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Thursday, January 29
How The Economy Is Tied to Energy - Gail Tverberg,
Where Is All That Excess Oil Going? - Jackie Northam, NPR
Obama to Oil Industry: Drill There, Not Here - Eric Roston, BusinessWeek
On Keystone XL, Excuses Run Dry - Michael James Barton, Detroit News
Both Sides in Keystone Debate Bend Facts - Dina Cappiello, ABC
The Middle East's Next Nuclear Power? - David Schenker, Politico
Harold Hamm: Oil Could Rise Faster Than You Think - Fuel Fix
Electric Utilities Face a Disruptive Future - Llewellyn King,
Welcome to the Utility Industry's Future..Maybe - Nichola Groom, Reuters
How We Know Global Warming Made the Blizzard Worse - Wired
Can You Turn Your Home Into a Hydroelectric Plant? - New Scientist
The Solar-Utility Battle Is Getting Ugly - Stephen Lacey, The Energy Gang
The Making of a Climate Change Refugee - Kenneth Weiss, Foreign Policy
Obama's Oil & Climate Change Conundrum - Zack Colman, Wash Examiner
Gas, Still Not as Cheap as It Used to Be - David Leonhardt, New York Times
George W. Bush's Favorite Green Car Is Making a Comeback - NJ
Some in the GOP Try a 'Greener' Message - Valerie Volcovici, Reuters
Charting Hawaii's Spectacular Solar Growth - Jeff St. John, GreenTech
5 Reasons Future of Clean Energy Investing Looks Strong - Forbes
Wednesday, January 28
With Cheap Oil Flowing, US Looks to Next Energy Revolution - Navigant
10 Predictions for Clean Energy in 2015 - Michael Liebreich, Bloomberg
Argentina: Best Candidate for Next Shale Boom? - Grant Rudgley, Rigzone
Obama Fires First in Coming 'Battle Royal' Over Atlantic Drilling - N&O
Why O's Drilling Plan Ignores America's Changing Energy Role - Forbes
A 'Third Way' Forward for Saudi Oil Policy - Alex Schindelar, Energy Intel
Big Oil Faces Time of Reckoning - Justin Scheck, Wall Street Journal
America's Fracking 'Boom' Is Having Its Worst Months Ever - Wash Post
Britain's Fracking Opportunity - Editorial, Wall Street Journal
Natural Gas: New England's New BFF - Nick Cunningham,
Worry for Solar Projects After End of Tax Credits - Diane Cardwell, NYT
Is the Fossil Fuel Business in Decline? - Fred Pearce, GreenBiz
Lithium-Air Batteries: One Step Closer to Reality? - Technology Review
OPEC's El-Badri: $200 Oil Possible If There's Lack of Investment - BB
Clean and Distributed Energy: Future for Utilities - David Roberts, Grist
Former Opponent Touts Nuclear Power at Event - Chicago Tribune
Most Powerful Sanction Against Iran? Try U.S. Crude Exports - Platts
Factors That'll Drive U.S. Oil Production in 2015 - John Kemp, Reuters
Tuesday, January 27
U.S. Shale Boom May Come To Abrupt End - Arthur Berman,
Why the U.S. Is Stuck With Saudi Arabia - Matt Schiavenza, The Atlantic
Carbon Capture and Storage: Pie in the Sky? - Ken Silverstein, Forbes
Obama Administration Opens Door to Atlantic Drilling - Fuel Fix
Obama's Oil Complex - Ben Geman, National Journal
He Called $50 Oil, Now He Says It's Going Lower - Howard Gold, MW
Divestment Will Not Keep Carbon in the Ground - The Energy Collective
Solar's Southern Strategy Could Accelerate with Georgia Deal - Forbes
No, Solar Isn't Competitive Yet - The American Interest
Increasingly Rare Type of Solar Farm Goes Online in Cali - GigaOm
Keystone Pipeline Votes Fail in Senate - Elana Schor, Politico
Why The World Needs Both Shale and Tar Sands - Kurt Cobb, OilPrice
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Monday, January 26
Who Will Rule the Oil Market? - Daniel Yergin, New York Times
Why $50 Oil Won't Last - Robert Rapier, Energy Trends Insider
If Oil Drops Below $30 a Barrel, Brace For a Recession - MarketWatch
8 Solar Trends to Follow in 2015 - Mike Munsell, GreenTech Media
Resurrecting a Meltdown-Proof Reactor Design - Kevin Bullis, MIT Review
