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President Obama’s re-election victory probably means good things for clean technology and more regulations for fossil fuels. Reuters speculates that the administration will tighten down on natural gas drilling and put up barriers to gas exports. Ben Gemen in The Hill says that environmentalists may call in their chips and ask for a complete rejection of the Keystone Pipeline as well.  Re-elected West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin as called for a “Presidential healing tour” in coal county but Thomas Pyle in US News & World Report speculates the “War on Coal” will only get worse.

Large portions of New Jersey are still without power, as were 350,000 New York City residents and 20 percent of Long Island. The Environmental Protection Agency eased fuel delivery rules to the region as gas supplies remained short as well. And the Long Island Power Authority warned that a new storm approaching the area could make things worse.

Michigan voters soundly defeated Proposition 3, which would have required the state to get 25 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2025. In California, however, voters approved a referendum that will impose $1 billion in taxes on out-of-state corporations in order to fund clean energy projects. It’s always nice when you can get someone else to pay for it. GigaOm says that cleantech dodged a bullet in the election and Bloomberg says it has probably avoided a fiscal cliff.

Altogether, it looks like another four years of tough regulations for fossil fuels and government support of renewable energy.

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