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Friday, October 9
A Kinder, Gentler OPEC? - Jonathan Salem Baskin, Forbes
Trump to UK: Your Wind Farm Spoils My View - Watling, Energy Voice
What If the UK Built Its Own Thorium Reactor? - S. Nathan, The Engineer
You Don't Have To Be Stupid To Be A Climate Scientist But... - Breitbart
7 Myths Propping Up Fossil Fuels - Joe Confino, Huff Post
Obama's Disastrous Clean Power Plan - Deroy Murdock, National Review
Broadening the Potential of Batteries - Morris & Fitzgerald, CleanTechnica
Rebuilding Lives After Fukushima - Euan McKirdy, CNN
ND Oil Town Debates Wind Farm - Amy Dalrymple, Grand Forks Herald
Obama Vows to Veto Lifting Oil Export Ban - Dan Calabrese, Herman Cain
Today's Takeaway: Morning Volt: Oct. 9, 2015
Thursday, October 8
US Oil Prices Briefly Top $50 a Barrel on Russia's Syria Drama - WSJ
How Eni Discovered its Huge Zohr Gas Field - Marco Alfieri, EniDay
Saudi Arabia Gets the Upper Hand Over Shale Producers - Fortune
Oil Producers Start Raiding Sovereign Wealth Funds - Bloomberg
Political Talks Under Way for Nascent Oil Export Deal - Bloomberg
Former EPA Administrator: Don't Give Up on Nuclear - Columbus BF
Senator Asks Treasury to Rescind Volkswagen Taxbreaks - Huff. Post
Opposition on the Road to Germany's Energiewende - Jeevan Vasagar, FT
EPA: US Methane Emissions Fall For 3rd Straight Year - Pamela King, E&E
Wednesday, October 7
The Oil Bulls Are Gathering - Tim Treadgold, Forbes
A Key Indicator Low Oil Prices Are Lifting Demand - Dave Forest, OilPrice
How Diesel Became the New Environmental "Evil" in Europe - Platts
Outside Forces Shape European Energy - David Buchan, New York Times
President Hillary Clinton Will Oppose Crude Oil Exports - Robert Rapier
How to Sell Republicans on a Carbon Tax - Chris Flavelle, Bloomberg View
Who Should Run NY's Electricity Markets? - David Roberts, VOX
3 Reasons GE's New Wind Turbine Changes Everything - Motley Fool
Glencore: Coal Market Is Even Worse Than People Thought - Bloomberg
Clean Energy Nearly as Inexpensive as Coal & Gas - Jon Fingas, Engadget
Tuesday, October 6
Did Russia Just Take Over OPEC? - Mark Mills, RealClearMarkets
Russia and America Prep Forces for Arctic War - David Axe, Reuters
Republicans Grill Energy Secretary on Oil Exports - Tim Cama, The Hill
Putin Now Threatens U.S. Energy Supplies - John Siciliano, DC Examiner
Solar & Wind Just Passed Another Big Milestone - T. Randall, Bloomberg
New Report Rips EPA's Pebble Mine Decision - Editorial, WSJ
Utilities' Newest Solar Battleground: California - Reem Nasr, CNBC
Less Hedging/Cheaper Oil = A Rocky 2016 - Collin Eaton, FuelFix
Josh Fox Wants to Help Oil Banning Fracking? - The DC
Think Coal Is Dead? This Low-Cost Hotspot Is Thriving - Dave Forest, OP
Hinkley C's Claimed Benefits Evaporate Under Scrutiny - The Ecologist
Is Mexico's Energy Industry Ready to Boom? - Jamie Brick, Forbes
Interactive: How the US and OPEC Drive Oil Prices - NYT
Monday, October 5
Could Diesel End Up Stronger After Volkswagen Scandal? - Platts
Thorium, Molten Salt Get Complete Review - Brian Wang, NextBigFuture
Oil Price Slump Saps US Students Enthusiasm For Industry - Reuters
Senators Push White House on Ethanol Mandate - Devin Henry, The Hill
Myths About Shell's Alaska Pull-Out - Yereth Rosen, Alaska Dispatch
Is Colorado Enviro Model Good Enough For Obama? - Bill Murray, RCE
Momentum Gains on Lifting Oil Export Ban - Eric Lipton, New York Times
