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Friday, September 30
Cool Graphic: Earth's Temperature During Last 20,000 Years - WUWT
Exxon Faces a First-Of-Its-Kind Lawsuit on Climate - ThinkProgress
'Deepwater Horizon' a Disaster Pic on Corporate Greed - Houston Chron.
Nevada Governor Tries to Bring Back Net Metering - PV-Mag
U.S. to OPEC: Don't Drill, Baby, Don't Drill - Keith Johnson, Foreign Policy
Iraqi Quarrel Over Output Could Sink OPEC Pact - Summer Said, WSJ
Warning of U.K. Grid Shake-up Could Be 'Huge Mistake' - BusinessGreen
For Drill Opponents, a Big Year and Coming Backlash - Pacific Standard
New York's New Energy Standard Could Boost Utility Bills - Utility Dive
The Americans Are Coming. Scotland Imports Shale Gas - E. Powell, CSM
Offshore Wind Sees Promise in Floating Platforms - Diane Cardwell, NYT
Oilsands Exec Says OPEC Deal Sets Up Recovery - Jeff Lewis, Globe & Mail
EU Ministers Ratify Paris Climate Agreement - Dan Graeber, UPI
Could Small Nuclear Fusion Reactors - Jocelyn Timperley, BusinessGreen
Gas Drillers Could See $4 'Window of Opportunity' in 2017 - SNL
Thursday, September 29
What Ever Happened to Peak Oil? - Murray and Cannon, RealClearPolitics
OPEC Agrees to Cut Production; Oil Prices Surge - CNN Money
How Actual Nuts and Bolts Are Bringing Down Oil Prices - Bloomberg
Energy, Policy and America's Future - Mark Green, Breaking Energy
Oil's Prospects: Caution Over Optimism - Sarah Miller, Energy Intelligence
The Typhoon Turbine That Could Power Japan for 50 Years - CNN
China Wants Its Nuclear Industry to Grow Dauntingly Fast - Economist
Ontario Stops Buying Renewable Energy - Anmar Frangoul, CNBC
Are Li-Ion Batteries Reaching the Point of Diminishing Returns? - GTM
Studies Link Biofuel Demand, Habitat Loss - Brad Rich, Coastal Review
South America Becomes Home to US Shale Gas - Bloomberg
Pipeline Fight Threatens Obama's Tribal Legacy - Devin Henry, The Hill
The Carbon Tax Is Not Just Political; It's Ineffective, Too - Zycher, Hill
Are We About to Hit Escape Velocity for Plug-In Vehicles? - Reuters
Another Sign Natgas Rally Is Doomed - Liam Denning, Bloomberg Gadfly
Wednesday, September 28
Inside OPEC: What Does Each Member Want? - Z. Calcuttawala, OilPrice
Iran Doesn't Want Oil Deal in Algiers, Won't Freeze Output - Bloomberg
US Gasoline Consumption is Higher than Ever - Lucas Davis, EC
Japan's First Digital Power Plant Goes Live - K. Kloberdanz, GE Reports
Armor for the Grid - Karen Bass, Breaking Energy
Wyoming Rejects Wind Energy Tax - William Yardley, LA Times
Solar for Mines Means Price Stability and Reliable Supply - REW
Community-Scale Solar Can Power Corporations, Too - GreenBiz
The Economic and Moral Bankruptcy of UK Energy Policy - Energy Post
'Too Cheap to Meter' Nuclear Power Revisited - V. Smil, IEEE Spectrum
Hydrogen Power for Rail Transportation - Tina Casey, Triple Pundit
Despite Climate Risks, Utilities Bet Big on Natural Gas - Gavin Bade, UD
California Eyes Gridlocked Roads as Power Source - D. Shakib, SF Gate
Oil Prices Tank as Hopes of Production Freeze Fade - CNN Money
Can Pakistan Become a Renewable Energy Giant? - Saleem Shaikh, TR
Deepwater Horizon Disaster: My Side of the Story - Texas Monthly
Tuesday, September 27
OPEC Should Choose Its Words Very Carefully - Liam Denning, Bloomberg
South Africa's Changing Energy Landscape - Leonie Joubert, CleanTech
Obama's Legacy on Trial - John Siciliano, Washington Examiner
Toyota Plans to Run a Fuel Cell Car On Human Waste - Phil Covington, 3P
