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Thursday, January 22
Truth-O-Meter: 'We're #1 In Wind Energy' - Josh Gillin, Tampa Bay Times
Off-Shore Wind Creates More Jobs - G. Cheeseman, Triple Pundit
EPA Sets Methane Bar Too High for Business - Breaking Energy
KXL Is Sucking All the Air Out of the Room - Michele Combs, The Hill
Time to Invest in Shrinking U.S. Shale? - Todd Hagopian, Seeking Alpha
Is Coal Money Challenging Climate Science? - Ken Silverstein, Forbes
The Benefits of $2 Gas Finally Start to Trickle In - Nick Timiraos, WSJ
12 Storage Startups to Watch in 2015 - Ucilia Wang, GigaOm
Iowa Could Be Battleground Ethanol in 2016 - J. Jacobs, Des Moines Reg.
The On-Going Attack On Ethanol - Douglas Durante, The Hill
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Wednesday, January 21
San Onofre's Nuclear Waste Glows With Promise - Jenkins, U-T San Diego
Are Molten Salt Reactors the Future? - Stephen Williams, ZME Science
Yes, the Green Party is a Joke - James Delingpole,
Apparently The Yellowstone River Needed More Oil... - H. Smith, Grist
How is California Supposed to Go 50% Renewable? - Debra Kahn, E & E
For a Brighter Future Build Infrastructure - McCarthy/Upton, The Hill
Boston Power Wants to 'Compete With Musk' -
What Obama Should Have Said About Keystone - Loren Steffy, Forbes
Obama Strikes First in Climate War of Words - Lehmann/Irfan, SciAm
What I Think About When I Think About Crude - Matt Smith, FuelFix
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Tuesday, January 20
Will Obama Go Nuclear in His Speech Tonight? - Robert Bryce, Bloomberg
4 Energy Issues to Look for in Obama's SOTU Address Tonight - Fuel Fix
Energy in Obama's State of the Union Speeches, 2009-2014 - Chronicle
2 New Polls Give Obama Momentum on Keystone - National Journal
Will TransCanada Use Eminent Domain to Build Keystone? - Reuters
Energy Policy: A Game of Balderdash - Charles McConnell, The Hill
Politics Are Crucial in This Brave New Oil World - Michael Levi, FT
The Future of Energy: It's Not Just about Oil Prices - Katy Barnato, CNBC
Why Solar Costs Will Fall Another 40% in Just 2 Years - Renew Economy
Will Clean Cars Take a Ding from Slumping Oil Prices? - GreenBiz
Swappable Batteries Making a Comeback? - William Tucker, Fuel Freedom
Where Does Bioenergy Fit into a Low-Carbon Future? - A. Resutek, MIT
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Friday, January 16
Why Are the Saudis Partying Like it's 1981? - Daniel Fisher, Forbes
OPEC: No 'Sacrificial Measures' for Us - Margaret McQuaile, Platts
Interview: 'OPEC is Split Into Two Camps' - RT
We Could Be In Energy Heaven If Only... - Jack Gerard, The Hill
Solar Created More Jobs in 2014 Than Oil and Gas Extraction - CAP
The New Nuclear Navy - Stew Magnuson , National Defense
Can Advanced Nuclear Design Ever Get U.S. Approval? - Eric Wesoff, EC
How Subsidies Wreck Economies & the Climate - The Economist
Fight Poverty, Use Fossil Fuels - Ronald Bailey , Reason Online
Why Do Conservatives Hate Efficiency Standards? - R. Walton, Utility Dive
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Thursday, January 15
IMF: Cheap Oil, Strong U.S. is No Global Cure - Bloomberg Business Week
Fringe Obstructionism on the Keystone - Robert Bradley, Jr., Forbes
Turns Out That Oil Boom Was Just a Fairy Tale - Heather Smith, Grist
Methane Plan Misses Most Pollution - S. Goldenberg, The Guardian
The Big Upside to Cheap Oil - Suzy Khimm, MSNBC
Will Electric Cars Lose Their Spark? - U. Karkaria, Atlanta Business Chron.
Detroit Auto Show: New Cars, Meaner & Greener - NBC News
Return to Regular Order Requires a Reined-In EPA - M. Duncan, Roll Call
After Charlie Hebdo, a PR Dilemma For Big Oil - E. Fingleton, Forbes
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Wednesday, January 14
Low Oil Prices Pose Biggest Risk to Banks - Jagerson & Hansen, Investor Place
UAE Oil Minister - No Change in OPEC Policy - AP, ItemLive
WH Moves to Rein in Methane Leaks - Alan Neuhauser, US News & WR
Why People Are Moving Toward Solar - KSL Local, KSL
Net Metering of Solar: How to Fix Problems - Jesse Jenkins, EC
Ohio Is Paying for Green Energy Standard - Karen Kasler, IdeaStream
Should You Buy of Sell Energy Funds? - Chuck Jaffe, MarketWatch
Oil Prices Hit Public Schools in Energy States - Emma Brown, Washington Post
Simple Ways to Cut Energy Costs in Winter - Shaun Gallagher, WNDU
Low-Energy Urbanization Can Help Climate Goals - Mark Kinver, BBC
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Tuesday, January 13
A Comment from 15 Years Ago Explains Saudi Arabia - Seeking Alpha
OPEC vs. U.S.: Who Will Blink First on Oil? - Travis Hoium, Motley Fool
Oui, Oui: Will France Launch a New Push for Nuclear? - Reuters
Insights from the Solar Industry in Rural Peru - Kat Friedrich, REW
Let the Sun Set on Solar Industry Subsidy - Camilio Patrignani, The Hill
Utilities Push Back As Solar Booms In Japan - William Pentland, Forbes
What the Data Says About the Keystone XL Pipeline - Popular Science
As Oil Slips Below $50, Canada Digs In for Long Haul - WSJ
Will California's Energy Policy Become the World's? - Energy Collective
Monday, January 12
The Myth of the Carbon Investment 'Bubble' - Meyer and Brinker, WSJ
Who Digs Solar & Wind Power? That's Right: Miners - John Roach, NBC
Cheaper Than Solar and Wind? Wave Power - Jessica Shankleman, BGreen
Wind Energy Dead in the Water Off Cape Cod - Marita Noon, Breitbart
Solar at Grid Parity in Most of World by 2017 - RenewEconomy
Is $40 Oil the End of Shale? - Chou Hui Hong, Bloomberg
Saudi Prince: Oil Will Never Return to $100 - Matt Egan, CNNMoney
Welcome to the Oil Market's Old Normal - Steve Mufson, Washington Post
A Crude Surprise for Fossil-Fuel States - Neil Bhatiya, RealClearPolicy
Obama's Keystone Pipeline Shift - Timothy Cama, The Hill
The Promise & Pitfalls Ahead of Molten Salt Reactors - GreenTech Media

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