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Monday, July 25
Can Chemists Turn Pollution into Gold? - Katherine Bourzac, Sci. American
The Global Impact of AC: Big and Getting Bigger - L. Davis, Conversation
Lower Energy Bills, Thanks to Google's AI - Will Knight, MIT Tech Review
America's Gas Glut Could Send Prices Even Lower - M. Egan, CNN Money
What's Missing From Elon Musk's New Master Plan for Tesla - GTM
Perovskite Solar Cell: Key to A Brighter Solar Future? - C. Cornell, HuffPo
Should the Oil Industry Root for Democrats or Republicans? - Forbes
Making Fracking Great Again - Liam Denning, Bloomberg Gadfly
Huge Oil Producer Goes Big on Clean Energy - Anmar Frangoul, CNBC
Is This the Next Big Headache for Oil Prices? - Nick Cunningham, OilPrice
Friday, July 22
Memo to the EPA: Humans Won't Be Herded - Sam Ori, Forbes
The British Heatwave? It's Not Global Warming - Delingpole, Breitbart
A Chicken In Every Pot, A PV on Every Roof... - William Becker, HuffPo
Schlumberger on Oil: the Worst is Over - Akin Oyedele, Business Insider
Who Knew Fracking Could Be So Funny? - Patrick Marmion, Daily Mail
Exploring Solar Winds of the Magnetosphere -
6 Homes, 6 Different Ways to do Home Solar - Josh Garskof, Con. Reports
Is the Fracker-in-Chief Trump's Energy Secretary? - M. Addady, Fortune
Can the Mojave Desert Survive the White House? - C. Lochhead, SFC
Tesla Master Plan: All Promise, No Product - E. Niedermeyer, Bloomberg
Thursday, July 21
Climate Records Tumbling in First Half of 2016 - Z. Hirji, Inside Climate
Skyscrapers Turn China's Smog Into Diamonds - Rachel Hallett, WEF
Trading Atoms For Green Energy - Gavin Bade, Utility Dive
Spectra Energy Gas Pipeline Project Review Questioned - Vardi, DeSmog
Musk Reveals Part 2 of His Tesla 'Master Plan' - Gavin Bade, Utility Dive
Changing U.S. Energy Mix: Nat Gas Up, Coal Down - Michael Kopalek, EIA
How Popular Is Home Solar Energy? - Sweet and Kuronen, WSJ
The Man Who Has Trump's Energy Ear - K. Kowalski, Midwest Energy News
Six Reasons Texas is a Wind Energy Leader - CleanTechnica
Trump Considering Fracking Mogul Harold Hamm - M. Conlin, Reuters
Wednesday, July 20
European Wind Failures Are Bad Omen For Vermont - Vermont Watchdog
Climate: The Good, the Bad, & the Dumb - Michael Lynch, Forbes
American Solar Needs to Compete with China - The American Prospect
Climate: If You're Not Alarmed, You're Not Paying Attention - Slate
The 'No S*** Sherlock Award' Goes To... - James Delingpole, Breitbart
Could Trees Cause Climate Change? - Amrith Ramkumar, Bloomberg
Nuclear: Our Best Weapon Against Global Warming - L. King, OilPrice
EPA Hints At New Emission Standards - Chris White, Daily Caller
Elon Musk Wages War On Too Many Fronts - Rob Cox, Reuters
States that Close N-Plants Need to Bet Big on Storage - The Conversation
Tuesday, July 19
Why Is it So Freaking Hot? - Doug Domenech, RealClearEnergy
The Marijuana Industry's Voracious Energy Appetite - The Conversation
Obama: The Accidential Energy Security President - Piotrowski, The Fuse
EPA Expects Shortfall in Fuel Economy Standards - Argus Media
Up to $7 Trillion In Renewable Investment By Mid-2030s - Bloomberg
India Nearly Finished on Strategic Oil Reserve - David Hunn, FuelFix
Republican Platform Against Carbon Tax - Kelly Armstrong, RCEnergy
3 Signs of Texas' Emerging Solar Market - John Hall, Energy Collective
Duke Energy CEO Sees Greater Natural Gas Demand - Emery Dalesio, AP
Graphic: Where America Gets Its Oil - Yegg Inc.
