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Thursday, March 5
$20 Oil Rears Its Ugly Head, Again - Michael Lynch, Forbes
3 Reasons Why US Shale Isn't Going Anywhere - Thomas Miller, OilPrice
Why OPEC Is Dead - Professor Brenda Shaffer, CNBC
Cheap, Flexible Solar - Denis Paiste, MIT Technology Review
The New Roadmap for the Revival of Offshore Wind - Utility Dive
U.S. Spent $5 Billion On Energy Research In 2014--Where'd It Go? - OP
Clean Power Plan vs. Reliability: A False Dilemma for States - The EC
Electric Field Would Improve Flow in Keystone - IEEE Spectrum
Fact Check: Keystone Pipeline Spin - Brooks Jackson, USA Today
U.S. Running Out Of Oil Storage? Blame Canada - Chris Helman, Forbes
The Political Assault on Climate Skeptics - Richard Lindzen, WSJ
The Conflicted American Meteorological Society - Brad Johnson, HuffPo
What Happened to Big Savings at the Gas Pump? - Doug Schoen, CNBC
1 Top Emerging Technology of 2015: Fuel Cells - World Economic Forum
Electric Garbage Trucks: Huge Savings...& Quiet! - Peter Kelly-Detwiler
How Volcanoes Could Help Power the PlanetâBut Barely Do - Nat'l Geo
Can CO2 Replace Steam to Generate Power? - Umair Irfan, Sci. American
Wednesday, March 4
$100 Oil Won't Be Coming Back for a Long Time - Brad Olson, Bloomberg
We Will Never Again Have as Much Energy as Now - The Conversation
Climate McCarthyism Is Wrong - Norhaus & Shellenberger, Breakthrough
I Stand with Roger Pielke Jr. and Michael Mann - Bob Ward, The Hill
Will Texas Become the World's 5th-Largest Oil Producer? - AEI
Will Power Plant Rules Cause Blackouts? - Dave Levitan, FactCheck.Org
Why U.S. East Coast Should Stay Off-Limits to Oil Drilling - Yale 360
Can We Ignite a New Era of Nuclear Innovation? - Jesse Jenkins, The EC
SolarCity's Soaring Business In 3 Charts - Daniel Sparks, Investopedia
Growing Pains for Japanese Solar Power - Jonathan Soble, NY Times
The Wild World of Crude Keeps on Rolling - Dan Steffens,
KXL Veto Override Looks Doomed. What's Next? - Zack Colman, WashEx
Procter & Gamble Fires Up Massive Biomass Investment - Forbes
Electric Zipcar-LIke Program Begins in Germany - Eric Marx, E&E
Is This The Magic Formula For OLED Lighting? - Michael Kanellos, Forbes
Central Asia's Cheap Oil Double Whammy - Keith Johnson, Foreign Policy
Looking for Middle Ground in Fracking-Earthquake Debate - DMN
Tuesday, March 3
Is America a 'Clean Energy' Laggard? - Robert Bryce, National Review
U.S. Fracking Boom Won't Bring Manufacturing Back Home - Forbes
The Dirtier Consequences of Rejecting Keystone - Matt Graham, Forbes
Could Oil Prices Plummet A Second Time? - Nick Cunningham, OilPrice
The Rapidly-Evolving Design of Wind Turbine Blades - CleanTechnica
SMRs: Time to Take Off the Rose-Tinted Glasses - Neutron Bytes
California Beach Community to Decide If It's 'an Oil Town' - NY Times
Can Fracking Pollute Drinking Water? Don't Ask the EPA - InsideClimate
Israel and the U.S: Linked by Energy and Security - Seth Cropsey, RCE
How Much More Economic Pain Can Vladimir Putin Take? - Fuel Fix
Guess What Country's Energy Sector's Up 22% - Bryan Borzykowski, CNBC
Why Utility-Scale Solar Is Booming on the East Coast - CleanTechnica
Can American Shale Help Defeat the ISIS? - Washington Examiner
The Shale Revolution Did Not Pay Investors Well - The Energy Collective
