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Tuesday, April 22
Why Obama's Keystone Opposition Reeks of Politics - Ben White, CNBC
The Keystone Delay Is a Rational One - Editorial, Baltimore Sun
Shale Turned North Dakota into a "Miracle State" - Mark Perry, AEIdeas
Why Natural Gas Producers Have Nothing to Worry About - Motley Fool
No Matter the Costs, Americans Love Their Cars - Daniel Graeber, OilPrice
2 Degrees: How the World Failed on Climate Change - Brad Plumer, Vox
Where's The Real Innovation in Wind Energy? - Mike Barnard, CleanTech
Are States Missing Out on Millions from Fracking Boom? - Nat'l Jrnl
Ice or Molten Salt, Not Batteries, to Store Energy - New York Times
On This Earth Day, It's Actually Easier to Be Green - M. Maynard, Forbes
Pakistan's Desert Solar Park Will Help Fight Energy Crisis - Time
The Future of the Oil Business Is in the Hands of Welders - Platts
Monday, April 21
Sorry, Everyone, Seawater Fuel Won't Save Humanity - M. Robbins, Vice
Does Fracking Cause Quakes? California Needs to Know - LA Times
How Russia's Energy Supplies Buy Influence - Gerald Seib, Wall St. Journal
The Losing Economics of Investing in Aging Coal - Noah Long, NRDC
DNC Chair: Politics Plays No Part in Obama's Keystone Call
Common Coreâs Climate Indoctrination - James Rust, MasterResource
Are Utilities Going the Way of the Dinosaur? - Ken Silverstein, Forbes
Clean Terch Firms Could Cash In on Climate Woes - John Wasik, Reuters
Power-Hungry China Has Got a Craving For Nuclear Power - BizWeek
Arctic Crude Becomes Gazprom's New Favorite Cocktail - Editors, RT
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Friday, April 18
Proof the Fed is Stalling on Oil and Gas - John Pendleton, RigHands
News Nuggets From President's Solar Summit - Tina Casey, Clean Technica
Does It Make Sense to Subsidize EVs? - John Goreham, Torque News
Will Nissan's 'No Charge for the Charge' Sell EVs? - Brad Tuttle, Time
China & EVs: Round Two - Elizabeth Economy, Forbes
IG: DOE Ignored Warnings About Abound Solar - L. Markay, WFB
You'll Never Guess Who Runs the Most Wind - Justin Loiseau, Motley Fool
BP Claims Victory; Coast Guard: Not So Fast - John Upton, Grist
Climate: Watching the U.S. Slide Toward the Abyss - Asbury Park Press
I'm Proud to Fight Fracking - Caroline Lucas, The Guardian
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Thursday, April 17
We're Rebuilding America With Solar - The White House
Obama Stymies Federal Oil & Gas Production - Chris Prandoni, Forbes
Steven Chu and Yi Cui Tackle Batteries - James Fallows, The Atlantic
Is Exxon Worried About Climate or What? - Robert Rapier, ETI
U.S. Must Turn On Oil Taps for Europe - Jules Gray, EuropeanCEO
Methane Hydrates: Dirty Fuel or Energy Savior? - Robert Anderson, BBC
Geo Prof: Quakes No Problem for Fracking - Richard Nemec, NGI Shale Daily
Small Underground Reactors Have Promise - Lori Hinnant, Yahoo! News
Climate Change and the Christian Mission - John Ashton, RTCC
America's 20 Best Cities for Solar - Chloe Fox, Huffington Post
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Wednesday, April 16
Facing Climate Crisis without Hysteria - Steven Cohen, Energy Collective
No, the IPCC Climate Report Doesn't Call for a Fracking Boom - Grist
IPCC Says Give Up Meat, Cars, Growth - James Delingpole,
4 Ways the U.S. Military Can Adopt Clean Energy - Stephanie Kline, Forbes
The Navy Invents a Perpetual Motion Machine - William Tucker, TAS
China's Anti-Smog Plan: Thorium Reactors - Stephen Chen, SCMP
Time to Build on Illinois' Nuclear Legacy - Crain's Chicago Business
Where's the Stampede to Ford's F-150/CNG? - Ryan Holeywell, HC
How Would Your EV Do on a 90 Degree Day? - The Reflector
The Tron-Like Aesthetic of Holland's Highways - Megan Garber, Atlantic
How to Make Solar Power Without Sun - Matt Peckham, Time
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Tuesday, April 15
How Many Jobs Does Fracking Really Create? - Clare Foran, Nat'l Journal
Radioactive Waste Is North Dakota's New Shale Problem - Wall St. Jrnl
Keystone Foes Make Drastic Last-Ditch Effort - Jim Snyder, Fuel Fix
Keystone Report Can't Have It Both Ways - Whitehouse and Waxman, CNN
Can Natural Gas Save the United Kingdom? - Alex Froley, Platts
The Costs of Nixing Nuclear Power - W.R. Mead, The American Interest
Nukes Best Option Against Russian Gas - James Conca, Forbes
IPCC's Double Standards on Nuclear vs. Renewables - Energy Collective
When Renewables Meet Oil & Gas Industry, Opposites Attract - REW
How to Reset the Climate Change Debate - Editors, Bloomberg
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Monday, April 14
King Coal Is Dying a Slow Death in America - Tara Lohan, AlterNet
Measuring Dark Energy Like a Boss - Matthew Francis, Daily Beast
Did Global Oil Already Peak in 2005? - Kurt Cobb, Resource Insights
How Big Oil Clings to Billions in Gov't Giveaways - A. Kroll, Mother Jones
UN Climate Study: Are We Doomed? ll What Can Be Done?
Oil Limits & Climate Change: How They Fit Together - Gail Tverberg, OFW
The Ambiguities of Japan's Nuclear Policy - Norihiro Kato, NY Times
FF Pics: George Bush Library Opens Offshore Drilling Exhibit    
How China Plans to Kill Its Smog Monster - Nick Cunningham,
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