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Tuesday, September 16
U.S. Shale Saving the World Almost $5B a Day - Steve LeVine, Quartz
Stiglitz Ignores Oil Problem For a Free Scotland - Tomas Hirst, BI
The Punishment for Russia's Frozen Conflict - Robert Kahn, CFR
China, the Climate & the Fate of the Planet - Jeff Goodell, Rolling Stone
Big Oil Versus College Kids, Part Deux - Megan McArdle, Bloomberg
Nevada Gets Musked - Editorial, Wall Street Journal
It's Too Soon To Write Off Musk's Hyperloop - Chris Dalby, OilPrice
Solar Storms Strike Earth in 1-2 Punch - Jeremy Hsu, IEEE Spectrum
Japan Nears a Nuclear Reboot - Editorial, New York Times
China's Environmental Awakening - Daniel Gardner, New York Times
Here Comes Mexico's Energy Revolution - David Goldwyn, Nat. Interest
Why Are Oil Prices Dropping Despite Turmoil? - John Ydstie, NPR
Who Pays For Green Dreams? - Loren Steffy, Forbes
Solar in Oil Drilling: Beat Them or Join Them? - Editors, EconMatters
Monday, September 15
Don't Bet on Gas Prices Staying Low For Long - Matt Phillips, Quartz
What Can Small Cities Do to Fight Climate Change? - Ben Adler, Grist
How Deep Is ISIS in the Global Oil Market? - Karen Leigh, ABC News
Starving ISIS with Turkey - David Sanger & Julie Hirschfeld Davis, NYT
How Green Is the New iPhone 6? - Sara Bernard, Grist
Energy This Week: U.S. Speeds Up in LNG Race - James Stafford, OP
Which Countries Are Decarbonizing the Fastest? - Brad Plumer, VOX
CNN Watch: Gas Prices Are Falling. . .Toward $3 a Gallon
Climate Change's Populist Moment - Rebecca Leber, New Republic
Too Much Carbon, Too Little Time - Editorial, Baltimore Sun
Why Exxon Is Praying the Ukraine Crisis Ends Soon - Reed/Krauss, NYT
Global Warming Was Worth It - David Harsanyi, The Federalist
How to Drive a Peak Oiler Crazy - Mehran Nakhjavani, Seeking Alpha
Who Is Making Off w/ Billions in Stolen Nigerian Crude? - Al Jazeera
Fracking Gives U.S. Boom Plenty of Room to Run - Russell Gold, WSJ
Racing to Create Utilities of the Future - Sarwant Singh , Forbes
Saturday, September 13
Obama Crushes Russia's Oil Exploration Plans - Business Insider
Oil Glut Ignites Gasoline Price Swoon - Nicole Friedman, WSJ
Japan One Step Closer to Nuclear Restart - Dave Levitan, I-Spectrum
China's Biggest E-Investments Are Tanking - W.R. Mead, A.I. Blog
Finding the Synergy Between Big Data & Energy - Knowledge@Wharton
Setting Free the North Sea Oil Titan - Cyrus Sanati, Fortune
Looking for an Oasis in the Atomic Desert - Sten Odenwald, Huff Post
Growing Pot & Feeling Power-Hungry - Peter Detwiler, Forbes
Energy Geopolitics & the U.S.'s Middle East 'Mission' - Rob Urie, CP
The Real Reason Britian Should Stick to Climate Plan - Jeff Spross, TP
Tallying Up Renewables "Back of Envelope" Costs - Euan Mearns, OP
Uruguay's Windy Revolution Is Underway - Anahi Aradas, Vice
Friday, September 12
College Students Can't Defeat Big Oil - Megan McArdle, Bloomberg
The World Is in Flames, But Oil's Cheap - Keith Johnson, Foreign Policy
How Obama Became the Oil President - Michael Klare, Mother Jones
America's New Energy Paradigm - William O'Keefe, Houston Chronicle
Russian Guns in the Arctic Puts Congress on Edge - Marina Koren, NJ
Putin's Energy Weapon Cuts Both Ways - W.R. Mead, The A.I. Blog
On Becoming an Ecomodernist - Schellenberger/Nordhaus, Break. Inst.
