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Thursday, April 24
Keystone XL's Continued Delay Is Absurd - Editorial, Washington Post
Yes, Obama Is Gutless on Keystone Pipeline - Hamilton Nolan, Gawker
The Political Calculus Behind the Keystone Delays - W.R. Mead, The AI
Shale Shock Therapy For Peak Oilers - Julien Mathonniere, OilPrice
The Path to High Natural Gas Prices - Paul Cicio, Dallas Morning New
Letting Hysterics Obscure a Sound Strategy - Ken Coates, Nat Geo
IEEE SPectrum: Top 10 Tech Cars of 2014
You'll Never Guess Where Tesla's Best Customer Lives - Quartz
A House That Makes More Energy Than It Burns? - Tuan Nguyen, SM
The Brutal Bust of Next-Gen Biofuels in 1 Chart - T. Woody, The Atlantic
California Wine Country Doesn't Need Green Power - MasterResource
USA Today Asks: So, How Was Your Earth Day?
Coal's Darkest Days - Ken Silverstein, Forbes
Is the US Inciting Civil War in Venezuela For Oil? - Bolivia Morales, RT
The Growing Fear of African Oil Piracy Shifts West - Jordan Stutts, FPA
Wednesday, April 23
Is the U.S. Shale Boom About to Go Bust? - Tom Zeller Jr., Bloomberg
Eagle Ford Touted as 'Greatest Energy Success Story' - Fuel Fix
Four Years Later, a Sharp Divide on Gulf Oil Spill - Mike Magner, NJ
Why Energy Can Set the Market on Fire Again - Frank Holmes, GS Blog
U.S. Oil Export Ban Unlikely to Be Scrapped Soon - Nick Cunningham, OP
Is Colorado's Wind Boon Set to Collapse? - Mark Jaffe, Denver Post
On Earth Day, Let's Appreciate Our Fossil Fuel Energy Treasures - AEI
The Right Wing Trains Its Hysterical Eye on Renewable Energy - MoJo
PC Mag: 10 Eco-Gagets That Will Save You Serious Green
How Off Is EIA's Renewable Energy Outlook? 20+ Years? - Marcacci
Why Conservatives Are Protecting the Carbon Barons - The Week
Be Thankful on Earth Day for Oil & Gas - David Blackmon, Forbes
How Far Can States Go in Supporting Renewable Energy? - The EC
Can Graphene, the Wonder Material, Build Better Batteries? - Fuel Free.
Pakistan's Sunny Plan to End Chronic Power Woes - F. Trianni, Time
Tom Steyer: I'm Not the Koch Brothers - Andrew Restuccia, Politico
Don't Look for a Sudden Ford Rush into Electrics - Steve LeVine, Quartz
Tuesday, April 22
Obama's Keystone Pipeline Trap - Jonah Goldberg, Los Angeles Times
Keystone May Be Big, But This Is Bigger - Coral Davenport, NY Times
Keystone Pipeline Fate Now in Hands of Nebraskan Jurists - BBW
New Keystone Delay: 'A Stunning Act of Political Cowardice' - Forbes
Billionaire Liberal Donor Gets Way on Keystone - Rich Lowry, NY Post
"Climate Change War" Is Not a Metaphor - Eric Holthaus, Grist
Is "Saudi America" Just a Fleeting Mirage? - Clifford Krauss, NY Times
Study: Fuels from Corn Waste Worse for Climate than Gasoline - AP
It's Final--Corn Ethanol Is Of No Use at All - James Conca, Forbes
Why a Climate Treaty or Carbon Tax Is Unlikely - The Energy Collective
Preaching to the Climate Converted - Shellenberger/Nordhaus, The BI
Let's Rename Earth Day "Triage Day" - Joe Romm, Think Progress
Half of New Electric Capacity Built in 2013 Is Natural Gas - Editors, RCE
Drones Are Becoming Energy's New Roustabouts - Todd Woody, NYT
Can Solar Energy Reshape the World of Energy? - Steve Banker, Forbes
Gas Boom May Spell Doom for Texas Village - Ryan Holeywell, Fuel Fix
An OPEC Nation Ships Its First Oil in 9 Months - Dave Forest, OilPrice
4 Years Later: BP Busier Than Ever in the Gulf of Mexico - Fuel Fix
Russia Ships Its First Arctic Oil. Is a Boom Coming? -
The Wild Mary Sudik Oil Well Was the Macondo of Her Day - Platts
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Monday, April 21
Can China's Autocrats Save the World? - Eugene Robinson, Wash Post
Frack Foes Cringe as Unions Back Drill Boom - Kevin Begos, TheStreet
National Energy Boom Blurs Political Battle Lines - Associated Press