Axing the Myth of 14X Improvement in Biofuels - William Tucker, FF
The Oil Crash May Kill One Texas Miracle - Matt Egan, CNNMoney
Cheap Oil Means Real Pain in North Dakota - Lee Schafer, Minneapolis S-T
What Happens to Decommissioned Nuclear Plants? - Atomic Insights
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Saturday, January 24
This Week in Energy: New Saudi King Can't Save Oil Prices - OilPrice
King Abdullah's Demise Will Be a Non-Event for Oil Prices - Forbes
This Is the Price Point to Beware for Falling Oil - Jeff Cox, CNBC
Can Africa's Oil Producers Weather the Oil Price Storm? - Jacinta Moran
Oil Boomtown on the Brink of Bust? - Steve Hargreaves, CNNMoney
Should We Allow Further Drilling on Public Land? - Brigham McCown, FF
Energy Subsidies: Explaining a Shocking Stat - The Economist
Next Energy Revolution Won't Be in SolarWind...It'll Be... - Wash Post
Photoessay: A Day in the Life of a Wind Farm Operator - RE World
U.S. Wind-Power Installations Rose Sixfold in 2014 - Louise Downing, BB
Is It Time to Invest in Energy Stocks? - Dan Strumpf, Wall Street Journal
Solar and Water: Abengoa's Big Bets - Ucilia Wang, Forbes
Cheapest Solar in the World: Chat w/ Michael Liebreich - CleanTechnica
What Are Republicans Going To Do About Climate Change? - CS Monitor
Defenders of Tradition in Keystone Pipeline Fight - Mitch Smith, NYT
Promising, Pricey Tech Stalls at Hanford - Annette Cary, Tri-City Herald
So...Who Is the Next Al Gore? - Ben Geman, National Journal
Friday, January 23
The Oil Price That Would Signal a Global Recession - Forbes
What Will Happen to Oil After Saudi King's Death? - CNNMoney
Drought Forcing Brazil To Turn To Gas - Nick Cunningham,
Key to Making the Most of Rising Wind Production Is... - CleanTechnica
What I Think About When I Think About Crude - M. Smith, Energy Burrito
Cheap Gas Won't Be Around Forever, America - Megan McArdle, Blmberg
Putin's New Gas Strategy Actually Makes Sense - Marc Chapman, BB
Defenders of Tradition in Keystone Pipeline Fight - New York Times
NRG's Grand Ambition To Dominate The Solar Market - Forbes
2014 Is the Hottest Year on Record: Some Thoughts - Energy Collective
USâs Once-in-a-Generation Opportunity Starts w/ Exports - The Bakken
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Thursday, January 22
Is 2015 the Year of the Energiewende? - Roy Hales, CleanTechnica
2014 Was a Pivotal Year for Germany's Energiewende - RE World
7 Nuclear Bloggers React to Vermont Yankee's Closure - Neutron Bytes
Why We Should Pay the Shale Revolution Forward - Breakthrough Inst.
Energy Billionaire: Shale Industry Is 'Unsustainable' - CNNMoney
Thermos-Like Passive Homes Aggressively Save Energy - Natl Geographic
You Can Still Cash In on the Collapse in Crude - J.J. Zhang, MarketWatch
A Word of Warning About EIA Forecasts - Kurt Cobb,
Climate Reporting's Hot Mess - Holman Jenkins, Wall Street Journal
Is Climate Change the Worst Argument for Nuclear? - Steve Kidd, NEI
An Economic Argument for a Tax on Methane - Nathan Ratledge, The EC
Why I Voted for the Keystone XL - Rep. Kurt Schrader, OregonLive
DId the President Actually Slam Anti-Keystoners? - Washington Post
Ohio's Energy Efficiency Fiasco - Robert Michaels, RealClearPolicy
How Environmentalists Lost Sight of the Real Enemy - Neil Bhatiya, Week
The Fracking Fracas Over Earthquakes - Jillian Kay Melchior, NRO
The State of the Wind Industry Is Strong - Tom Kiernan, The Hill
U.S. Carbon Price Still (Almost) Impossible - Energy Intelligence
Blood in the Water: Could BP Be a Takeover Target? - The Economist
Wednesday, January 21
Coming to Terms With the New Oil Reality - Gabriele Steinhauser, WSJ
Obama Talks Tough on Climate Change, Keystone XL - Fuel Fix
Are All These Solar Jobs Really a Good Thing? - Brad Plumer, Vox