Can CO2 Capture Be Part of the Climate Solution? - D. Biello, Yale360
How to Spend $35B in a Town of 13,000 People - Keith Schaefer, OP
The Local & Global Impact of Tesla's Gigafactory - Jeff St. John, GTM
Be Prepared for a LOT More Solar by 2025 - Rosana Francescato, EC
The National Fracking League - Editorial, New York Post
A 101 on the Solar Storm Headed Right For Us - Loren Grush, PopSci
A Nuclear Bolivia? Why Not? - James Conca, Forbes
Demythologizing Cali's Drought 'Demythologizers' - MasterResource
Thursday, September 11
How Fracking Bought the Buffalo Bills - Clare Foran, National Journal
Oil Boom Breathes Life Into Rust Belt Economy - Andy Tully, OilPrice
Climate of Corruption - James Taranto, Wall Street Journal
How Hillary's State Dept. Fracked the World - Mariah Blake, M-Jones
Capturing CO2 to Mine For More Fossil Fuels - Francie Diep, PopSci
Do You Know Who Invented the LED Bulb? - Sarah Laskow, Atlantic
4 Ways to Make Serious $$$ Off the LED Boom - Ucilia Wang, Forbes
NY's Plan to Revolutionize the Power Utility - Cross-Call & Hansen, EC
Int'l Biz Times: Tesla's Massive Tax Breaks In One Chart
2 Guys, a Lobster Boat, & a D.A. Just Made History - ThinkProgress
Nuclear Power's Insanities - Ralph Nader, CounterPunch
China Full of Teslas? Not Anytime Soon - Ed Niedermeyer, Bloomberg
Oil Tanks: A Nightmare for Energy Bulls - Bob Pisani, CNBC
Poland Reports Gazprom Supply Disruption - W.R. Mead, A.I. Blog
GE Could Save Millions on the UK Grid - Jeff St. John, GreenTechMedia
Wednesday, September 10
Islamic State's Ultimate Goal: Saudi Oil - Claude Salhani, OilPrice
Texas: The Santa Claus of Oil and Gas - David Blackmon, Forbes
8 Facts About U.S. Crude Oil Production - Ebinger & Greenley, Brookings
Global Oil Glut Brings Back an Old Trade - Christian Berthelesen, WSJ
The Oil Boom Benefiting Everyone But Oil Producers? - Roll Call
Project Liberty: A 'New Era' for Renewable Fuels -
Power Plants Heading Out to Sea in Post-Fukushima Japan - Bloomberg
Former Obama Aide: End the Oil Export Ban - Jennifer Dlouhy, Fuel Fix
9 Countries That Could Have the Next Mega Shale Play - Fuel Fix
Tesla's Gigafactory Will Run on 100% Renewables - Computerworld
Tom Friedman Doesn't Understand Energy - Michael Levi, CFR
Matt Ridley Replies to His Climate-Change Critics - Wall Street Journal
Tuesday, September 9
A Heartland Rebound Thanks to Fracking - Nelson Schwartz, NY Times
The U.S. Is Awash Oil. So Why Are Gas Prices Still So High? - CSM
Choking on Oversupply, Oil May Fall Another 10% - Patti Domm, CNBC
Will the Shale Miracle "Solve Energy"? - Euan Mearns,
Green Cali Ditches Canada, Embraces Oil by Rail - Lynn Doan, Bloomberg
Wind Power Finally Takes Hold In United States - Andy Tully, OilPrice
If You Have a Natural Gas Car, You Best Live in Texas - Texas Tribune
Fracking May Be Worse Than King Coal - Bill McKibben, Mother Jones
Going Broke, Quickly, in the Land of Shale - Asjylyn Loder, Bloomberg
An Anti-Renewable Turn in Australia Might Have Backfired - BS
Can Carbon Capture Really Be Part of the Energy Solution? - Yale 360
A Look at Big Oil's 'Grass-Roots' Groups in California - Ben Elgin, BBW
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Monday, September 8
Finding Oil in the Ice Before Russia Can - Andrew Critchlow, Telegraph
Islamic State's Oil Magnates - Lakshmanan & DiPaola, Businessweek
ISIS' Oil Theft Could Net up to $100M a Day - Lindsey Snell, Vocativ
Tesla's Big Nevada Gamble Needs to Pay Off - Kevin Bullis, MITTR
Rand Paul Picks a Climate Fight w/ Hillary Clinton - Jeff Spross, TP
Inside Nevada's Eye-Popping Deal to Land Tesla - M. Maynard, Forbes
N. Dakota's Farmers Fight Contamination in Boom's Wake - Al Jazeera
A Stress Test for EU Energy Supplies - Hugo Dixon, New York Times
Why Is China Doubling Down on Cap & Trade? - James West, Grist
EVs Crush Hybrid Battery Use - Cynthia Shahan, CleanTechnica
This Week in Energy: Corn Waste for Freedom Fuel - J. Stafford, OP
The Upside of a Chilly Summer - Gary Fuller, Guardian News
Shell Tries to Spin Oil Into a Green Future - Javier David, CNBC
Fusion's Case of the Wrong Competitors - Amory Lovine, Forbes
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