KXL Delay Energizing Obama's Liberal Pals - Mason & Holland, Reuters
Wall St. Wants to Help You Green Your Damn House - The Atlantic
Tom Steyer's Keystone Victory - Editorial, Wall Street Journal
Texas Frackers Rush Mexico's Oil Frontier - Nick Miroff, Wash Post
Thinking Beyond Energy Independence - Scott Powell, Detroit News
Four Years Later, a Sharp Divide on Gulf Oil Spill - Mike Magner, NJ
Chinese Cash & Obama's Green Boondoggles - Justin Sykes, Wash Times
How the U.N. Defines the Ethical Nuclear Solution - Mark Flanagan, NEI
Russia's Arctic Prize Smaller Than You Think - Nick Cunningham, OP
Let Uber Pick You Up In a Tesla - Editors, Bloomberg
Bouncing Neutrons Lost in the Dark - Chris Lee, Ars Technica
Saturday, April 19
Global Warming: Ever the Media's BFF - Bjorn Lomborg, Project Syndicate
Climate Salvation Gets Cheap - Paul Krugman, New York Times
How Will We Spend the Next $2 Trillion on Energy? - C. Roberto, Forbes
See All These New Energy Projects? Most Are Renewables - Smithsonian
Global Cities Are All Alone on the Climate Battlefield - Pacific Standard
We're Entering an Age of Energy Impoverishment - Richard Heinberg, PS
Oil Trains Run Because Pipelines Don't - Adrian Moore, O.C. Register
National Journal: Keystone XL's Never-Ending Delay Continues
The Fracking Industry Faces Its Climate Demon - Ben Geman, Nat'l Jrnl
New Solar Thermal Fuel Has Energy Density of Lead Batteries - Ars Tech
"Solar Chimneys": Turning Hot Air to Energy? - Thomas Grose, NatGeo
You'll Never Guess Which State Has the Most Wind Energy - Motley Fool
Huge Win for King Coal in Minnesota - David Shaffer, Minnesota Star-Trib
Is This the End of China's Coal Boom? - Joe Romm, Climate Progress
Friday, April 18
The World's Dumbest Idea: Taxing Solar Energy - John Aziz, The Week
Are Tiny Power Plants the Future of Nuclear Energy? - Associated Press
The Battle for the Future of Energy Begins in Colorado -
Former Drilling Chief: US 'On a Course to Repeat' Gulf Spill - Fuel Fix
Obama's "All-of-the-Above" Strategy Is a Bunch of BS - Fred Lucas, Blaze
Coal: The Fuel of the Future, Unfortunately - The Economist
On Earth Day, I Celebrated the Gift of Fossil Fuels - John Stossel, FOX
Clean Energy: Is a Boom Coming in 2014? - Christian Science Monitor
The Winners & Losers of the EPA's Coming Carbon Crackdown - Forbes
Putin Is Losing His European Energy Gamble - Daniel Graeber, OilPrice
The Dumbest Federal Policy You'll Read About Today - B. Hinkle, Reason
Chart of the Day: A Whole Lot of (Natural) Gas - Javier David, CNBC
Just How Accurate Is Cable News' Coverage of Climate Change? - UCS
Teslas Won't Make China Green - Mike Orcutt, MIT Technology Review
Top 20 Countries for Oil and Gas Salaries - Simone Sebastian, Fuel Fix
Good News for Anti-Keystone Candidates... - Andrew Restuccia, Politico
Pennsylvania: $582 Million Richer Thanks to Fracking - Pittsburgh T-R
Jared Leto vs. Chuck Norris: The Celebrity Keystone Battles - Bloomberg
It's Time for Jimmy Carter to Stop Talking - Loren Steffy, Forbes
Thursday, April 17
Harold Hamm: Fueling America's Future - Christopher Helman, Forbes
Is Your Home Energy Meter Spying on You? - Perry Chiaramonte, FOX
Floating Nukes Might Make More Sense Than You Think - Gizmodo
Molecules Can Store Solar Energy Indefinitely - Todd Woody, Atlantic
Google Earth Brings Big Data to Greens - Eliza Strickland, IEEE Spectrum
Your Neighbors Will Finance Your Solar Panels - Todd Woody, Atlantic
A New Energy Revolution Is Unfolding in South Texas - Washington Times
Hear Me Out: The Green Case vs. Keystone - Andrew Restuccia, Politico
How to Avoid the Next Fukushima Disaster* - Jacob Kastrenakes, Verge
The Dirty South's Freakishly Big Problem - Keith Johnson, Foreign Policy
3 Ways Microsoft Is Rethinking Its Energy Supply - H. Clancy, Forbes
How to Win a Carbon Tax Fight - Christopher Flavelle, Bloomberg
