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Friday, September 19
Thorium Reactors Can Work With Fusion Breeders - Brian Wang, NBF
As Oil and Gas Boom, Energy Taxes Fall - Alan Neuhauser, USNWR
The Empire State's Ugly War on Energy - Miles/Winegarden, New York Post
Bringing The Noise On Climate Change - Elizabeth Kolbert, The New Yorker
We Need 'Degrowth' To Stop Warming - S. Alexander, The Conversation
What That GOP Report Doesn't Tell You - Jeff Spross, Climate Progress
The Awesome Power of the World's Most Boring Technology - Forbes
Windows That Soak Up the Sun's Power - Andy Ridgeway, Newsweek
Could Bobby Jindal Ride Energy to White House? - WatchdogWire
NY Demo: Ultimate Guide for Saving World - Lindsay Abrams, Salon
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Thursday, September 18
BP Dives Deeper Offshore into Mars-Like World - Bloomberg
The Musk Family Plan For Transforming the World - C. Mims, WSJ
9 Questions About Scotland Energy Independence - Washington Post
Greens V. the Poor (Haves V. Have Nots) - Naomi Schaefer Riley, NY Post
5 Ideas That Will Change Solar Energy - Meera Senthilingam, CNN
The Future of Energy Storage - Deborah Halber, MIT Spectrum
The Energy Trap and How the World Can Avoid It - CleanTechnica
Climate Activists Set to Flood NYC This Weekend - Robert Eshelman, Vice
Ultra-High Voltage Transmission, The Answer For China - Forbes
How To Play a Shale Boom Demise - Nasdaq
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Wednesday, September 17
U.S. Oil & Gas, By the Numbers - Niall McCarthy, Forbes
India's Breeder & Thorium Reactor Power - T.S. Subramanian, Frontline
Eco-Friendly Wood...Burns, Scientists Discover - J. Delingpole, Breitbart
Jindal's Denier Charge Won't Stick - Philip Bump, Washington Post
Jordan Finds Fuel From Unexpected Source - Kate Galbraith, NYT
France Bets On Geothermal Energy - Editors, New York Times
Scotland's Risky Power Play - Keith Johnson, Foreign Affairs
Moniz: Let's Double Productivity - Randy Leonard, Roll Call
House GOP: Now They're Just Trolling... - Lindsay Abrams, Salon
Clean Energy: An American Success Story - Mark Ruffalo, Huffington Post
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Tuesday, September 16
How the World is Cleaning Up its Act - David Unger, CSM
Scientists Not Counfounded by Antarctic Ice - James Whitmore, Phys
Shopping For Cheaper Energy, Still Chancy -
Mexico Reformed Its Energy Sector - Now What? - Dwight Dyer, Forbes
Drive Your Appliances With Your Chin - Michael Lemonick , Time
The Jobs Plan We Need: Developing Energy - Gov. Jindal, FOX
Jindal: White House 'Science Deniers' - Katie Glueck, Politico
Duke Energy Invests Big in Solar - Dave Dewitt, WNUC
Why Duke Energy Stock is Up Today - Shawn Ingram, The Street
The Winds of Change - Wendy Frew, Sydney Morning Herald
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Monday, September 15
Texas Has 104 Natural Gas Stations and Counting - Jen Hiller, FuelFix
The U.S. Has a Huge Gas Problem - Peter Moskowitz, Al Jazeera
Kinetic Energy Tiles Coming Soon To... - Tina Casey, CleanTechnica
Could Scotland's Independence Hinge on Energy? - B. McCown, Forbes
A Scotland Energy Break Will Be Unpredictable - J. O'Leary, FullFact
Britain Must Be Convinced on Fracking - Jon Rees, Daily Mail
LNG or CNG? They Both Work - Richard Nemec, NGI
Contaminated Water? Don't Blame Fracking - E. Gosden, Telegraph
Survey: We're Not As Divided As We Think - Boston Globe
Beijing Hosts First All-Electric Car Race - Anthony Kuhn, NPR
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Friday, September 12
Do New Ethanol Mandates 'Play Politics'? - Rhiannon Meyers, FuelFix
Eastern Europe Braces For Shortages - Sean Carney, Wall Street Journal
With Gas Cut Off, Ukraine Looks West - Danny Hakim, New York Times
Spain's Energy Minister: Look to Us... - Keith Johnson, Foreign Policy
Extinct Snail, Victim of Warming, Crawls Back - J. Delingpole, Breitbart
Exxon's Arctic Drilling Faces Freeze - Matthew Philips, Bloomberg BW
Exxon-Mobil's Tricky Position in Russia - Alexis Flynn, Wall Street Journal
Could Oil Exports Charge the U.S. Economy? - Ken Silverstein, Forbes
How Scotland Could Become a Powerhouse - Cyrus Sanati, Fortune Magazine
How GOP-Run Senate Do Energy Policy? - William O'Keefe, The Hill
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Thursday, September 11
Global Warming Jumps The Shark - James Delingpole,
Tesla: Biggest Tax Giveaway In NV History - Reid Wilson, WaPo
AZ: Why Losing G-Factory Wasn't So Bad - Steve Zylstra, PBJ
TX: Was Giga Bid Doomed By Franchise Laws? - Richard Read, Car Con.
Solar Trumps Fossil Fuel Pricing - Chip Register, Forbes
Amory Lovins Is Still Wrong - On Nearly Everything - NextBigFuture
DOE Export Approvals Leave GOP Wanting More - E & E Publishing
LNG: Morgan Stanley Seeks Profit in 'Failed' Export - Reuters
Bakken Expands the Flare Gas Solution - Oil Voice
With Nat Gas to Burn, Drillers Use It To Power Rigs - Houston Chron.
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Wednesday, September 10
GE: We're Now an Energy Company - Albert Alfonso, Seeking Alpha
Shell CEO: Climate Discussion Is in La-La Land - Steven Mufson, WaPost
Save Our Climate and the Middle Class - Slocum & Tidwell, The Hill
Roadmap for Reinventing Power Business - Erik Desrosiers , GreenTechGrid
Peabody Energy Says Don't Give Up on Coal Yet - John Miller, WSJ
7 Ways to Get Energy from Water - Sarah Zielinski, Smithsonian
Distributed Generation: Location, Location, Location - Christine Hertzog, EC
Why Efficiency Is Our Most Important Fuel - Jeff Spross, ThinkProgress
Ford Warns of Gridlock in Developing Nations - Alisa Priddle, Detroit FP
7 Ways to Profit from Off-Shore Drilling - Adam Galas, Motley Fool
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Tuesday, September 9
Can Tesla Pave the Way for Electric Vehicles? - William Tucker, FF
Awash in New Oil, Why Aren't Gas Prices Lower? - Jared Gilmour, CSM
Golf Industry Tees Off on Obama's EPA - Laura Barron-Lopez, The Hill
Climate Change Isn't for the Birds - Andrew Restuccia, Politico
Report: No Global Warming For 215 Months - Daily Caller
Yale Fund Takes Aim at Climate Change - Geraldine Fabrikant, NYT
Renewable Fuel Standard: Still Late, Still a Problem - Energy Tomorrow
VID: Will Scottish Independence Sink England's Economy? - CNBC
A New Era Begins: Budweiser Switches Trucks to NatGas - Forbes
The Return of Small Commercial Solar? - Shayle Kann, GreenTech Media

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