US Coal Retirements in 2018 Could be 15.4 Gigawatts

US Coal Retirements in 2018 Could be 15.4 Gigawatts
AP Photo/Thanassis Stavrakis

A total of 16.9 gigawatts (GW) of US power generation was retired in 2018 according to figures published by S&P Global Market Intelligence including 11.8 GW worth of coal-fired power capacity, accounting for nearly 70% of all 2018 power retirements and solidifying the country's trend away from coal.

However, S&P's figures contrast with coal retirement figures published by other analyst figures which suggest US coal retirements in 2018 could have reached as high as 15.4 GW.

According to a snippet from S&P Global Market Intelligence's article (otherwise hidden behind a paywall), coal-fired capacity retirements accounted for nearly 70% of total power capacity retired in 2018, while gas-fired resources accounted for another 22.4% of retirements, at 3,789 megawatts (MW).

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