Hunting for Oil Spills in Louisiana - Mike Ludwig, Truth-Out
300MPG Diesel-Electric Hybrid Unveiled by Volkswagen - John Daly, OP
Wednesday, April 16
This Is the Story of America's First Energy Transition - The Atlantic
Is Natural Gas No Better than Coal? - Nick Cunningham,
Take a Look at Solar's Insane Cost Drop - Giles Parkinson, CleanTechnica
Is Pennsylvania Wasting Its Fracking Wealth? - Clare Foran, Nat'l Journal
Biofuels Are the Fuel of the Future...And Always Will Be - NY Times
How Do You Justify Consuming Exxon's Oil? - Robert Rapier, R-Squared
As Oil Glut Moves, Debate Ignites Over Exporting U.S. Crude - NPR
Inside the Democrats Plan to Take Down Tom Corbett - National Journal
How Fracking Could Break Colorado Democrats - Eli Stokols, Politico
What Do the Kashagan Delays Mean for the Oil Industry? - Motley Fool
The Odd Couple: Nuclear & Renewables - Jesse Jenkins, Energy Collective
Scientists Discover How to Generate Solar Power in the Dark - Atlantic
UN Climate Report Was Censored - Nick Miller, Sydney Morning Herald
A Scorching Solar Debate Rages On - Louis Sahagun, Los Angeles Times
Can Solar Energy Eliminate Income Inequality? - John Aziz, The Week
EIA: Nat Gas Will Slash Diesel's Dominance as Rail Fuel - Fuel Fix
Why Angola May Be the Next OPEC Darling - Daniel Graeber,
Brazil's Star, Petrobras, Hobbled by Scandal and Stagnation - NY Times
Tuesday, April 15
Did Crude Oil Production Actually Peak in 2005? - Kurt Cobb, OilPrice
Coal Sector Faces Chilling Changes This Spring - Ken Silverstein, Forbes
'Fracking' Debate Gets a Little More Complicated - Javier David, CNBC
Greens Fear a Fracking Obsession on the Campaign Trail - Nat'l Journal
UN: Renewables, Nuclear Must Triple(!!) to Save Climate - Bloomberg
Interview with Clean Energy Fuels CEO Andrew Littlefair - Motley Fool
Is Butanol the Next Big Thing in Biofuels? - William Tucker, Fuel Freedom
Has Solar Energy's Day in the Sun Finally Arrived? - Leslie Shaffer, CNBC
Wind Energy: Desperately Seeking Stability - Pete Danko, Breaking Energy
The New Geopolitical & Security Consequences of Energy - Brookings
Does Musk's Gigafactory Any Make Sense? - Kevin Bullis, MIT Tech Review
The Plan to Curtail Iranian Oil Exports Is...Well... - Keith Johnson, FP
Ukraine Falling to Economic Warfare and Its Own Missteps - OilPrice
Ukraine Crisis Belies Shift to Asian Energy Markets - Dan Graeber, CSM
The 4 Fossil Fuel Stockpiles That Could Toast the World - Grist
Big Oil Comes Up Short in the Shale Game - Collin Eaton, Fuel Fix
Study Raises New Concerns about Emissions from Gas Wells - Fuel Fix
Post-Fukushima Japan Chooses Coal Over Renewables - Bloomberg
Monday, April 14
Go Ahead, Vladimir, Make My Day - Thomas Friedman, NY Times
What Would It Take to Rein in Climate Change? - Wendy Koch, USAT
WRI on IPCC Report: 6 Ways to Thwart Runaway Warming
EU Left Scrambling If Putin Pulls Gas - Rachel Martin, NPR
Geologists: Fracking Likely Cause of Ohio Quakes - Sam Frizell, Time
Could Working on KXL Give You Cancer? - Zoe Carpenter, The Nation
Choking the Lifeblood From Tripoli - Abigail Hauslohner, Wash Post
Regulation Is Strangling Innovation - Kyle Smith, New York Post
Twin Energy Traders Dare the FERC to Sue Them - Matt Levine, B-View
California's Power Crisis Comes Out Of Remission - W. Pentland, Forbes
Why Green Growth Won't Transform the Economy - A. Reichel, R-Blog
Wildcatters Come Up Short in West Texas - Collin Eaton, FuelFix
Co.Exist: What If Every Country Went All Renewables?
Polar Vortex Fuels Political Whirlwind - Hannah Northey, E & E News
The Road to Harnessing Dark Energy - Alexander Robles, io9
Tax Overhaul Could Be Best Plan For Energy - Bernard Weinstein, IBD
The Navy Is Churning Seawater Into Jet Fuel - Pat Tucker, Nat'l Journal

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