Iraqi Kurds Boost Oil Sales in Drive for Independence - Bloomberg
US, BP Finalize $20.8 Billion Deepwater Oil Spill Settlement - WSJ
House Investigates Critics of Climate Skeptics - Daily Caller
New York Increasingly Reliant on Natural Gas - Waldman, PoliticoNY
Today's Takeaway: Morning Volt: Oct. 5, 2015
Friday, October 2
Why Are We So Slow to Adopt Clean Energy? - Chris Mooney, WashPost
Reality Check: Solar Energy Is Not The Cheapest - Michael Lynch, Forbes
The Real Villains Behind the VW Scandal - David Auerbach, Slate
Optics: The Face of the Fracking Boom - Fossett/Moore, Politico
Crude Oil Exports: Refiners versus Big Oil - Lorne Matalon, Inside Energy
MI Wind Mandate Costs Each Family $4000 - Jack Spencer, MI CapCon
Can We Give Everybody Power and Still Stop Warming? - C. Kenney, MJ
Oil Group to Enviros: Try Living Without Fossils - P. Richarson, PJ Media
Greenpeace: We Can Be 100% Renews by 2050 - Thom Hartman, Sputnik
Today's Takeaway: Morning Volt: Oct. 2, 2015
Thursday, October 1
Climate Change: Facts Versus Opinions - John Horgan, Scientific American
EPA to Tighten Federal Limits on Ozone - Devin Henry, The Hill
Senate Panel Advances Oil Exports in Party-Line Vote - FuelFix
Alaska Facing Tough Choices Without Arctic Oil - Nick Cunningham, OP
Federal Court Blocks Obama Fracking Rules - Jacob Pramuk, CNBC
Arctic Chill Hits Majors Hard - Sarah Miller, Energy Intelligence
Mexico's Gets Italian Nod as Eni Wins Oil Bid - Adam Williams, Bloomberg
EDF Thrilled By Potential Hinkley Nuclear Deal - Chris Adams, FT
US-Saudi Relations: Not the Same as it Ever Was - CFR
Gulf Keystone Finds 50% More Kurdish Oil Than Expected - UPI
Wednesday, September 30
The Energy Election - Joel Kotkin, RealClearPolitics
Obama's Mad Dash on Ozone Rules - William O'Keefe, Washington Examiner
Why Our Power Grid Needs Natural Gas Now More Than Ever - Time
Exploring Iceland's Clean Energy Economy - Laura Turner Seydel, HuffPo
The Peak Oil Story We Have Been Told Is Wrong - Gail Tverberg, OilPrice
Need Energy? Look to the Sun - Mark Buchanan, Bloomberg View
What Oil Investors Can Learn from Gold - Michael McDonald,
This Company Could Power the World for 65 Billion Years: Video - CNN
Why California Might See Gas Prices Spike in the Fall - CNBC
Why Smart Homes May Remain in the Realm of the Jetsons - Forbes
Tuesday, September 29
The Latest Sign Big Oil's in Big Trouble - Mark Schapiro, Mother Jones
Can Big Oil Help with The Transition to Renewables? - Mike Scott, Forbes
EPA Clean Power Plan Oversteps Federal Authority - Terry Jarrett, RCE
The Ozone Rules That No One Will Like - Jason Plautz, National Journal
Obama Weakens Ozone Rules & Greens See Red - Kyle Feldscher, DCEx
Shell Didn't Quit Alaska Out of the Goodness of Its Heart - Wired
Criminalizing Climate Skeptics: A New Science Low - Judith Curry, Fox
If Everyone Gets Electricity, Can the Planet Survive? - C. Kenny, Atlantic
Can the U.S. Jump-Start Offshore Wind Power? - Camille von Kaenel, SA
So Far, The Shalepocalypse Hasn't Happened - Terry Wade, Reuters
Simpler, Smaller, Cheaper? Alternatives to Hinkley Point C -
Monday, September 28
Frackers Could Soon Face Mass Extinction - Stephen Gandel, Fortune
Where do the Shell Drilling Rigs Go Now? - Aegerter & Radke,
Saudi Arabia Keeps Pumping 10.2 Million B/D - Oliver Klaus, Energy Intel
Shell Exit Clouds Obama Admin's Future Exploration Policy - E&E

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