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Saturday, December 19
The Flattening Energy World - Peter Pham, Forbes
Saturday, December 12
Ted Cruz: Scientific Evidence Doesn't Support Global Warming - NPR
Thursday, December 10
How Far Can The Syria Conflict Spiral Out Of Control? - James Stafford
Moniz: Obama Doesn't Need Congress to Tackle Climate Change -
Monday, November 23
Podcast: An American Oil Market in Paris - Wang & Scheid, Platts
Monday, October 26
Ridley: Evolution Should Be Seen in Everything - Lawton, New Scientist
New EU Legislation Could Cost Oil Traders Billions - Siobhan Hall, Platts
Tuesday, September 15
The Current State of Energy Tech - Ernest Moniz & John Holdren, DOE
Monday, August 31
Former EPA General Counsel Says CPP is Legally Vulnerable - E&E TV
Friday, August 21
McFarlane: Worried About Iran? Keep Oil Prices Low - T. Boone Pickens
A Chat with Sen. Angus King on Distributed Energy - GreenTech Media
Friday, July 17
Kentucky Congressman Ed Whitfield Talks With RCE (Video) -
Thursday, July 16
US Crude Export Debate May Come This Fall (Audio) - Platts
Thursday, July 2
EIA's Sieminski Comments on 2015 Energy Outlook (Video) - EIA
Friday, June 19
Secretary Moniz's Remarks at the 2015 EIA Annual Conference - DOE
Friday, June 12
U.S. Fracking Debate: Environment vs. Economics (Video) - Bloomberg
Solar Power Is on the Rise (Video) - Deutsche Welle
Thursday, April 30
4 Important Points about Energy Efficiency - Ted Gayer, Brookings
Friday, April 24
LISTEN: Why Renewables Can't Be Stopped - Stephen Lacey, GTM
Monday, April 20
We Must Lift Outdated Ban on Oil Exports - Lisa Murkowski, U.S. Senate
Tuesday, April 14
Stanley Weiner: The Game-Changing Water Revolution -
Monday, April 6
The Road to the Super-Battery and the Electric Age 2.0 - Atlantic Council
Friday, April 3
Exxon CEO Talks Arctic Oil Drilling, Risks, Lessons - Jonathan Fahey, AP
Tuesday, March 10
Just How Safe Is the Electric Grid? What's Next? - Microgrid Knowledge
Monday, February 9
Q&A with Steven Chu: What He's Up To Now - David Talbot, Tech Review
Friday, February 6
Nixon/Reagan EPA Chief: Environment Used to Be 'Bipartisan' - CPR
Oil's Survival of the Fittest: Interview w/ Stan Szary - James Stafford, OP
Wednesday, February 4
LISTEN: Global Effects of the Oil Price Crash - Brookings Institution
Tuesday, January 13
America's Greenest Gov. Talks about His Big Climate Plan - Grist
Monday, January 5
The Real Cause of Low Oil Prices. Interview w/ Arthur Berman - OP
Tuesday, December 16
The Surprising Data Behind Shale Oil - Chris Martenson, Resilience
Monday, December 15
Q&A: BP America CEO Talks Oil Prices, Opportunities - Fuel Fix
Tuesday, November 18
NRC Chair Allison Macfarlane Talks Nuclear at Press Club - C-SPAN
Monday, September 8
Former Gov. Bill Ritter on America's Clean Energy Future - HuffPost
Thursday, August 21
The Kardashians & Climate Change: Interview w/ Judith Curry - OilPrice
Thursday, July 31
What The Oil Headlines Miss - Michael Levi & James Stafford, OilPrice
Thursday, July 17
Five Q's for Jeffrey Sachs On Decarbonizing the Economy - Yale 360
Monday, July 7
Reform Ex-Im's Energy Lending - Steve Herz, Sierra Club
Friday, July 4
Game Changers In Energy Making Moves At Stanford, MIT - Forbes
Wednesday, June 18
An Exclusive Interview with T. Boone Pickens - Jason Hall,
Tuesday, June 17
LNG: The Long, Strategic Play for Europe - James Stafford,
Saturday, June 14
Three Questions with a Solar Pioneer - MIT Technology Review
Monday, June 9
Is a Greener Oil Industry Possible? - Eve Andrews & David Poritz, Grist
Friday, June 6
Meet the 1 Republican Happy with The New Climate Rules - Huff Post
Is a Greener Oil Industry Possible? David Poritz Thinks So - Grist
Thursday, June 5
41 GOP Senators Urge Obama to Repeal EPA Rules - U.S. Sensate
Tuesday, June 3
Why Not Put the Fed's Trillions into Renewables? - Chris Martenson, PBS
Monday, June 2
Reducing Carbon Pollution in Our Power Plants - President Obama
Wednesday, May 28
Interview w/ Former Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers - Amy Poszywak, SNL
Saturday, May 24
Deepening Rifts in the Gulf Cooperation Council - Foreign Affairs Comm.
