Arctic Ice Is in Steady Decline

Arctic Ice Is in Steady Decline
Arctic Ice Is in Steady Decline
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The volume of ice in the Arctic Sea has been steadily declining over the past thirty years, according to figures compiled by the Polar Science Center at the University of Washington.  The graph shows the monthly average for all twelve months of the year from 1979 to 2011.  Naturally, the mid-winter months show the greatest ice volume while August, September and October are at the bottom.  All have been in steady decline are now at their lowest point since the measurements began.  Joseph Romm, the principle of, says the big question now is whether the curve is becoming exponential, meaning that the loss of ice is accelerating, as depicted in the projections out to 2020.  He calls the pattern the “Arctic death spiral.” “Those who have been asserting that the Arctic is in some kind of recovery are wrong,” says Romm.  “It is quite the reverse.”

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