British Opinion Bounces Back on Nuclear

By Editors

British opinion in favor of nuclear energy has bounced back since Fukushima, according to a study conducted in December by Ipsos MORI.  Fully 50 percent said they were in favor of building new power plants with only 20 percent opposed. This represented the highest level of public support since Ipsos MORI began taking surveys a decade ago. 

 When the first survey was taken in 2001, 60 percent of respondents were opposed to building more plants while only 20 percent were in favor.  Approval had climbed steadily, however, and opposition declined until reaching a 47-19% ratio in November 2010.  Opinion shifted radically after Fukushima with only 36% percent approving and 28% opposed in June 2011.  Now favorable opinion has bounced back.

 The administration of Prime Minister David Cameron has announced plans to build several new reactors to replace the aging fleet and reduce dependence on imported oil and diminishing gas supplies from the North Sea.


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