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Monday, May 30
World's Largest Dam in DR Congo Nears Construction - The Guardian
US Advised to Stick With Troubled ITER Fusion Program - Nature
The Real Problem With Fusion - Maddie Stone, Gizmodo
Environmental Polling in Colorado 'Extraordinary' - Simon Lomax, Page 2
Trump: America First on Fossil Fuels, Last on Climate - InsideClimate
Illinois Faces Decision Whether to Subsidize Nuke Plants - CityLab
Suncor Ramping up Oil-Sands After Canada Wildfire - Ethan Lou, Reuters
15 Interesting Europe Electric Car Charts - Zach Shahan, EVObsession
Green Energy Doesn't Work Without Energy Storage - Daily Caller
Will Renewables Sap Future GDP Growth? - Sarah Miller, Energy Intel
Saturday, May 28
Why Big Oil Might Secretly Wish for a Carbon Tax - Thomas Stoner, MW
Another Sign Apple's Electric Car Is Coming - Stephanie Condon, ZDNet
Japan to Cut Nuclear Emphasis in Next Energy Plan - Sheldrick, Reuters
Trump Wants to Be Energy Independent - John Siciliano, Wash. Examiner
Will Excess Solar Power Be a Problem for States? - Chelsea Harvey, WaPo
The Consequences of $50 Oil - Gregory Brew, OilPrice
The Electric Car You Can Charge Next to Your Phone - Bloomberg
Why Crude Prices Might Keep Rising - Katy Barnato, CNBC
Feds Clear California Offshore Fracking - Timothy Cama, The Hill
Trump's Energy Plan: Save Coal by Unleashing Fracking? - Sci. American
Friday, May 27
Engineers Break Solar Cell Efficiency Record - F. Macdonald, ScienceAlert
Trump Outlines 'America First' Energy Plan - Cama and Henry, The Hill
Saudi Oil Strategy Finally Pays Off - Grant Smith, Bloomberg
Q&A: IHS' Dan Yergin on Oil, Energy Politics in 2016 - Bill Murray, RCE
Why $50 Oil Is Here To Stay - Nick Cunningham, OilPrice
Trump's Climate Claims: Experts Analyze - Karl Mathiesen, The Guardian
Earth's Climate May Not Warm as Quickly as Expected - Wogan, Science
Nuclear Foes Renew Push to Shut Plant Near Manhattan -
Greens in Pinstriped Suits - The Economist
More U.S. Vessels Powered by LNG Being Launched - EIA
More Than a Dozen US Nuclear Plants At Risk of Shutdown - Utility Dive
Can Trump Renege on the Paris Agreement? - Tom Schueneman, EC
Energy Bill Now Full Of Bad Environmental Provisions - Climate Progress
Trump Puts Fossil Fuels at US Energy Core - FT/Reuters
Why Aren't Iran's New Oil Contracts Working Out? - Al-Monitor
Thursday, May 26
How Much More Oil Can the Saudis Really Pump - Matt Egan, CNN Money
Saudi Arabia's Oil Strategy in a Time of Glut - Jim Krane, Foreign Affairs
Clean-Energy Jobs Surpass Oil Drilling in US - A. Hirtenstein, Bloomberg
Saudi Minister Prefers Solar Potential Over Nuclear Energy - National
Does The U.S. Have A Plan For The Post-Oil Era? - Kurt Cobb, OilPrice
Why Oil and Gas Prices Won't Go Much Higher - Anthony Mirhaydari, FT
The Ill-Advised Push for More Ethanol - C. Runge, Yale Environment 360
Pollution From Canadian Oil Sands Vapor Is Substantial - I. Austen, NYT
How Fast Could the Market for EVs Grow? - A. Whitmore, Energy Collective
Clean Energy Gets Dirty: Turning Sewage Into Heat - Jackie Wattles, CNN
Rooftop Solar: Buy or Lease? - Chris Martin, Bloomberg
Radiation and Reason - Robert Hargraves, Energy Collective
Why Cheap Shale Gas Will End Soon - Arthur Berman, OilPrice
Oil: Not Yesterday's Fuel Just Yet - Pogonyi & Vargha, Energy Post
Trump Courts Energy Industry - Devin Henry & Timothy Cama, The Hill
Wednesday, May 25
Statoil: The Solution or the Problem? - Oystein Noreng, Energy Intelligence
Could UAE Solar Push Lead a Trend for the Gulf? - Saket Sundria, Reuters
Oil Giants Feel the Heat on Climate Change - Owen Davis, IBT
There's Big Money In Energy Big Data - Katie Fehrenbacher, Fortune
How Congress Got to Yes on Toxic Chemical Reform - The Hill
Is OPEC a U.S. National Security Threat? - Rakesh Upadhyay, OilPrice
Leading the World in Oil, Natural Gas Output Matters - Breaking Energy
Using Clean Power To Get Off The Grid - Ryan Kh, Energy Collective
New Natural Gas Projects Spark Debate - Joshua Smith, SD Union-Tribune
New Mexico First to Sue EPA Over Toxic Spill - John Siciliano, WE
Norway Hits Major Electric Car Milestone - Katy Barnato, CNBC
Germany Runs Up Against Limits of Renewables - R. Martin, Tech Rev.
