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Thursday, October 30
Why Is the U.S. Still Importing So Much Oil? - Mose Buchele, State Impact
An Unvarnished Interview With T. Boone - Jim Malewitz, Texas Tribune
Russian Oil Between Rock and Hard Place - , The Economist
Why the Oil Sands Matter to Every Canadian - Shawn McCarthy, Globe and Mail
What's It Like to Have 30 Gas Wells Next Door? - Tara Lohan, Grist
The End for Louisiana's Vietnamese Shrimpers? - Campbell & Whitman, NJ
Blame OPEC For the 29% Oil Price Drop - PetroleumWorld
Falling Crude Reveals the Flaw of 'Independence' - Loren Steffy, Forbes
Boom Can Withstand a Steeper Price Drop - Gold, Ailworth & Faucon , WSJ
Brutal Winter Set to His War-Torn Ukraine - Natalia Vasilyevai, BND
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Wednesday, October 29
Five Races That Could Transform U.S. Drilling - Rob Wile, Fusion
Oil Cos to Obama: We Need More Time! - J. Dlouhy, Houston Chronicle
Thorium Reactor Offers Hope For Waste Disposal - The Engineer
S. Korea Begins Work on Sodium-Fast Reactor - Jeff McMahon, Forbes
Study: Drill Phobia Choking New York - Zach Koppang, SPM
A Guide to the Growing Off-Grid World - Daniel Cusick, E & E Publishing
Toward a Networked Future - Evdoxia Tsakiridou ,
Study: Wind too Unreliable for UK - Andy Tully,
Can It Be? The Tesla CEO Blowing Smoke? - Ben Geier, Fortune
Poll Finds Big Age Divide on Energy Issues - N. Sakelaris, Dallas Bus. Jrnl
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Tuesday, October 28
How to Break Russia's Grip on Energy - James Kanter, New York Times
For Some States, Cheap Oil Isn't Good at All - John Schoen, CNBC
Bakken's Next Phase: Natural Gas - Adam Belz, Minneapolis Star Tribune
Coal Is Hardly a "Suicide Strategy" - Roman Kilisek, Breaking Energy
It May be Lights Out for the Wind Energy Come the Midterms - FOX
Even the Saudis Are Getting into the Solar Game - Yahoo! News
Oil Production Around the World a 'Canary in the Coal Mine' - Fuel Fix
Crude at $80 a Barrel? No Sweat, Say Oil Producer CEOs - Bloomberg
Ethanol Is Running on Empty - Tim Maverick, Wall Street Daily
Energy Storage Will Soon Be in Every Home - Travis Hoium, Motley Fool
Billionaire Oilman Hamm: I'm Not Cutting Production...Yet - CNBC
Sarah Palin: Climate Change Is the New Eugenics - C. Thompson, TPM
Friday, October 24
Cheaper Oil: Many Winners and a Few Bad Losers - The Economist
Natural Gas Is Taking Over - Barry Ritholtz, Bloomberg View
Solar Energy Isn't Just for Rich Liberals Anymore - Chris Mooney, Wonk
The Looming Gas Glut - Keith Johnson, Foreign Policy
Let's Change the Way We Talk About Energy - Aaron Hay, Triple Pundit
Fusion Reactor Could Be Just Around the Corner - Gwynne Dyer, CD
Can We Nudge People into Conserving Energy? - Jim Tankersley, Wa Post
China Scores Cheap Oil 14,000 Miles Away as Glut Deepens - Bloomberg
Awkward Timing & An Acrimonious EU - Charlemagne, The Economist
Is The UK The Most Energy Secure Country in the EU? -
3 Questions Surrounding BP's Puzzling Politico Piece - National Journal
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission: A Political Hot Potato - The EC
More Shale Oil Means Lower Gas Prices - J. Winston Porter, The Hill
Thursday, October 23
Be Careful of What You Ask for If It's Cheap Oil - Randall Forsyth, Barron's
Natural Gas -- America's Leader in Emissions Savings - Energy Tomorrow
Vorlich: The 50M Barrel Hope for Even More North Sea Oil - Guardian
We Can't Generate It All from Wind Power - Micheal Richard, Planet Green
Why Not Use the Earth's Magma for Energy? - Ianin McClatchie, Quora
Can We Harvest Lightening for the Power Grid? - , New Scientist
Let's Use Biology to Rethink Energy - Juan Enriquez, TED
How to Sugarcoat an Environmental Disaster - Michael Hiltzik, LA Times
Six Myths About Renewable Energy - Busted! - , Greenpeace
Clean, Compact Energy - We Can Drean, Can't We? - , New Tribune
Shipping Policies Need Overhaul from the 1920s - Charles Drevna, The Hill
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Wednesday, October 22
Energy-Producing States Bounced Back Faster - L. Barron-Lopez, The Hill
Water: The Old But New Piece Of the Puzzle - Baker Institute, Forbes
Two Leaders Laugh While the Planet Burns - R. Leber, Huffington Post
Argentina: Best Bet For America-Style Shale Boom - ProactiveInvestors
Which State Has the Cheapest Gas? - Christopher Helman, Forbes
But Can 'the Boom' Heat Your House This Winter? - Henry Gass, CSM
Low Gas Prices Keeping Inflation at Bay - Phoenix Business Journal
Japan's Power Failure - James Topham and Aaron Sheldrick, Reuters
The Future of Japanese Energy - Clint Richards, The Diplomat
Pre-Paid Smart Meters Outwit Energy Thieves - Peter Shadbolt, CNN
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Tuesday, October 21
The End of OPEC? - Joe Nocera, New York Times
When the Petrodollars Run Out - Daniel Altman, Foreign Policy
How & When Will Saudi Arabia Respond to Low Oil Prices? - OilPrice
Houston, We Have a 'Fracking' Problem - Lance Roberts, StreetTalk Live
The Price of Oil Isn't Where Russia Would Like It - Dina Gusovsky, CNBC
Future of Energy Is Here. And It Looks a Lot Like the Past - Bloomberg
Environmental Issues Become a Force in Political Advertising - NYT
Partial NRC Report on Yucca a Win for Science - James Conca, Forbes
Oil Decline: Price Makes the Story - Kurt Cobb, Resource Insights
GAO: Oil Exports Would LOWER Gas Prices - Jennifer Dlouhy, Fuel Fix
Monday, October 20
Why Harold Hamm Isn't Worried About Plunging Oil Prices - Forbes
U.S. Can Nearly Quadruple Its Renewable Electricity by 2030 - CTech
How Renewable Energy Could Leave You Mired in Blackouts - Fool
Deniers Mistakenly Say that Global Warming Has Ended - The EC
Life Becomes Tough for Oil Companies and Oil Nations - Fuel Freedom
Power Plants Seek to Extend Life of Nuclear Reactors for Decades - NYT
Oil Workers Earning $179,000 Expose Norway to Crude Crash - Bberg
It's Time to Export American Energy - Thomas Pyle, Roll Call

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