Climate Change Ruining Childhoods

Climate Change Ruining Childhoods
Peter Barreras/AP Images for Cool Effect

Climate change has been impossible to ignore this summer. Extreme heat waves and droughts sparked fires around the world and cloaked California in hazardous smoke.

While less visible than orange skies and wildfire evacuations, our dependence on carbon-rich fuels is changing how our children are growing up. About 5.4 million Californians, primarily in low-income communities, live within a mile of an oil or gas well and breathe polluted air. Some children report near daily nosebleeds, dizziness and nausea. Poor air quality and extreme heat make outdoor play hazardous.

As mothers, we are calling on leaders gathering this week for the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco to help us achieve a healthy environment today and a livable climate tomorrow for all children.

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