For the Next Global Crisis, Canada Needs Energy Development

For the Next Global Crisis, Canada Needs Energy Development
(Sean Kilpatrick/The Canadian Press via AP)

Today, the nation is struggling to get needed supplies to store shelves to meet an expanding demand brought on by the covid-19 crisis.  However, with smarts, ingenuity, and grit, it’s working. Not unlike us, the Canadians are finding ways to meet their supply challenges as well….except in one critical area, energy.

And right now, Canadians stand to lose when it comes to reliable, low-cost energy despite having the world’s third-largest proven oil reserve in the world. A recent analysis from Financial Post found that $150 billion worth of energy development projects have not gone through development due to a perfect storm of regulatory difficulties and disapproval from indigenous groups.

For example, supporters of the Wet’suwet’en Nation began blocking major highways and railways in February to protest construction of the Coastal GasLink pipeline from TC Energy Corp. in British Columbia. The protests, which went on for weeks, caused CN Rail and Via Rail to shut down huge sections of their railway networks, inconveniencing commuters who had nothing to do with the pipeline and forcing the companies to issue refunds.  Furthermore, the Via Rail shut down had the potential to lay off 6,000 workers.

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