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Wednesday, July 29
Republican Energy Policy: Not Many Grownups Here Either - Forbes
Obama Ordered to Rewrite Pollution Rules - Ben Wolfgang, Wash Times
5 Drivers of Advanced Energy Growth - Graham Richard, Triple Pundit
The Iran Irony - Mark Green, Energy Tomorrow
Some U.S. Senators Want to Start Oil War w/Iran - Heather Long, CNN
Saudis Seek a Piece of U.S. Shale Gas Boom - John Siciliano, DC Examiner
Clean Energy & Microgrids: Friends or Foes? - Rud Istvan, Climate Etc.
There's Too Much Solar Going on in China - Varun Sivaram, GT Media
China Doubles Down on Dirty Fuel - Gaurav Agnihotri,
Fossil Carbon Muddies The New Clean Fuels - Jeff McMahon, Forbes
Battered Coal Industry Still Boasts a Few Good Opportunities - OP
Et Tu, Laurence Tribe? - Andrew Rice, New York Magazine
Tuesday, July 28
Hillary Clinton's Clean Energy Plan Is Just a Farce - Editorial, IBD
Hillary Clinton: Solar Power's New BFF - Katie Fehrenbacher, Fortune
Chardonnay Instead of Beer: Hillary's Energy Plan - Mike Lynch, Forbes
Mrs. Clinton Just Went Big on Clean Energy. Can She Deliver? - Slate
The Holes in Hillary Clinton's Climate Plan - Elana Schor, Politico
One Reason for the Iran Deal? Surging U.S. Oil - John Kingston, MHFI
South Florida's Climate Change Dilemma - Jan Lee, Triple Pundit
Kirkuk: Key to Iraq's Future - Rafiq Latta, Energy Intelligence
Why Earnings Are Literally Running Out of Gas - Alex Rosenberg, CNBC
Researchers Boost Solar Energy...with Infrared Light! - Engadget
Rooftop Solar Is Booming. But, It's More Vulnerable Than Ever - Vox
What's Really Keeping Geothermal Power Back? - Ben Matek, OilPrice
Monday, July 27
Hillary Wants a 700% Increase in Solar ... Is That Even Possible? - Vox
Make That THREE Black Eyes for Natural Gas Fracking - Triple Pundit
Earth to Environmentalists: Celebrate Florida's Turn to NatGas - Forbes
Which Is More Likely, $33 or $75 Oil? - Nigam Arora, MarketWatch
The Oil Crash Is Not Over - Akin Oyedele, Business Insider
The Supreme Court & The Future of Environmental Litigation - The Hill
Obama's Nuclear Waste Blunders Could Cost Taxpayers $20B - OilPrice
Ex-Obama Aide: US Energy Strategy Falls Short - Bill Loveless, USA Today
Nonlinear: New York, London, Shanghai Underwater in 50 Years? - RI
Jim Hansen's Backfire - Judith Curry, Climate Etc.
