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Friday, February 27
Andrew Cuoumo's Frackless East Berlin - Wall Street Journal
Imports Not Always an Economic Disadvantage - Roman Kilisek, BE
The Carbon Pricing Challenge - David Lawrence, Energy Perspectives
What Keystone Means to Millenials - Jacob Peters, Huffington Post
How Did Palm Oil Become Such a Problem? - Michael Kodas, Global Voices
Cramer: Worst to Come for Oil Patch? - Abigail Stevenson, CNBC
What Is Best Bridge to a Renewable Future? - Ashley Hupel, City & State
Young Conservatives Embrace Energy Reform - Michele Combs, BE
It's Time to Get Educated About Energy - for. Int. Sec. Ken Salazar, The Hill
SunEdison Aims at 20M customers by 2020 - Today's Energy Solutions
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Thursday, February 26
Will the Gigafactory Be Musk's Waterloo? - Jay Stein, The EC
The Importance of a Thorium Reactor to China - C. Hurst, Jrnl of ES
Climate Chief Resignation? About Time! - James Delingpole, Breitbart
After 15 Years, Cape Wind Called 'Promising' - Gintautas Dumcius, WWLP
We're All Part of the Carbon Fuel Problem - P. Woodworth, Irish Times
Post-KXL, Hope Lies in the Atlantic Coast Pipeline - Greensboro NR
Google Is Paying Millions To Help You Choose Solar - V. Luckerson, Time
We Need to Talk About Solar Power and Equity - Jorge Madrid, EDF
The Dangerous Route to Energy Security - L. Bergamaschi, EurActiv
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Wednesday, February 25
The Keystone Saga Is Not Over - Tom Zeller, Jr, Forbes
The President's KXL Veto Is an Act of Isolation - Wall Street Journal
KXL: The Veto is Fueling Anger (But Should It?) - The Economist
What We Can Learn from BC's Carbon Tax - David Roberts, Grist
Will Europe Go for an Energy Union? - Editors, EurActiv
What Good Are Wind Subsidies? - Lofthouse/Simmons, The Hill
Why Wind Subsidies Are More Than Hot Air - Loren Steffy, Forbes
Texas Energy: It's NOT All About Oil. - Jim Marston, EDF
Indian Nuclear Waste is a Misnomer - S. Annamalai, The Hindu
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Tuesday, February 24
Will America's Shale Boomtowns Bust? - Jennifer Reingold, Fortune
The Pipe Bursts: President Obama Vetoes Keystone XL - Bloomberg
Solar Now Employs More Americans Than Coal - Jordan Weissmann, Slate
Keystone Rhetoric Roils As Oil Trains Roll - Loren Steffy, Forbes
No, the Sun Isn't Driving Global Warming - Chris Mooney, Washington Post
The Oil Fairytale in Norway Is Coming to an End - Mark Lewis, AP
Battleground Bulgaria in U.S.-Russia Energy War - Mark Snowiss, VoA
Tesla & The EV Battery Tipping Point: Are We there yet? - GreenBiz
Obama's Climate Change Wonk - Erica Martinson, Politico
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Monday, February 23
OPEC Is Taking Away the Punch Bowl - Matt DiLallo, Motley Fool
Chinese Demand Fuels Renewables Turnaround - Financial Times
The Fracking Bust Is Deepening - Wolf Richter, Business Insider
Vetoing Keystone Is Just the Beginning - Rhea Suh, MSNBC
Cheap Natural Gas Might Doom New Fermi Nuke Plant - Detroit FP
What Do Apple, Citi and Shell Have in Common? - Manish Bapna, Forbes
Some NY Towns Want PA to Fracking Adopt Them - Jeff Guo, Wash Post
Preparing for Paris: Fifty Shades of Grey? - David Hone, Energy Collective
Friday, February 20
Oil Trains Much Riskier Than Pipelines - Chris Ingraham, WaPo
Are Solar Farms Declining in the U.S.? - Alicia Hobbs, Energy Collective
White House Shuns Clean Coal - Phillips, Drajem & Snyder, Bloomberg
Rep: Renewables Are Ruining Our Ridgelines - Bruce Parker, VT Watchdog
To Remain On Top, U.S. Must Develop the Arctic - Conrad Burns, Forbes
Economic Freedom Can Alleviate Energy Poverty - Nicholas Loris, Heritage
Privatization of Energy Has Not Worked in UK - Editors, Left Foot Forward
TransCanada Seeks Another U.S. Pipeline - MacPherson & Nicholson, HP
Surprising Link b/w Dark Matter & Black Holes - Dragos Matrica, ZME
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Thursday, February 19
Oil Prices: Just Hit the Snooze Button for Now - Chip Register, Forbes
Fresh Winds Are Blowing in Silicon Valley - Katie Fehrenbacher, GigaOm
The Snail's Pace of Obama's Energy Plans - Erik Milito, Tribune News
Why Warren Buffet Sold Exxon & Bought Suncor - Seeking Alpha
What Energy Challenges Face Data Centers & HPC? - T. Trader, HPC.wire
Unpacking China's Coal Numbers - Andrew Revkin, New York Times
In 2014 China Continued Its March to Coal - Armond Cohen, EC
Panel: Higher Waves, Triple Heat Could Hit NYC - Colin Sullivan, SciAm
AEC Chair: Thorium Reactors Should Be the Goal for India - DNA
The Unworkable Part of the Clean Power Plan - Gerry Anderson, The Hill
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Wednesday, February 18
The High Cost of Energy Illiteracy - Steven Hayward, PowerLine
Maybe Global Warming is Actually Good for You... - Delingpole, Breitbart
How Low Oil is Changing Energy Investment - Wall Street Journal
Does Rig Count Even Matter? - Murtaugh/Doan, Bloomberg
Can Wind Help Obama Meet His Carbon Goals? - Ken Silverstein, Forbes
109 (Derailed) Reasons For Pipelines - C. Tomlinson, Houston Chronicle
What You Should Know About Oil Trains - Evan Bush, Seattle Times
New England: Heat May Be on the Way - M. Norton, Roslindale Transcript
Why are Wind Farm Developers Loving Africa? - D.A. Barber, AFK Insider
A Weird Ice Machine Could Solve California's Problems - Scienceline
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Tuesday, February 17
Crude Oil's Growing Rail Transport Problem - Heesun Wee, CNBC
There's a Bright Sunny Revolution Underway - Bill Tucker, Forbes
British Plans for Nuclear Power Spark Euro Fight - Keith Johnson, FP
How to Save Offshore Wind Energy - Lewis Milford, Renewable E. World
Methane Hydrates: A Promising Energy Resource - Edward Dodge, EC
Why the Electric Car Won't Kill Oil - Matt DiLallo, Motley Fool
Battle 2035: Energy Demands vs. Climate Change - Larry Elliott, Guardian
Texas To Become U.S. Clean Energy Leader - Tina Casey, CleanTechnica
Old Obama Foe Now a Staunch Defender of His Green Agenda - E&E
A Start-Up That Solved Fracking's Dirty Problem - Andrew Zaleski, CNBC

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