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Wednesday, August 20
Global Warming Is Toast - James Delingpole,
Solar Has Problems...What Doesn't? - Michael Lynch, Forbes
Why Colorado's Fracking Fight Rages On - Tom Kenworthy, Think Progress
Can These Start Ups Jump Start Wind? - S. Lacey, GreenTechMedia
Mexican Wave For Big Oil? - Swarup Gupta , Zacks
Oil & Gas Investing 101 - Tyler Crowe, Motley Fool
Egypt: Can Life Get Any Worse? - Patrick Kingsley , The Guardian
Air Bags Could Make Clean Energy Viable - Martin Tiller,
Off Shore Fracking Shifts to Deepwater - Business Day
Refracking Brings Vintage Oil Wells To Life - Driver/Scheyder, Reuters
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Tuesday, August 19
T. Boone: Brent Will Be Above $100 Forever - Jackie DeAngelis, CNBC
Is American Energy Dominance the New Normal? - Adam Galas, Fool
From Solar Boom to Bust? Panel Shortage Looms - Ehren Goossens, BB
The Existential Panic of Russia's Rosneft - Steve LeVine, Quartz
The Year in Heat: World on Track for 3rd-Hottest Ever - Bloomberg
Meet the Companies Profiting from Global Warming - Brad Plumer, Vox
Will Security Problems Hamper Mexico's Energy Boom? - NPF, Forbes
China's Thirst for Oil Knows No Bounds - James Bourne, The Barrel
US Takes a Crack at China's Tough Shale - Collin Eaton, Houston Chronicle
Opening a Multi-Trillion Dollar Market for Energy Management - EC
Friday, August 15
ARPA-E Jumps Into Fusion Funding - Daniel Clery, Science Insider
Mexico's Reform: Worth the 76-Year Wait - Gaurav Sharma, Forbes
Mexico: Why Investors May Hesitate - Greg Flakus, Voice of America
THIS Is How You Teach Climate Science... - James Delingpole,
After a Lull, Investors Are Back to Nuclear - Wall Street Journal
How UK Gov Blocks 'Power to the People' - RT
The Riskiest Oil Projects Are In Canada - Matthew Philips, Bloomberg
Report: Frackers Are Using Illegal Diesel - ProPublica, Scientific American
Gazprom's Ukraine Problem Just Got Worse - Steve LeVine, Quartz
The Silver Lining Playbook to Energy Savings - Matt DiLallo, Motley Fool
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Thursday, August 14
New York's $1Billion Bet on Clean Energy - Brian Dumaine, Fortune
Keystone Critics Would Fail Econ 101 - Andrew Leach, Macleans
CA Moves Toward Distributed, Intelligent Grid - Jeff St. John, EC
Why The Economist Is Wrong on Renewables - John Rogers, UCS
Are Thorium Cars the Wave of the Future? - Ian Andrew, The Auto Future
North Dakota's Key To Energy Strategy - Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, J'town Sun
Shouldn't Energy Be Produced Locally? - Rory Sweeney, Daily Messenger
The Drama of Mexico's Black Gold - Jeffrey Ball, Fortune
Can Geoengineering Save the Planet? - Christopher Williams, TheRealNews
3 Ways Big Data Can Help Renewables - Kevin Smead, Energy Digital
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Wednesday, August 13
How Iran Avoids Sanctions (With Byproduct) - Timothy Cama, The Hill
Mexican Reforms: What About the Drug Cartels? -
How Obama's Foreign Policy is Enabled by Fracking - Chip Register, Forbes
Tax Inversions? Stop Them With a Carbon Levy - Eric Roston, Bloomberg
Jimmy Carter: Time For a Carbon Tax - Eli Stokols, KDVR.Com
How Revolving Doors Save Energy - Joseph Stromberg, Vox
Bio-Battery: Perspiration Power! - Richard Knox, WBUR
Will Sanctions on Russia Hurt Energy Firms? - Matthew Rocco, Fox
DOE is Due for a Clean Out - Ryan Alexander, USNWR
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Tuesday, August 12
How the EPA Ignores the Public & Science - Tom Harris, New York Post
When Did the GOP Start Hating the Environment? - Mother Jones
We'd Have an Energy Boom...If Big Gov't Got Out of the Way - DS
World Awash in Oil Shields Markets From 2008 Price Shock - BBW
Mobile Wi-Fi Gizmos Don't Need No Stinkin' Batteries -
Will Gulf Fracking Lead to Next Deepwater Disaster? - Grist
Can California Be 100% Clean by 2050? - Wayne Lusvardi, Public CEO
Democrats Increasingly Backing Oil & Gas Industry - Amy Harder, WSJ
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Monday, August 11
What Mexico's Energy Reform Means for Big Oil -
3 Ways That Oil Matters For the Crisis in Iraq - Brad Plumer, VOX
Gross Cigarette Butts Could Power Your Car - Dan Seitz, UPROXX
5 Reasons to Be Bearish About Warming - Neil Bhatiya, The Week
Forbes 30 Under 30: Energy's Rising Stars in 2014
The Immediate Aftermath of an Oil Spill - Sam Arey, Alaska Native
Blaming the Greens in 4 Despicable Acts - Richard Heinberg, PCI
An Unending Production Tax Credit? - Lisa Linowes, M-Resource
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