Swan Lake Hydro's Future Awaits FERC Decision

Swan Lake Hydro's Future Awaits FERC Decision
Leah Hogsten/The Salt Lake Tribune via AP

Public comments have been collected, now it is a waiting game for a final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to be issued by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for the next phase in development of a large-scale hydroelectric plant in Klamath County.

Known as the Swan Lake North Pumped Storage project, the proposed facility would be located 11 miles northeast of Klamath Falls, encompassing two large man-made lakes at different elevations connected through a pumping station. Utilizing gravity, water flowing from the upper reservoir to the lower lake would turn a large turbine to generate electricity, and then would be pumped back to the upper reservoir. The project is estimated to be able to power approximately 600,000 homes (or 1,187 gigawatt-hours) annually for 45 years once operational. The project would be located on 730 acres of federal, state and private lands.


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