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Thursday, May 26
Solar Breakthrough Doubles Panel Efficiency - Zach Epstein, BGR
Tesla's New Battery Expert Will Speak Truth to Musk - Steve LeVine, Qz
Obama Prods Contractors to Reveal Carbon Footprints - Bloomberg
A Small But Telling Loss for Exxon - Liam Denning, Bloomberg Gadfly
Trump Stumps in N. Dakota, Land of Low Oil Prices - Bill Murray, RCP
Diplomats Overshadow Experts at Climate Talks - Alister Doyle, Reuters
Republicans Kill Energy Bill Over LGBT Measure - Feldscher, Wash. Exam.
Cruz Defends Exxon Over Climate Change Probe - James Osborne, Fuelfix
EIA Forecast: Fossil Fuels to Remain Dominate - IER
Floating Power Plant Comes To New York City - Chris Weller, Tech Insider
Wednesday, May 25
America Has 27.2 GW of Solar...Now What? - David Unger, InsideClimate
CSM Says U.S. Shale is Over - Hahahahaha - G. Bourgeault, Seeking Alpha
Musk Vs Buffet In Nevada - Stephen Edelstein, Green Car Reports
Can This Pipeline Reduce Europe's Need for Russia? - N. Apostolou, WT
The EPA Just Declared War on Car Owners - Investor's Business Daily
Wasting Away Again in Ethanolville - Marita Noon, American Spectator
The Case for More Ethanol - Sen. Timothy Wirth/Gray, Yale Environment
The Toyota Prius Sets 52 MPG Record - Chris Paukert, CNET Road Show
The World's Largest Solar Farm Just Torched Itself - G. Dvorsky, Gizmodo
Climate Change Obsession Ignores Energy Poverty - W. O'Keefe, The Hill
Tuesday, May 24
Big Oil Has a Paramour, Natural Gas is Her Name - Denning, Bloomberg
Moniz: Nuclear Revival 15 Years Off - Ken Silverstein, Environmental Leader
German Renewables Generation Grows, Coal Still Dominant - Sara Hoff, EIA
Solar Panels a High-Capex, Low-Margin Business - Tonio Buonassisi, GMT
Chevron Shareholders Want Reserves Measured in Btus - SF Chron.
Coal-State AG Urges Work Halt During Court Battles - Emily Holden, E&E
Why China Struggles Ramping Up Wind Power - Chelsea Harvey, WP
How to Make a Battery in 7 Easy Steps - Franny White, Energy.Gov
What Drives LNG Growth for the Next Decade? - Matthew Veazey, Rigzone
Lake Mead Just Hit a Record Low Water Level - Brad Plumer, VOX
Monday, May 23
For Oil's Future, See Schlumberger - Liam Denning, Bloomberg Gadfly
Why the "Cleantech" Label is Out of Vogue - Michal Lev-Ram, Fortune
Oil and Gas Industry Tries to Lure Veterans - Kyle Feldscher, Wash. Ex.
A Look at the "Niger Delta Avengers" - Tom DiChristopher, CNBC
New Report Shows Importance of Clean Power Plan - Daniel Cohan, Hill
Oil Discoveries at Six-Decade Low - Rakteem Katakey, Bloomberg
Solar Power Is Already Saving Lives in the US - David Roberts, Vox
Big Efficiency for Small and Medium Buildings - Stika & Sledd, GreenBiz
Floating Wind Farms: Great Concept, Implausible Economics - MIT TR
The Hidden Workforce Expanding Tesla's Factory - L. Hansen, Mercury
Friday, May 20
The CA Start-Up That's Raised $500K For Fusion - R. Martin, MIT Tech
Can a Solar Power Farm Float? - Erica Goode, New York Times
Oil Battles Wind on the Great Plains - C. Preston, The American Prospect
Exxon V. the AGs: the Skeptics Strike Back - Michael Batasch, Daily Caller
Fossil Fuels Money Tries to Shield Exxon - Eliot Negin, Huffington Post
The Power for the Cities of the Future - Chelsea Harvey, Washington Post
Climate: So Who's Really 'Anti-Science'? - Jonah Goldberg, NR
A Navy That Runs On Ethanol - Gen. Wesley Clark, Des Moines Register
Waves and Tides are Back at DOE - Glenn Meyers, Clean Technica