Oil Execs Debate Impact of a Brexit - Maria Gallucci, IB Times
Where's My Solar-Powered Phone? - Paul McDougall, Scientific American
The States Where It Pays to Buy a New Electric Car - Brian Fung, WaPo
Tuesday, May 24
The $10 Billion Solution to Climate Change - Brian Dumaine, Fortune
The Explosive Growth Of US. Oil Reserves - Robert Rapier, Forbes
Oil Will Soon Stage a 'Fundamental Price Recovery' - K. Barnato, CNBC
China's Wind Power Problem - Chelsea Harvey, Washington Post
US Still World's Top Oil And Gas Producer - Maria Gallucci, IB Times
Oil Ends at One-Week Low - Myra Saefong, MarketWatch
Energy-Storing Train Gets Nevada Approval - David Morris, Fortune
Don't Count Out Texas Just Yet - Justin Fox, Bloomberg View
Crude Oil Taking The Stairs Higher - Andrew Hecht, Seeking Alpha
Big Oil Gets a Taste for Renewables - Terry Macalister, Guardian
Rooftop Solar: Net Metering Is a Net Benefit - Saha & Muro, Brookings
Coal CEO Backs Trump - Timothy Cama, The Hill
Is an Energy Crisis Brewing in the Caribbean? - Nick Cunningham, OilPrice
How America Can Dominate Global Nuclear Energy - Lauren Sukin, NI
What Happens When Demand for Oil Peaks? - Energy Post
Monday, May 23
Germany's Energiewende: Problems Remain - C. Sturm, Atomic Scientists
Trump's Take On Oil? Thursday's Speech Will Tell Us More - USA Today
New Nat Gas-Fired Power Plants Are Near Shale Plays - EIA
Climate Worriers Use More Electricity - Matthew Holehouse, The Telegraph
Is OPEC Dead or Just In a Coma? - Smith & Shenk, Bloomberg
Say Goodbye to the 2015/16 El Nino - Bob Tisdale, WUWT
Smallest U.S. Nuclear Plant Throws in the Towel - Neutron Bytes
Why The Arctic Oil Dream Is Not Over Yet - Julianne Geiger, OilPrice
The Geography of Carbon Pricing - Energy Collective
Unplugging the Colorado River - Abrahm Lustgarten, New York Times
12 Questions On Tesla Model 3 Answered - Chris Boylan, CleanTechnica
More Hurdles Await Canada's Trans-Mountain Pipeline - CTV News
Suncor Return to Work After Alberta Fires Weaken - R. Penty, Bloomberg
Fossil Fuel Firms Take Over European Renewable Lobby - The Guardian
India to 'Divert Rivers' to Tackle Drought - Navin Singh Khadka, BBC
Saturday, May 21
Saudi Arabia Needs Realism, not a 2030 Vision - Jilles van den Beukel, EP
Companies and Climate Change: What Now? - Jennifer Reingold, Fortune
The Geography of Carbon Pricing - Mark Dwortzan, Energy Collective
Rancor Over Pipeline Merger Extends to Law Firms - Leslie Picker, NYT
US-Russia Face Gas Price War in Europe - Sultan & Concha & Sokolov, EI

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