Most Americans in Coal-Reliant States Prefer Renewables

Most Americans in Coal-Reliant States Prefer Renewables
Craig Hudson/Charleston Gazette-Mail via AP

A large majority of Americans in coal-heavy states favor increasing renewable energy use. Most would also be willing to buy solar panels for their own use, and a plurality would be willing to pay an additional $5 a month to get energy from fully renewable sources, according to a survey from Consumer Reports.

The consumer advocacy group spoke with 1,200 Americans, including 400 residents of coal-reliant states: Illinois, Ohio, Tennessee, and Virginia. Residents of those four states largely agreed with Americans as a whole, the organization found.

Overall, 76 percent of respondents agreed with the statement, "Increasing renewable energy (such as solar and wind) is a worthwhile goal." The response rate from Illinois, Tennessee and Virginia was within the survey's margin of error, while Ohio had the lowest rate, at 71 percent. (Major coal-producing states such as West Virginia and Wyoming did not have enough respondents to the poll to draw conclusions.)

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