Radical Enviros Just Oppose Fuel. Period - Tom Harris, PJ Media
Thursday, May 19
Atmospheric CO2 May Have Topped 400 PPM Forever - InsideClimate
SAFE Calls on US to Speed Up Autonomous Cars Regulation - Reuters
Energy PR Guru Mixes Metallica, Policy Wonkism - David Banks, BGov
"Little Energy Bill That Could" Gets Closer to Hilltop - Bill Murray, RCP
China Buys Into Huge Texas Wind Farm - Jordan Blum, FuelFix
Is Lebanon Actually Making Oil and Gas Progress? - Al-Monitor
Oil Firms Drilling in the Arctic Will Find No Profit - Nafeez Ahmed, MB
Power Emissions Would be 25% Higher Without CPP - Utility Dive
Oil Prices Take A Step Back As Dollar Appreciates - Matt Smith, OilPrice
The Art Of Synchronized Swimming (In Oil) - Liam Denning, Bloomberg
Wednesday, May 18
Native Americans' New Battle: Over Coal - Terry Anderson, Forbes
Saudis Consider Paying With IOUs - Martin/Narayanan, Bloomberg
The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow - Robert Hackett, Fortune
5 Things to Watch as Oil Nears $50 - Sheppard/Hume, Financial Times
So Exxon Is 'Big Tobacco'? Tell Me Another One - Holman Jenkins, WSJ
Has the EPA Stacked the Deck? - Michael Batasch, Daily Caller
Offshore Wind: How to Stay Afloat? - Jennifer Dlouhy, Bloomberg
Wind Power & Eagle Conservation Can Coexist - David Jenkins, The Hill
Jews & Arabs Team For a West Bank Solar Farm - Green Prophet
Not Doomed!: The UK Glimpses a Coal-Free World - R. Meyer, Atlantic
Tuesday, May 17
D.C. Circuit Shifts Plans for Obama Climate Cases - Brent Kendall, WSJ
Dissent Must Be Silenced - Doug Domenech, RCEnergy
Breakthrough Preserves Perovskite Solar Power - Science Daily
Would Trump Kill Obama's Environmental Legacy? - Bill Murray, RCE
PJM President: Embrace Distributed Power - Rosenberg, Energy Times
U.S. Discloses Size of Saudi Treasury Holdings - Andrea Wong, Bloomberg
DOE's Annual Energy Outlook a Projection, Not a Prediction - EIA
U.S. Nat Gas Exports Surpass Imports For First Time Since '57 - USNews
Decision on B.C.'s Trans Mountain Oil Pipeline Coming - Vancouver Sun
Chinese Solar Giant Yingli Stumbles Hard. Why? - Chris Warren, GTM
Monday, May 16
Blockchain Tech Can Reinvent The Power Grid - Fortune
Can Our Bodies Handle the Hyperloop? - Nsikan Akpan, Scientific American
Scamming Uncle Sam? A Tale Of Two Smart Grid Pilot Projects - Forbes
Texas on a Path To Greater Efficiency - Breaking Energy
Forget the Saudis, Nigeria's the Big Oil Worry - Julian Lee, Bloomberg
Why Aren't Oil Prices Higher? - David Hufton, Energy Intelligence
Biofuels Plant in Hawaii Is First to Be Certified as Sustainable - NYT
The Candidate in the Coalfields - Luke Popovich, Washington Examiner
Fracking: Oklahoma's New F-Word - Irina Slav, OilPrice
The Shift to 100% Renewable Energy Is On - Jodi Gralnick, CNBC
Friday, May 13
Trump Taps Frack Friendly, Climate Skeptic - Valerie Volcovici, Reuters
With Dong IPO, Wind is Getting...New Wind - Selina Williams, WSJ
The Saudi Prince Behind Vision 2030 - Ian Black, The Guardian
Africa's Future: Diesel or the Sun? - Deutsche Welle
The 4 Myths About Clean Energy, Debunked: Pt 1 - Clean Technica
Can We Trust the EIA's Forecasts? - Chelsea Harvey, Washington Post
The Rise and Fall of Linn Energy - Robert Grattan, Houston Chronicle
The Solar Story Is Just Beginning - Robert Rapier, Forbes
Small Modular Reactors Get Their First US Chance - R. Martin, MIT Tech
Nevada Is Getting Giddy Over the Gigafactory - Joe Carmichael, Inverse

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