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Monday, April 27
OPEC: Taking a Backseat in 2016 Elections? - Will Duke, CNBC
Strong Future Forecast for Renewable Energy - Ben Hulac, Sci. American
Conspicuous Consumption for the Smug Environmentalist - Slate
For U.S. LNG, Is the Window Half Open or Closed? - Jenny Mandel, E&E
We're Using Natural Gas All Wrong for the Climate - Harry Saunders, EC
Have Natural Gas Prices Bottomed? - Leonard Brecken,
U.S. Nuclear Power Safety: Is the Glass Half Empty or Half Full? - BE
Save California Farmers From Themselves - Daniel Beard, Bloomberg
Can the 'Green Pope' Change Minds on Climate Change? - Nat'l Journal
Why God Is Not a Warmist - James Delingpole, Breitbart
Friday, April 24
The Gettys and Oil: A Cautionary Tale - Augustino Fontevecchia, Forbes
Oil & Gas Execs Expect Years of Low Prices - Claire Poole, The Street
How Radioactive Is the Pacific, Really? - James Joiner, The Daily Beast
Demographics in Mideast to Affect Oil Prices - Robert Grattan, FuelFix
Can This OK Baron Withstand Another Quake? - Elgin & Philips, Bloomberg
Oil Company Strategy Is Doomed to Failure - , RenewEconomy
Smithsonian Series to Chronicle "Boomtowners" - Regina Cano, SeattlePI
McCarthy Says Clean Power Won't Affect Reliability - Jeffrey Ryser, Platts
3 Misconceptions About Adopting Renewables - David Miller, Huff Post
You Can't Go Green w/o Some Taxpayer Green - Mississippi Watchdog
Kinder Morgan Looks to Expand Gas to Mexico - Longview News-Journal
Demand & Demand. Why Oil Is Going Nowhere - Chip Register, Forbes
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Thursday, April 23
BP Spill: The Doomsayers Were Wrong - Stephen Moore/Joel Griffith, NR
BP Oil Spill Plus 5: Why It'll Happen Again - Joel Achenbach, Wash Post
What We Still Don't Know about BP Gulf Oil Spill - Keith Crandall, CNN
Cash To Clintons As Russians Pressed For Uranium Share - NYTimes
Let's Compute the Social Costs of Carbon - Rep. Scott Peters, Huff. Post
Obama's Climate Change Catch-22 - Brad Plumer, VOX
The Battle to Restart Japan's Nuclear Plants - The Economist
How Risky Is Our Nuclear Alliance With China? - Mark Hibbs, The Hill
Celebrate Earth Day and America's Cheap Oil Miracle - Mark Mills, Forbes
New Rules, Cheap Energy Change Gas/Coal Battle - Amy Harder, WSJ
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Wednesday, April 22
A Surprising New Oil Hot Spot is Brewing - Seeking Alpha
Save the Planet? Say Bye to Nature - Shellenberger/Nordhaus, USA Today
BP: North Sea Oil Faces a 'Massive Shock' - Evans-Pritchard, Telegraph
Why Did These Oil Workers Die? - Alexandra Berzon, Wall Street Journal
OPEC's Not Dead, Just Changed - Rhiannon Meyers, FuelFix
Earth Day and The Celebration of Suffering - Benjamin Zycher, AEI
Earth Day: 75% of Known Fossil Fuels Must Stay in Ground - Guardian
POTUS Had a Very Carbon-Heavy Earth Day - Michael Bastasch, The DC
EVs: Why Do They Lack Chutzpah and Appeal? - Nabanita Roy, RushLane
A Sub-Prime Bust Repeat - With Energy? - William FitzGerald, Forbes
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Tuesday, April 21
'Pipelines Blow Up & People Die' - Elana Schor & Andrew Restuccia, Politico
DOE Just Gave a Multi-Trillion Dollar Headache to Congress - OilPrice
5 Takeaways So Far from IHS CERAWeek 2015 - Tina Davis, Bloomberg
16 Energy Questions I Want Answered - James Murray, Business Green
Top Green: Some Enviros Not Helping Own Cause - Jeff McMahon, Forbes
Investment in Biofuels Is Ebbing & Skepticism Is Growing - Economist
Race to Unravel Oklahoma's Artificial Quakes - Alexandra Witze, Nature
Canada Must Learn Lessons from Keystone Kollapse - Ashok Dutta, Platts
Yes to Enbridge, No to TransCanada? What Gives? - Renee Lewis, Al Jaz.
EU Could End Russian Gas Bullying in 1 Fell Swoop -
Future of Coal Passes Through Kosovo - Daniel Kammen, Energy Collective
Monday, April 20
An Environmental Movement in Need of a Makeover - Peter Dykstra, EC
Earth to Man: SOS This Earth Day - Ryan Scott, Huffington Post
3 Reasons Oil Will Continue to Run the World - Jude Clemente, Forbes
Is This Where Investors Should Be Looking When Oil Recovers? - OP
5 Years After BP Oil Spill, Effects Linger And Recovery Is Slow - NPR
The Green Marriage of NatGas and Microgrids - Ken Silverstein, Forbes
How Nicaraguan Villagers Built Their Own Electric Grid - IEEE Spectrum
Meet the Green, Sustainable, Walkable City of the Future - Slate
Oklahoma Takes on Wind Energy Credits - Seth Paxton, FOX Business
Solar Energy Gets Cloudy in Ohio - Dan Gearino, Columbus Dispatch
Why Renewables Growth Rates Don't Matter, But Regulations Do - UD
Friday, April 17
This Week In Energy: Oil Markets May Finally Be Adjusting - OilPrice
Here's The Next Headache for Oil Companies - Jacob Pramuk, CNBC
Postponing the Day of Reckoning for Oil Companies w/ New $$ - Forbes
What It Would Take to Prove Global Warming - Rob Tracinski, Federalist
The Arctic Is "Unraveling" Thanks to Global Warming - Washington Post
The Fall of Coal - Erica Martinson, Politico
10 Reasons States Should Just Say No to EPA's Power Grab - AEA
Hey, There's Nuclear Waste Buried There! - James Conca, Forbes
Methane Leaks from Oil & Gas Wells Now Top Polluters - Sci. American
Why Ecomodernists Should Embrace Wind Power - Jesse Jenkins, EC

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