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Monday, March 2
Here's What Will Send Oil Prices Back Up Again - Martin Tiller, OilPrice
Five Things I Learned About the Oil Price Crash - Michael Levi, CFR
A Promised Golden Age of Gas Is Arriving - The Economist
How Leaky Is Shale Gas Production? - Scott Johnson, Ars Technica
Canada Won't Take 'No' For an Answer on Keystone XL - Forbes
Can We Fix Climate Change With Technology? - Nick Cunningham, OP
The Eiffel Tower Is Now a Powerful Wind Energy Machine - Care2
Surprise! CO2 Directly Linked to Global Warming - James Conca, Forbes
Taking a Peek Behind the SolarCity Curtain - Travis Hoium, Motley Fool
Deutsche Bank: 30 Countries Have Reached Solar Grid Parity - Barron's
Should Australia Consider Thorium Nuclear Power? - The Conversation
Nuclear Power: Energy for the Future or Relic of the Past? - BBC
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Friday, February 27
How Much Crude Oil Do You Consume on a Daily Basis? -
OPEC and the Oil Glut: A Slick, Oily Mess - The Economist
The Tide Has Turned: Google's $300M Solar Investment - Bloomberg
It's Time to Hurry Up & Beat a Solar Tax Credit Deadline?!? - Forbes
Marcellus Shale, And 1 of the 7 Deadly Sins - John Luciew, PennLive
Watch Jim Inhofe Throw a Snowball on the Senate Floor - Nat'l Journal
Nuclear, Again, Proves Itself VERY Worthy - Nuclear Energy Institute
(Not) Another U.S. Nuclear Plant Shuts Down - Breaking Energy
An Energy Revolution Is Underway in the UK - James Murray, Biz Green
Study: Global Warming Slowdown Due to a 'Natural Cycle' - Guardian
Global Warming: Follow the Money - Henry Payne, National Review
Democrats Target Climate-Deniers-for-Hire - Rebecca Leber, New Republic
Obama's Sneaky, Cowardly Veto of Keystone XL - Editorial, IBD
Obama Moves Alone Because GOP Can't Handle the Truth - Slate
Oil Sells Off...Now Is the Time to Buy Solar - Lawrence Delevingne, CNBC
Bakken Decline Rates Are Worrying for Drillers - Ron Patterson, OilPrice
A Solar Panel on Your Roof...Every 150 Seconds - Rosenbaum, Bloomberg
New Wave System Claims Huge Energy Potential - Charles Choi, Spectrum
Thursday, February 26
Why Oil Will Fall to $40 as Obama Looks the Other Way - Forbes
Are Oil Producers Running Out of Closet Space? - Leslie Shaffer, CNBC
The Real Significance of Obama's KXL Veto - Chris Mooney, Wash Post
The Symbolic Politics of Keystone XL - John Cassidy, New Yorker
If Vaccines Are Controversial, God Help Nuclear Energy - The EC
Drone Threat: French Nuke Plants Should Be Shut Down - Newsweek
Europe Overtakes Asia As LNG's Hottest Market - Nick Cunningham, OP
Solar Advocates Find Unexpected Ally in Tea Party - Greg Allen, NPR
Solar Energy Delivers Too Little Bang For Billions Invested - Forbes
Judges Signal More Trouble Looms for EPA's Cross-State Rule - E&E
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad EPA? - Katherine Bagley, InsideClimate News
The Clean Power Plan Is a Complex Mess - Philip Wallach, Brookings
Hawaii Reaches 21% Renewable Energy - Sustainable Business
Will the Cape Wind Project Ever Be Built? - Gintautas Dumcius, WWLP
Oil Boom's End Threatens Pain for Much of Latin America - Fuel Fix
Secret to the Apple Car Is the Battery - Katie Benner, Bloomberg
Big Biz is Betting on Green Energy - Lynn Scarlett, Live Science
Wednesday, February 25
