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Wednesday, October 22
Energy-Producing States Bounced Back Faster - L. Barron-Lopez, The Hill
Water: The Old But New Piece Of the Puzzle - Baker Institute, Forbes
Two Leaders Laugh While the Planet Burns - R. Leber, Huffington Post
Argentina: Best Bet For America-Style Shale Boom - ProactiveInvestors
Which State Has the Cheapest Gas? - Christopher Helman, Forbes
But Can 'the Boom' Heat Your House This Winter? - Henry Gass, CSM
Low Gas Prices Keeping Inflation at Bay - Phoenix Business Journal
Japan's Power Failure - James Topham and Aaron Sheldrick, Reuters
The Future of Japanese Energy - Clint Richards, The Diplomat
Pre-Paid Smart Meters Outwit Energy Thieves - Peter Shadbolt, CNN
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Tuesday, October 21
The End of OPEC? - Joe Nocera, New York Times
When the Petrodollars Run Out - Daniel Altman, Foreign Policy
How & When Will Saudi Arabia Respond to Low Oil Prices? - OilPrice
Houston, We Have a 'Fracking' Problem - Lance Roberts, StreetTalk Live
The Price of Oil Isn't Where Russia Would Like It - Dina Gusovsky, CNBC
Future of Energy Is Here. And It Looks a Lot Like the Past - Bloomberg
Environmental Issues Become a Force in Political Advertising - NYT
Partial NRC Report on Yucca a Win for Science - James Conca, Forbes
Oil Decline: Price Makes the Story - Kurt Cobb, Resource Insights
GAO: Oil Exports Would LOWER Gas Prices - Jennifer Dlouhy, Fuel Fix
Monday, October 20
Why Harold Hamm Isn't Worried About Plunging Oil Prices - Forbes
U.S. Can Nearly Quadruple Its Renewable Electricity by 2030 - CTech
How Renewable Energy Could Leave You Mired in Blackouts - Fool
Deniers Mistakenly Say that Global Warming Has Ended - The EC
Life Becomes Tough for Oil Companies and Oil Nations - Fuel Freedom
Power Plants Seek to Extend Life of Nuclear Reactors for Decades - NYT
Oil Workers Earning $179,000 Expose Norway to Crude Crash - Bberg
It's Time to Export American Energy - Thomas Pyle, Roll Call
Friday, October 17
Oil's Not Well At OPEC Headquarters - Alexis Flynn, Wall Street Journal
Needed: Scapegoat For NE's Off-the-Charts Rates - W. Pentland, Forbes
A Detailed Plan For a Solar West Bank - Sharon Udasin , Jerusalem Post
The Energy Used to Make Your Stuff - Alexis Madrigal, The Atlantic
Renewables Will Go Nowhere w/o Better Batteries - N. Smith, Bloomberg
Do Turbines Kill Birds? Not as Many as Cell Towers - S. Edelstein, GCR
Georgia: Have Market Forces Created Cheap Solar? - Stephen Lacey, EC
5 Cheap Energy Stocks to Consider Amid Slump - C. Assis, MarketWatch
Lockheed Isn't THE ONLY LAB Working On Fusion, OK? - Jessica Orwig, BI
& Maybe OLD Tech Is Behind Their 'NEW' Gizmo - Daniel Clery, SI
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Thursday, October 16
Recession in Russia, Revolt in Venezuela - Staff Team, The Guardian
Eastern Forests Not Affected by Climate Change - Ambika Mahajan, WS
Study Says Gas Alone Can't Solve Climate - Emily Atkin, Think Progress
Germany to Cut Surcharge on Renewables - Daniel Tost, EU ETS
Evidence Connects Quakes to Fracking - Bobby Magill, Climate Central
Is Rebound Effect a Problem for Efficiency? - Jesse Jenkins, EC
Lockheed: Our Fusion Reactor Will Fit on a Truck - Sebastian Anthony, ET
Efficiency Can Increase Consumption Among Poor - Breakthrough Institute
Tesla's Road Into China Is Getting Harder - Sarita Pereira, Seeking Alpha
A Bittersweet Look at Africa's Energy Future - Lou Del Bello, SciDevNet
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Wednesday, October 15
Lockheed Claims Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough - A. Jayakumar, WaPo
Cambridge Univ. Team Building Thorium Reactor - Tony Quested, BW
Will the Keystone EVER Be Built? - William Tucker, RealClearPolitics
We Improved Our Air...Then They Moved the Goal Post - Houston Chron.
Did the Costliest Regulation Ever Just Arrive at the WH? - Forbes
'08 Climate Act: A 2nd Front Is Opened - J. Delingpole, Breitbart
Clean Energy: Get With the Program, Florida! - Bob Keefe, Huffington Post
Energy Limits Won't Hold Back Growth - Noah Smith, Bloomberg View
Clean Energy Could Be Boston's Sleeper Tech - Martin LaMonica, Xconomy
Do We Need To Worry About Efficiency Rebounds? - Jesse Jenkins, EC
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Tuesday, October 14
CHART: When Oil Drops, These Countries Suffer the Most - Economist
Don't Overhype the U.S. Energy Revolution - Nikos Tsafos, Nation'l Interest
Jim Cramer: Oil Sowing the Seeds of Its Own Destruction - CNBC
Black Gold: Oil Extraction Boosting the U.S. Economy - Fox Business
The World's Burning, & It Has Nothing to Do w/ Global Warming - NR
Paul Ryan: Humans Might Not Be Cause of Climate Change - AP
Solar Energy: Nighttime Is Still a Nightmare - Reed Landberg, Bloomberg
Nuclear & Renewables: Apples & Oranges - David Hone, Energy Collective
Fuel-Efficient Cars' Hummer-Sized Dent in Gas Consumption - WaPo
Data Focus: Is It Already Too Late for Russian LNG? - Economist IU
A Quick Look at the World's Largest Energy Producers - CNBC
Monday, October 13
Shale Is Lighting Up a New Era of American Optimism - Gillian Tett, FT
Expert Art Cashin: Lower Oil Ain't All Good News, Folks - CNBC
Speculators Push Oil Into Bear Market as Supply Rises - Bloomberg
Five Reasons Solar Will Power the Future - Will Doig, Next City
Democrats: Coal Country Is Just Not That into You - David Roberts, Grist
PA Gov. Corbett: Maybe We Will Tax Natural Gas! - NPR StateImpact
No Cuts for You! Saudi Stasis Will Ding U.S. Drillers - Forbes
Oil Collapses of Yore Have Parallels Today - John Kingston, Platts
What If Batteries Were as Cheap as Dirt? - Jesse Jenkins, Energy Collective
3 Things to Know About Obama's Newest Climate Plan - Bloomberg
Nuclear Power: The 'Other' Renewable Energy - Keith Pickering, Daily Kos

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