It's Not That Easy Being Green

It's Not That Easy Being Green
It's Not That Easy Being Green
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And you probably thought it was just the big ol' meanie oil companies which got all the headaches. Actually it turns out you can have a groovy, New Agey company name like "Clean Line Energy Partners" and still be stymied -- even when you're engaged in the thoroughly righteous (we thought) cause of increasing U.S. reliance on clean, renewable wind energy.

The problem with siting wind turbines are by now well known. Everybody likes them in theory; on their land, not so much. But there are also the transmission lines to consider. One forgets that big, ugly towers and miles of wires and new roads to service the towers are needed to carry the electricity from the wide open spaces where the wind actually blows to the more densely populated areas that need so much juice. And that's when community push back starts.

A rather poignant recent article in the New York Times shows all sides involved in just one stand off over just one transmission line waiting for a go ahead in Missouri. The accompanying graphic shows that the Clean Line situation is just one of a number of stalled green projects.

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