9 Green Policies Killed Off by The Tories - Vaughan & Macalister, Guardian
Friday, July 24
Jumping the Shark in a Sluggish Energy Market - Matt Smith, OilPrice
Iranian Oil Could Hurt Russia & The U.S. - Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg
Oil Still a Major Source of Revenue for Terrorists - Landon Hall, FF
Why the Plunge in Oil Prices Might Not Send Gas Prices Lower - WaPo
The Country Cutting Carbon Emissions--With U.S. Shale! - CNBC
What Miniature Nuclear Reactors Could Mean for the World - OilPrice
A Nuclear Energy Revolution Is at Hand - Doug McCuistion, The Hill
The Next Energy Supermajor? - Stephen Lacey, GreenTech Media
How Did the SPR Become SOOO Popular on Capitol Hill - Platts
Have You Heard of Solar Desalination? If Not, You Will Soon - CAP
Want More Wind & Solar? Update the Grid - David Roberts, Vox
Offshore Wind Farm Raises Hopes of U.S. Clean Energy Backers - NYT
Thursday, July 23
Oil Crash Could Be the Worst in 45 Years - Tom Randall, Bloomberg
A Natural Gas Idea That Most Are Missing - Morgan Brennan, CNBC
We Missed the Chance for a Cheap Renewables Revolution - Forbes
The $5 Billion Vote of Confidence in Wind - Michael McDonald, OilPrice
Guess Who'll Soon Be World's #3 Nuclear Energy Producer? - RCE
Nonsensical 'Fractivist' Pipeline Hysteria - Mark Perry, Washington Times
Fracking Goes on Trial - Andy Rowell, EcoWatch
How Solar Will Survive Tax Rate Hikes and the Credit Drop - RE World
Everything Old Is New Again; Biofuels, Still a Bad Idea - Russ Finley, ET
Report: Clean Power Plan Will Lead to LOWER Electric Bills - The Hill
Higher Gas Prices Frustrate Fed Up California Drivers - Ben Tracy, CBS
Wednesday, July 22
Saudi Arabia in the North Sea - Dawn Stover, Foreign Policy
Solar Energy: The Next Prize? - Lauren Craft & Philippe Roos, Energy Intel
Americans' Air Conditioning Habit Is Eco-Friendly - Megan McArdle, BB
Why Utility Ownership of Rooftop Solar Must Be Explored - Utility Dive
Jim Cramer: Why I Was SO WRONG about Oil - CNBC
N. Dakota's Oil Economy Remains Strong Despite Media Myths - Forbes
Oil and Gas Jobs' Pay Is Still Big, But It's No Longer Booming - CNBC
New York Wants to Lead the Renewable Energy Revolution - Wash Post
...We Have Changed the Climate with Wind Turbines... - Gizmodo
Innovation Sputters in Battle Against Climate Change - New York Times
Record Global Temperatures? Don't Get Too Heated Up - Editorial, IBD
The House Has Its Energy Bill, But Almost Nothing's In It! - Nat'l Journal
Tuesday, July 21
Pain from the Oil Crash Is Far from Over - Akin Oyedele, Business Insider
Has Oil Production Started to Turn Down? - Kurt Cobb, Resource Insights
The Environmentalist Case Against 100% Renewable Energy - CityLab
Make That TWO Black Eyes for Fracking - Tina Casey, Triple Pundit
Natural Gas Needs to Clean Up Its Act - Alexis Arthur,
Here Are the Break-Even Prices for 13 Top Global Oil Producers - BI
Tesla's Latest Advance Will Change the World (Of The 0.1%) - Forbes
What's Dirtier Than Coal and Is Gaining Popularity in China? - TAI
How Renewable Energy Is Changing Utah - Editorial, Deseret News
Future of Renewables Is in Private Investment - Austin Am.-Statesman
Perovskite Solar Technology Shows Quick Energy Returns -
Experts Assess the Iran Nuclear Agreement - Bulletin of the At. Scientists
Monday, July 20
Where Is the Global Shale Gas Revolution? - Mike Orcutt, Tech Review
A New Oil Spill Disaster Waiting To Happen in the Gulf -
Guru Who Called 2014 Slump Sees Return to $100 Crude by 2020 - BB
Climate Seer James Hansen Issues His Direst Forecast Yet - Daily Beast
Can U.S. Nuclear Plants Operate for 80 Years? - Nick Cunningham, OP
Utility Solar Costs Less, But It's Also Worth Less - John Farrell, ME News
More Smoke & Mirrors for Solar Politics in Sunshine State - Forbes
The Inconvenient Truth About Climate Policy - Ben Zycher, US News
Climate Change and Oil Companies: Who Knew What and When? - EC
Australia's War on Wind Farms Threatens Biggest Project - Reuters
Why Mexico's Historic Oil Bid Wasn't a Complete Flop - CS Monitor
What Does Shakespeare Have to Do with California Gas Prices? - FF

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