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Energy issues are dominating the Capitol as Congress comes down to the wire on a Continuing Resolution to fund the government.  (The legislators have not adopted a budget for two years but are working month-to-month.).  In the House, Republicans are demanding that federal emergency funds spent on Hurricane Irene be offset by reduced spending on clean energy.  Senate Democrats refuse.  FEMA's funds expire Friday.  All this is being played against the background of the continuing Solyndra scandal,which has cast a negative light on solar energy.  Meanwhile, the House has passed TRAIN, the Transparency in Regulatory Analysis of Impacts on the Nation Act, which would require the EPA to file it's own "economic impact statements" before imposing regulations.  The bill is a response to the EPA's campaign against coal plants, which is closing down generating stations in the central part of the country.  On the bright side, a dozen student teams from around the country began exhibiting their innovative designs for energy-efficient homes at the biannual Solar Decathlon on the Capitol Mall.

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