Russia Slams Door on US LNG to Europe - Jane Collin, Energy Intelligence
Why Japan's LNG Demand Will Increase - Jude Clemente, Forbes
Chinese Nat. Oil Cos: Giants Built on Shaky Foundations - Energy Post
No OPEC Deal Expected, Though It Would Have Had Impact - CNBC
Is the Next Shale Boom About to Unfold in Mexico? - C. Kennedy, OilPrice
Why Obama Is Right on Clean Energy - Reilly & Ruckelshaus, NY Times
A New Debate Over Pricing the Risks of Climate Change - NY Times
Island Nations' Leading Role in Renewable Energy - Al Jazeera
4 Reasons OPEC Will Struggle to Boost Prices - I. Kottasova, CNN Money
How Oil's Fall Has Flummoxed Forecasters - Elliot Bentley, WSJ
The War Against Ethanol, Part II - Jamie Kitman, Automobile Mag
Monday, September 26
Graphic: How Oil Forecasts Flummoxed Forecasters - Elliot Bentley, WSJ
Why Obama Is Right on Clean Energy - Ruckelshaus and Reilly, NYT
4 New Papers Link Solar Activity, Ocean Cycles To Climate - Richard, NTZ
OPEC, Russia Must Close Output Gap - Faucon and Salvaterra, WSJ
Obama Climate Rule Faces Critical Court Test - Cama and Henry, The Hill
Study Shows Why Californian Cities Leads US EV Sales - EVObsession
Tesla-SolarCity Merger Could Face Lawsuits Delays - Peter Maloney, UD
Drones and Robots Make Solar Panels Efficiency Sexy - ZDNet
No Fracked Wells to be Drilled in UK This Year - A. Vaughan, The Guardian
Clinton and Trump's Positions on Climate Change - R. Harrington, BI
OPEC Meets This Week as Oil Optimism Grows - Bill Loveless, USA Today
Virginia Should Lead With Small Nuclear Plants - W. Porter, Virginian Pilot
What Have We Learned About ISIS Oil? - Matthew Reed, The Fuse
Trump Could Slow Clean Energy's Progress - Alex Kaufman, Huff. Post
Energy At The Center Of Falling Productivity Growth - Gail Tverberg, OP
Saturday, September 24
Japan Signals End to Fast Breeder Program - Osamu Tsukimori, Reuters
OPEC Under Pressure to Act as Surplus Triples - Grant Smith, Bloomberg
Libertarian Gary Johnson Nonchalant About Global Warming - MJ
Oil Money Running Out, Will Algeria Be Next Libya? - Robert Looney, FP
Timeline: The Past and Future of Germany's Energiewende - Carbon Brief
Inside the New Guidebook for Electric Utility Regulation - H. Trabish, UD
Trump Seen Shaving 11 Percent Off U.S. Natural Gas Burn - Bloomberg
Dutch Parliament Votes to Shut Coal Industry - Art Neslen, The Guardian
Tribal Consultation at Heart of Dakota Access Pipeline Dispute - IE
Trudeau's Remark Puts Focus on Pacific Northwest LNG - CBC News
Friday, September 23
Saudis Offer Oil Cut at OPEC if Iran Freezes Output - Reuters
Tesla Vs. General Motors EV Death Match - S. Cummings, CleanTechnica
Arctic Ice: A Historical Viewpoint - Roger Graves, Watts Up With That
How U.S. Cities Might Look If Polluted Like China - Huffington Post
Will Trumpism, Brexit, Cook The Planet? - Michael Klare, Energy Post
Big Oil's Iraqi Disappointment - Irina Slav, OilPrice
Europe's First Megawatt Fuel Cell Power Plant - M. Cuff, Business Green
U.N. Bringing Paris Agreement Into Force Early - T. Roberts, Brookings
Apple's Secret Arizona Solar Plant - Ryan Randazzo, Arizona Republic
Elon Musk to Put Solar Roof on Teslas Next Month - Robert Ferris, CNBC
Department of Energy Backs State-Level Nuclear Subsidies - EP
Canadian First Nations, US Tribes Ally to Stop Oil Sands - CBC News
OPEC in Final Push to Clinch Deal to Curb Output - CNBC/Reuters
Falling Oil Prices Shock Saudi Middle Class - Ahmed al Omran, WSJ

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