Monday, July 18
Why Oil Prices Might Never Recover - Arthur Berman, OilPrice
India Will Be a Key Driver of Oil Demand - Paayal Zaveri, CNBC
Russia's Arctic Oil Rush - Julian Lee, Bloomberg Gadfly
NY Utility Goes Big on Offshore Wind Bundled With Batteries - Forbes
Germany Sets a New Solar Storage Record - Jeffrey Michel, Energy Post
European Bioenergy Policy: Telling the Wood from the Trees - EC
The Farm Producing Electricity From Cow Dung, Food Waste - Guardian
New Studies Unveil True Costs Of Fossil Fuels & Solar PV - J. Hill, CT
Why Drones Are "Game-Changing" for Renewable Energy - Pyper, GTM
Better Lithium Ion Batteries, How Do They Work? Magnets! - Ars Tech
Friday, July 15
Closing Diablo Canyon Will Raise CO2 - James Conca, Forbes
Researchers Retract Fracking Health Risk Finding - Breaking Energy
Without Nuclear Energy, Climate Threats Grow - T. Nordhaus, USA Today
India's Rooftop Solar Problem - Monkeys - Reuters
UK's New PM Slays the Green Vampire - James Delingpole, Breitbart
Theresa May Has Been 'Just Plain Stupid' - Ian Johnston, The Independent
3 Sure Signs of Texas' Emerging Solar Market - John Hall, EC
Meet the Clean Energy Powering Africa - Sophie Morlin-Yron, CNN
The Future of Cities - From Green Buildings to Auto-Drive Cars - WSJ
EMP: the Pulse That Could Devastate the Grid - V.Mansharamani, PBS
Thursday, July 14
Smart Grids: Greener & Easier to Hack - Mark Mills, RealClearPolicy
A New (And Better) Way to Figure Future Oil Prices - Jeffrey Spittel, FTI
US Natural Gas-Fired Electricity to Reach Record in 2016 - EIA
Leaked TTIP Draft Shows Loopholes in G20 Pledges - The Guardian
Shale's Tale of the Unexpected - Liam Denning, Bloomberg Gadfly
With Trump Presidency, US Stands Alone on Climate - ClimateProgress
Obama Threatens to Veto Interior, EPA Spending Bill - R. Walton, UD
Obama's Science Adviser Says Post-Fossil Era 'Unrealistic' - US Chamber
EV Sales Up Despite Low Gasoline Prices - Scientific American
UK's New PM Abolishes Climate Department - The Independent
Wednesday, July 13
Biofools: How a Scam Biofuels Company Raked in Millions - Bloomberg
OPEC Is Winning the Market Share War - Summer Said, Wall Street Journal
Are Fossil Fuel Interests Bankrolling the Anti-Nukes? - Silverstein, Forbes
Solar Lobby Faces Tough Road in Texas - Logan Churchwell, Breitbart
Why is Solar Still Waiting for Liftoff in TEXAS? - Jordan Blum, FuelFix
Musk Merger Based on Absent Symbiosis - Joe Ryan, Bloomberg
How Germany Hopes to Tame Erratic Renewables - Schiermeir, Nature
5 Questions On Germany's Energiewende -
Frozen in Time: Fukushima in Photos - Brittany Vonow,
Exxon's Report Reveals Mixed Climate Message - E&E Publishing
Tuesday, July 12
Pipe Phobia Keeps New England's LNG Imports Up - Downstream Today
OPEC Oil Production on the Rise Again - Kottasova and Petroff, CNN Money
China Could Peak CO2 Emissions By 2022 - Megan Darby, ClimateHome
Demand For Oil in China Slipped 2.7% in May - Collin Eaton, FuelFix
EDF May Sell Coal-Trading Business - Francois De Beaupuy, Bloomberg
Senate to Convene Conference Committee on Energy Bill - Bade, UD
Deutsche Bank Backs Away From Coal Sector - Michael Corkery, NYT
Invasion of Iraq Was Never Really About Oil - Robin Mills, The National
Alaska Governor Wants Bigger Role in LNG Megaproject - E&E
12 Photos: BP's Mad Dog Platform - Marc Morrison, OilPro

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