Why It's Taking the U.S. So Long to Make Fusion Energy Work - HP
Thank Washington for the Shale Boom - Eduardo Porter, New York Times
Was 2014 Really the Warmest Year? No - Geoffrey Styles, Energy Outlook
GOP Looks to Take Position on Climate Change, But How? - Examiner
Obama Ruined GOP's Fav Line on Climate Change - Will Oremus, Slate
Hawaii's Solar Push Strains the Grid - Peter Fairley, MIT Technology Review
An Expanding Russia Issues a European Energy Ultimatum - OilPrice
No, Virginia, Cheap Oil Won't Crash Your 401(k)! - Chris Mooney, Wonk
Why Did No One Predict the Oil-Price Collapse? - Alex Pollock, RCM
Map: The Fracking Boom, State by State - Zahra Hirji and Lisa Song, ICN
5 Things to Know About the Latest BP Gulf Oil Spill Trial - BizWeek
Natural Gas: It Is Alive, But For How Long? - Andrew Hecht, Seeking Alpha
Clean Energy Investment Jumps 12% in 2014 - James Murray, Biz Green
Here Come Another Billion Barrels of Oil - Steve Brown,
What Do Weak Oil Prices Mean for the South China Sea? - Bloomberg
Why Are We Complaining about Cheap Oil? - Gretchen Morgenson, NYT
Tuesday, January 20
On to Plan B as Oil Work Stalls in Texas - Clifford Krauss, New York Times
Crushing the U.S. Energy Export Dream - Arthur Berman,
Charts: $26 Oil Is Unlikely, But It's Possible - Daryl Guppy, CNBC
German Energiewende: Coal Falls as Renewables Rise - The Economist
U.S. Coal: The Big Shutdown Begins - Anya Litvak, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Dr. Barack and Mr. Obama: The Natural Gas Two-Step - The Hill
Where the Clean Energy $$ Flowed Last Year - K. Fehrenbacher, GigaOm
End of the Partisan Divide Over Climate Change - Tom Zeller Jr., Forbes
Alberta's Oil Woes: Typical Downturn or End of an Era? - Globe and Mail
The EPA's 'Carbon Rule' Ignores Nuclear - William Shughart, Standard
What the UK Could Learn from New York's Fracking Ban - The Guardian
Keystone XL Pipeline: Why The Big Fuss? - Euan Mearns,
Could KXL Poison the Senate's Energy Plans? - Darren Goode, Politico
Former Oil Exec: $5-a-Gallon Gas on the Way - Bill Loveless, USA Today
A Modest Move on Methane - Editorial, New York Times
The Myth of the Methane Menace - Stephen Moore, Washington Times
First Solar Moves into Silicon: Why Efficiency Is Back - Forbes
Defective Panels Threatening Profit at China Solar Farms - Bloomberg
About That New Miracle Biofuels Enzyme... - Renewable Energy World
Monday, January 19
How Oil's Big Slump Helps Renewables - Geoffrey Styles, Energy Outlook
Lockheed's Fusion Breakthrough? I Wouldn't Hold My Breath! - Forbes
The Oil Lesson of 1986 Is Wrong - Michael Levi, Council on Foreign Relations
There Are Now Twice as Many Solar Workers as Coal Miners - Fortune
Rooftop Solar Shines Light On Bad Business Practices - James Conca
The Solar Project So Cheap It Will Revolutionize Energy - Motley Fool
The Biggest Innovation in Energy Is an Invisible Fuel - The Economist
Is Thorium Power the Safer Future of Nuclear Energy? - Discover
Almost $10 TRILLION of Investments at Risk with Oil <$60 - Wonkblog
The New Range for Oil Is $20 to $50 - Anatole Kaletsky, Project Syndicate
Is It Time to Start Using Hydrogen to Power Our Homes? - BusinessWeek
Somalia: The Next Oil Superpower? - Alex Dick-Godfrey, National Interest
Methane: A 'Natural Gas Is a Bridge Fuel' Killer - Ken Silverstein, Forbes
$125M for Next-Gen Wind, Solar, Geothermal & "Other" - CleanTechnica
EPA Chief Plays Defense on Methane Regs & Keystone - InsideClimate
Green-Energy Inspiration Off Coast of Denmark - Diane Cardwell, NYT
China's Oil Buying Spree - Kate Rosow Chrisman, Breaking Energy
6 Companies That Absolutely LOVE Global Warming - Jose Pagliery, CNN
The U.S.-Russo-Euro Gas Wars Come to Bulgaria - Foreign Policy
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