Armageddon for Climate Change Deniers - Jay Michaelson, The Daily Beast
Obama's Gift: An Oil-By-Rail Boom - Holman Jenkins, WSJ
The Sun Sets on British Coal - Michael Brune, Huffington Post
Alaska To Build a State-Owned Gas Pipeline? - Nick Cunningham, OilPrice
Tales From the Oil Sands Downturn - Jeremy van Loon, Financial Post
Two Industries Are Fighting Over Your Power Bill - Reem Nasr, CNBC
The Secret History of the EPA - Carol Van Strum, CounterPunch
Eagle Ford Shale Oil Boom Turns to Bust - Jennifer Hiller, Houston Chron
The Only Person Not Talking Keystone? Hillary - Clare Foran, Nat'l Journl
Override the Keystone XL Veto - Editorial Board, USA Today
Keystone Solution Runs Through Canada - Michael Bloomberg, Bloomberg
How Obama's Veto of the Keystone Unfolded in Real Time - Daily Signal
U.S. EPA Pleads for Some RFS Understanding - Herman Wang, Platts
Some Climate Engineering Ideas Are Insane. This One Isn't - Slate
Could Iranian Gas Be The Solution For Europe? - Bruce Pannier, OilPrice
A Potential Huge Oil Deal with Mexico Is in the Works - Dave Forest, BI
Tuesday, February 24
The Easy Oil Is Gone So Where Do We Look Now? - Andrew Topf, OilPrice
Eagle Ford Shale: From Bustling to Just a Bust - KRGV
US's Energy Future Requires a Demand Response - James Conca, Forbes
Why Obama Is Irrelevant to the Keystone Decision - Wendy Koch, NGeo
5 Ways The Keystone Saga Could End - Elana Schor, Politico
Wind-and-Gas Hybrid Power: Wyoming's California Dreamin' - E&E
Solar's New Best Friend Is...the Christian Coalition - Chris Mooney, WaPo
Solar: Cheapest Power for UK in 10 Years? - James Murray, Business Green
European Shale Dream: Dead Before It Started - Everett Rosenfeld, CNBC
Scaredy-Cat OPEC Wants to Have a Meeting - Matt Egan, CNNMoney
The End of the North Sea Era of Energy - Mark Latham, Herald Scotland
Year Ahead Holds Many Questions for Ethanol - Lori Potter, Kearny Hub
Wind Subsidies: Money (Not) Well Spent - Randy Simmons, The Hill
The 5 Best Alternative Energy Stocks to Buy - John Divine, InvestorPlace
Policing the Online Climate Conversation - Tom Zeller, Jr., Forbes
Dr. Evil Goes After Obama and the EPA - Suzanne Goldenberg, Guardian
Monday, February 23
Is Oil Returning to $100 Or Dropping to $10? - Martin Tiller,
What Is Saudi Arabia Not Telling Us about Its Oil Future? - Kurt Cobb
How Saudi Arabia Can Withstand the Shale Boom - Jenny Cosgrave, CNBC
The New Biggest Offshore-Wind Farm? - William Pentland, Forbes
How to Get Offshore Wind Up and Running - Pete Danko, Breaking Energy
Arctic Drilling Regulations Set Off New Battle - Timothy Cama, The Hill
Oops: Corporate Cash Fuels Climate Denier's Bank Account - NY Times
Crashing NatGas Prices Are Good for China...But... - Keith Johnson, FP
Quite an Explosive Week for Energy - James Stafford,
Oil-Train Accidents Raise Concern in Philly - Andrew Maykuth, Inquirer
We're Already Taxing the Marcellus, Gov. Wolf - Charlie Gerow, PennLive
If Not Gov. Wolf's Gas Tax, Then What? - Editorial, Centre Daily Times
New Coal Plants in China: A (Carbon) Bubble Waiting to Burst - The EC
French Nuclear Giant Areva Warns of $5.6 Billion Loss - David Jolly, NYT
Go Solar, Not Nuclear, in the State of New Jersey - James McGovern, NJ
The Power of a European Energy Union - Eamon Ryan, Project Syndicate
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