide 80 percent of the world’s energy, they have set their sights on banning consumer options and the items Americans work hard to acquire for their standard of living.  

Dozens of cities from New Jersey to Washington are considering gas stove bans. According to Bloomberg, “More than 30 California municipalities now have some sort of ban or restriction favoring electric over natural gas. The California Energy Commission has also said that meeting the state’s goal of 100% clean energy by 2045 will have to include electrification.” Never mind that 63 percent of electricity is made with fossil fuels.If this becomes reality, the damage and cost to America’s economy would be devastating.    

Yet the Green New Dealers want to close all fossil fuel plants and replace them entirely with wind and solar, which are far more expensive and less reliable ways to generate electric power. After all, the wind does not blow and the sun does not shine all of the time. 

Replacing fossil fuel electricity with wind and solar will easily cost trillions in taxpayer subsidies and will mean much higher electric bills for each American, every month, forever. A Heritage Foundation study estimates the costs of the Green New Deal at an alarming $8,000 per year or $165,000 over the next 20 years per household.   

So what’s the big deal about gas stoves? For one, consumers prefer gas stoves over electric because of their speed response, ease of controls, compatibility with most types of cookware and easy maintenance and cleaning. Should you and I, and professional chefs and their employers have the choice of gas or electric stoves decided for us?  

Meanwhile, according to the World Health Organization, “around 3 billion people still cook and heat their homes using solid fuels (i.e. wood, crop wastes, charcoal, coal, and dung) in open fires and leaky stoves. Most live in low-and middle-income countries.” Solid fuels are far worse for all types of pollution than natural gas, so shouldn’t the left be supportive of the under-privileged by encouraging the use of this much cleaner gas?   

No, they believe natural gas is an “evil fuel source,” even though ironically, it would be far better for pollution reduction. Changing to natural gas, propane, or even kerosene would be a great step forward for their health and the environment, and the health of the planet. Yet the left opposes this because of their climate ideology, their climate religion.  

Furthermore, these so-called climate solutions, like ending gas stoves, will come with ever increasing costs and control over every aspect of our lives. The Green New Dealers will not stop with ending our choice to buy a gas stove versus electric. They will move on to mandated electric furnaces that heat our homes, electric cars that we drive, and more – no more gas-powered SUV’s or pickup trucks, gas powered lawn mowers, gas motorboats, gas water heaters. If it uses gas, you name it. There will be no end to it.  

If you value your cooking appliance options, automotive options, and the many other choices Americans take for granted, voters must put a stop to this illogical and oppressive policymaking. The path of appeasement leads nowhere because the radical left simply will not stop.   

As Winston Churchill pointed out, “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile - hoping it will eat him last.” Make no mistake about it: the Green New Deal alligator will get around to ‘eating’ all our fossil fuel powered choices. If these extremists get control of the levers of power, it’s only a question of time.  

The debate between natural gas vs. electric is heating up, and the side that loses will get badly burned. Consumers should have the right to decide what they want to use and what they are willing to pay. Federal, state, and local governments should not mandate away more of our rights and choices.   

Beware of green climate ideology, because it comes with exceedingly high costs, very low benefits and limited choice – and freedom – for consumers.  


Frank Lasee is a former Wisconsin State Senator and former member of Governor Walker’s administration. The district he represented had two nuclear power plants, a biomass plant and numerous wind towers. He has deep experience dealing with energy, the environment and climate. 

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