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Friday, August 29
Good-Bye Treaty! - Rupert Darwall, National Review
Shale Is Not a Ponzi Scheme - Izabella Kaminska, Financial Times
Energy Luddites: 'Cell Phones Are Stupid' Crowd of 2014 - REW
The Conservative Case for a Carbon Tax - Bob Inglis, Dallas News
A New Fracking Regultion Is Coming Our Way - Jennifer Dlouhy, FF
Confidence: What Does It Mean for Nuclear Waste? - Forbes
How I Launched a Renewables Start-Up - James Winfield, The Guardian
Rpt: Renewable Capacity at Record Pace in 2013 - Think Progress
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Thursday, August 28
Merger Boom Follows Oil and Gas Boom - Conrad De Aenlle, NYT
Last Stand or Last Hope for Texas? - Marita Mirzatuny, Forbes
EU Chief: Don't Sanction Russian Gas - RT
Getting Smarter About Oil & Gas Production - Dan McMurray, Gas Today
Who Owns Your Home's Data, You or Con-Ed? - Kari Lydersen, MWEN
Northwest Nuclear Is Here to Stay - John Dobken, Crosscut
South Africa Pres: Keep an Open Mind on Nuclear - The Citizen
3 Reasons Chesapeake Stock Could Rise - Matt DiLallo, Motley Fool
Sen. L. Alexander: More Oil & Gas Leases! - Ramsey Cox, The Hill
New Solutions Needed to Recycle Fracking H20 -
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Wednesday, August 27
The Foundation Behind the Anti-Fracking Movement - Jon Entine, Forbes
The Big Solar Breakthrough We've Been Waiting For - Market Realist
Solar Farms Threaten Birds - John Upton, Scientific American
Solar Isn't Always as Green As You Think - Dustin Mulvaney, IEEE
Should We "Green Up" Dirty Technologies? - Joel Makower, GreenBiz
What You Should Know About Gasoline - Tamu Times
Oil Industry Urged to Tell Its Story - Jennifer Diouhy, FuelFix
10 Things to Know About the Smart Grid - Lyndsey Gilpin, TechRepublic
Don't Shut Blacks Out of Clean Energy - Aubry Stone, Sacramento Bee
The Search For Space Aliens' Waste Energy - MIT Tech Rev.
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Tuesday, August 26
Different Recipes For Cooking Our Planet - James Conca, Forbes
Why Investors' Fossil Fuel Addiction Is Tough to Kick - Ben Geman, NJ
Who Needs Keystone? Oil Sands Are Flowing! - Nick Cunningham, CSM
Fracking Taxes Help States Now, but What About the Future? - TaxA
Hitting the Gas...And the Brakes - Matt Smith, Energy Burrito
A Fukushima-like Event in California? - Michael Blood, Los Angeles Times
Trying to Predict the Future of LNG Prices - J. Robinson, Platts
Natural Gas Vehicles Take The Halfway Route - William Tucker, FF
Fossil Fuel Divestment: A $5 Trillion Challenge - Bloomberg NEF
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Monday, August 25
The Wait Is Almost Over For NJ's Fusion Lab - K. Johnson, Times of Trenton
Busted! Aussies May Have Fiddled Warming Data - J. Delingpole, Breitbart
Bye-Bye Windows? Hello Home PVs? - Colin Jeffrey, GizMag
Sustained Growth on a Finite Planet - Brian Romanchuk, Seeking Alpha
Solar: If Only We Had a Working Fed - Steve Cohen, Huffington Post
GeoThermal Steams Over Wind & Solar - Ken Silverstein, Forbes
The Underside of The Texas Boom - Jim Malewitz, Texas Tribune
In Rush For Oil, Natural Gas is Wasted - Associated Press
'The Danger Beneath' For Rural Folks - Lisa Seville, NBC News
P'Burgh Airport: The Drilling Royalties Roll In - A. Aupperlee, T-R (Pa.)
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Friday, August 22
The Promise of Our Thorium-Fueled Future - Keith Kohl, Energy & Capital
Are Thorium & Fusion Too Expensive? - Tim Smedley, The Guardian
ISIS + Lust for Oil = Global Havoc - Business Standard
Why ISIS Raped the Oil Fields - Bill Schmick, The Independent Investor
The Problem With Green Corporate Welfare - The Brisbane Times
Can Ford's Next Hybrid Beat Prius? - Matthew Rocco, FOX Business
Can Hollywood Handle 'Deep Water Horizon'? - Loren Steffy, Forbes
Start Your (Tesla) Engines...With Your IPhone - Dara Kerr, CNET
'Wind Turbine Syndrome?' Where's The Proof? - Lindsay Abrams, Salon
How Pipeline Giant Escapes K-XL Regs - Elana Schor, E&E
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Thursday, August 21
Why This Oil Baron Thinks U.S. Oil Can Double - Adam Galas, Motley Fool
Greens Trading Purity for Pragmatism in 2014 - Philip Bump, The Fix
Australia Needs Its Renewable Targets - Alex White, The Guardian
Global Renewables Could Hit 36%. But . . . - Silvio Marcacci, The EC
Turning NG Into Gasoline - at $1 Per Gallon - David Baker, SFGate
The Power of Collective Energy Purchasing - John Farrell, CleanTechnica
Finding the Flow in Organic Batteries - Ryan Wallace, LatinosHealth
How Big Data Can Help Renewables - Kevin Smead, EnergyDigital
Let's Look at Combined Heat and Power - Robinson & Stanberry, AEP
Wisconsin Solar Fight Threatens to Spread - Karl Lydersen, MEN
Why Nigeria Generates So Little Power - Timi Soleye, HuffPost
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Wednesday, August 20
Global Warming Is Toast - James Delingpole,
Solar Has Problems...What Doesn't? - Michael Lynch, Forbes
Why Colorado's Fracking Fight Rages On - Tom Kenworthy, Think Progress
Can These Start Ups Jump Start Wind? - S. Lacey, GreenTechMedia
Mexican Wave For Big Oil? - Swarup Gupta , Zacks
Oil & Gas Investing 101 - Tyler Crowe, Motley Fool
Egypt: Can Life Get Any Worse? - Patrick Kingsley , The Guardian
Air Bags Could Make Clean Energy Viable - Martin Tiller,
Off Shore Fracking Shifts to Deepwater - Business Day
Refracking Brings Vintage Oil Wells To Life - Driver/Scheyder, Reuters
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Tuesday, August 19
T. Boone: Brent Will Be Above $100 Forever - Jackie DeAngelis, CNBC
From Solar Boom to Bust? Panel Shortage Looms - Ehren Goossens, BB
The Existential Panic of Russia's Rosneft - Steve LeVine, Quartz
The Year in Heat: World on Track for 3rd-Hottest Ever - Bloomberg
Meet the Companies Profiting from Global Warming - Brad Plumer, Vox
Will Security Problems Hamper Mexico's Energy Boom? - NPF, Forbes
China's Thirst for Oil Knows No Bounds - James Bourne, The Barrel
US Takes a Crack at China's Tough Shale - Collin Eaton, Houston Chronicle
Opening a Multi-Trillion Dollar Market for Energy Management - EC

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