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The Nobel Physics Prize was won by a group of researchers who determined the Universe is expanding FASTER than anticipated and therefore must be driven by some mysterious force -the Dark Energy.  It's all a mystery but we know it's there someplace.  The Crab Nebula is also an displaying unknown characteristics in that a pulsar in the center of the exploded star is beaming gamma radiation at a completely unexpected level.  There's still plenty of mystery out there - and plenty of sources of energy.

Back on earth, the Solyndra scandal slogged along as Jonathan Silver, director of the department that handed out the loan guarantee, turned in his resignation. Various political officials either fulminates against the loan or defended it.

BP announced it's new 419-Megawatt wind farm will occupy 100 square miles of Kansas farmland.  "I love wind," exuded Governor Sam Brownback.  "It suits our state perfectly."  Lots of room to spare.  In Texas, however, they're running short of water and new restrictions may impede natural gas fracking, which requires lots of water.  Meanwhile, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar said his department will soon have a new set of regulations to answer people's concerns about the technology.

Maryland was still basking in the state university's triumph at the Solar Decathlon in Washington.  Newspapers reported that solar installations are rapidly catching on in the state.  All 12 entries in the Decathlon showed that zero-energy technology can be both efficient and affordable.  and for the frost time, the needs of urban dwellers were addressed.  Altogether a successful event.


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