Friday, May 23
A Famous Scientist Becomes a Climate Skeptic - Der Spiegel
Monday, May 19
Does Peak Oil Matter? - Scott Bohachyk, Resilience
Tuesday, April 29
Earth Day Q&A with Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz - David Unger, CSM
Monday, April 28
Should Wind in the U.K. Be Scaled Back? - McCaffery v Wallace, Guardian
Thursday, April 24
4 "Good" Things California Needs to Frack Right - Mark Zoback, LAT
Thursday, March 27
Lawson vs. Hoskins on U.K. Flooding & Climate Change - BBC Radio
Monday, March 24
The Lingering Legacy Of The Exxon Oil Spill - Rachel Martin, NPR
Wednesday, March 19
Bill Gates: Politics Distracts From Climate Action - Rolling Stone
Tuesday, March 18
Fracking Revolution Transforming the Global Energy Landscape - CFR
Saturday, March 1
PEIS on Exploring the East Coast for Energy - Department of the Interior
Wednesday, February 26
Is There a Rational Middle For U.S. Energy Policy? - NPR
Tuesday, February 25
The Nuclear Power Imperative - Richard Lester, Breakthrough Institute
Monday, February 10
The Conversation: Elizabeth Kolbert & Bill McKibben - American Prospect
Monday, January 27
The U.S. Navy's New Strategic Imperative - Dennis McGinn, PEW
Friday, January 24
Q&A: Edison Int'l CEO Talks Impact of San Onofre Closing - OC Register
Thursday, January 23
Greenpeace's Departing U.S. Chief Talks Environmentalism - NYT
Friday, January 10
Bill McKibben on Climateers: Get on the Front Foot - Open Democracy
Thursday, January 9
We Must Start Exporting Our Energy - Senator Lisa Murkowski, Brookings
Monday, January 6
Great Decisions Podcast: Climate Change w/ Nathaniel Keohane - FPA
Monday, December 30
"The Old Rules Don't Apply" to Mexican Energy - Carlos Sole, FuelFix
Monday, December 23
Has Shale Broken OPEC's Grip? - Peter Dupont, The Energy Report
Monday, December 2
Q&A: Oil Execs Flex Growing U.S. Energy Muscle - FuelFix
Monday, November 25
David Keith: Can Geoengineering Slow Climate Change? - Der Spiegel
Friday, November 15
Q&A w/ U.A.E. Oil Minister, Suhail Al Mazrouei - Wall Street Journal
Wednesday, November 13
4 Int'l O&G Juniors for a Globe-Sweeping Shale Revolution - TER
Monday, November 11
Cali's Top O&G Regulator Talks Frack, Fumes & Warming - Nat'l Journal
Monday, November 4
Trinidad Energy Big Touts 'World's First Nat Gas Economy' - Fuel Fix
Monday, October 28
Strapping Data Centers to Turbines Saves Billions - GigaOm
Thursday, October 3
Q&A: How the U.S. Became Top Dog in Energy - Wall Street Journal
Friday, September 27
Our Very Last Post - Editors, The Oil Drum
Wednesday, September 25
Tyler Cowen Interview: The Shale Boom, Just Getting Started - OilPrice
Monday, September 23
What an Open Oil Sector in Mexico Might Look Like - Wall Street Journal
Monday, September 9
Optimistic Banker Sees 'Encouraging Time in the Basins' - TER
Friday, September 6
Hawaii Tries to Kick Oil Habit w/ Nat Gas Rehab - Joe Rubin, NPR
Tuesday, September 3
John Kerry Talks Climate to Pacific Islanders - Raw Story
Friday, August 30
Secretary Ernest Moniz on Energy & Climate Policy @ Columbia - DOE
Thursday, August 22
Al Gore: Global Warming Has Seen It's Last Days - Ezra Klein, Wash Post
Thursday, August 15
Will Another 2003-Style Blackout Ever Happen Again? - David Biello
Wednesday, August 14
Science Doesn't Matter to Fracktivists - Dan Margolis, Energy In Depth
Monday, August 12
Q&A: What Does Mexico Oil Reform Mean at the Pump? - Wall St. Journal
Friday, August 9
Q & A: What's China Got to Do With the Arctic? - Chatham House
Wednesday, August 7
EPA Needs to Reduce Food vs. Fuel Fight - Union of Concerned Scientists
Monday, August 5
How to Play the Uranium Price Rebound - David Talbot, Energy Report
Wednesday, July 31
Gina McCarthy's First Speech as EPA Chief (Video) - Harvard University
Monday, July 29
Citi's Ed Morse: Oil Prices Have Peaked For the Year - Yahoo! Finance
Friday, July 26
Is ARPA-E The Future Of American Energy Innovation? - Forbes
Thursday, July 25
EU Energy Commissioner: A Transatlantic Energy Revolution - CSIS
Tuesday, July 23
Should We Expect an Oil Glut in 2014? - Andrew Coleman, Energy Report
Monday, July 8
How Do Energy Costs Impact Defense Budgets? - NATO
Monday, July 1
ARPA-E's 'Wild and Crazy' Energy Ideas - NPR

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