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Wednesday, August 31
Is An OPEC Production Freeze Even Remotely Possible? - G. Brew, OP
The $8 Trillion Fight Over How to Rid the US of Fossil Fuel - Bloomberg
Big Oil's Yuge Problem - Liam Denning, Bloomberg Gadfly
Fracking Really Isn't So Bad - James Conca, Forbes
The Oil Sands' "Cleaner" Future Looks Awfully Dirty - J. Pearson, Vice
The Challenge of Cutting Coal Dependence - Eduardo Porter, NY Times
Mexico Makes a Friend of Ethanol - John Siciliano, Washington Examiner
Nuclear Plants Prepare for Old Age - Jeff Tollefson, Nature
It Might Be Time to Bring Nuclear Power Back to America - R. Letzter, BI
Regulatory Headwinds Slow SolarCity's Growth - Robinson, Buffalo News
It's Not Just Solar Panels. Electric Cars Can Be Contagious, Too - Vox
It's Time for Energy to Go Digital - Erin Vaughan, Triple Pundit
A Return to $40 Oil? Rally Runs Out of Steam - Evan Kelly, OilPrice
Future Energy Visions, Part 2: Hydrocarbon Bridge - Energy Collective
Oil Prices Edge Higher on Gulf of Mexico Weather Woes - Graeber, UPI
Tuesday, August 30
States Struggle With Oil, Gas Taxation During Downturn - Forbes
Oil Barons Find Narnia in West Texas - Liam Denning, Bloomberg Gadfly
One Big Oil Company Sees a Bright Future in Renewable Energy - Fool
Why Trump's Energy Plan Isn't Waterproof - Wenyuan Wu, OilPrice
Coal Country Wary of Hillary Clinton's Pledge to Help - Davenport, NYT
Pipelines: The Worst Way to Move Oil, Except For All the Rest - Fortune
5 Things to Know About the Dakota Access Pipeline Fight - D. Henry, Hill
Which State Is a Big Renewable Energy Pioneer? Texas - WSJ
The Price of Solar Is Declining to Unprecedented Lows - R. Fares, SA
Wave Power Could Revolutionize the Renewable-Energy Game - Salon
Why We Still Don't Have Better Batteries - Richard Martin, Tech Review
Britain Is About to Take a Great (Battery) Leap Forward - Bloomberg
Future Energy Visions, Part 1: Renewables and Nuclear - S. Cloete, EC
We're Nearing Peak Energy - Akin Oyedele, Business Insider
Global Oil Demand Can Only Increase - Jude Clemente, Forbes
Monday, August 29
Why Electric Cars May Arrive Sooner Than You Think - Chris Mims, WSJ
Canal Photos: LNG Tankers Have a New Route to Asia - Bloomberg
Careful Predicting an Ice-Free Arctic Summer - Ed Hawkins, Climate Lab
Surface Water Shifting Around the Earth - Rebecca Morelle, BBC
France. Why Do You Ban Fracking But Import U.S. Oil and Gas? - EPost
OPEC's Market Share at Good Level, Says UAE - Andrew Torchia, Reuters
How a U.S.-Venezuelan Linkage Helps Oil Exports - Bill Loveless, USAT
California's New Climate Legislation Hailed As Breakthrough - Vice
China's Biggest Oil Company Aims for 50% Nat Gas by 2020 - Bloomberg
PG&E Wants to Install 7,600 Electric Car Chargers - Anne Mulkern, SA
Drilling in Colorado is Funding Exploration For Permian Basin - DP
VW 2019 Electric Car to Charge 300 Miles in 15-Minutes -
China's Hydrodams Destroying Mekong Delta Fisheries - VNExpress
Iraq Seeks to Relaunch Investment in Oil Infrastructure - A. Mirza, Platts
Why Keeping U.S. Nuclear Plants Operating Makes Sense - NEI
Saturday, August 27
Video: Here is Why Oil Could Go Above $70 A Barrel - CNBC
EV Revolution Set To Cripple More Than Just The Oil Industry - OilPrice
Florida Nuclear Plants Prepare For Hurricane Season - Ben Kennedy, ABC
Is America on the Cusp of an Offshore Wind Boom? - Stephen Lacey, GTM
Iraq May Sell Crude Via Iran if Kurdish Talks Fail - Stephen Kalin, Reuters
Mixed Outlook for US Gulf Deepwater Oil - Andrew Kelly, Energy Intel
CEO Interview: Electric Bus Innovator - Scott Cooney, CleanTechnica
With Gasoline Cheap, US Drivers Log Record Miles - S. Edelstein, CSM
Renewables = 43% Of New US Capacity In 2016 - Z. Shahan, CleanTechnica
Exxon Backs Out of Funding Alaska LNG Project - Chester Dawson, DJ
Friday, August 26
Your Damn Children are Killing the Planet - Doug Domenech, RCEnergy
Photos Show Why Dakota Pipeline Is In Trouble - Kate Bubacz, Buzzfeed
The Falling Cost of Solar in 7 Charts - David Roberts, VOX
Iraq Seeks Formal Oil Export Deal With Kurds - Sam Wilkin, Bloomberg
Australia Needs to Cut Emissions 65% to Meet Paris - RenewEconomy
Video: Oil Market Stuck in Groundhog Day - Andy Lipow, CNBC
More Cracks in Colorado Anti-Fracking Initiatives - D. Tameron, Barron's
Brazil, China, U.S. Could Approve Paris Agreement Soon - BusinessGreen
Venezuela's Oil Imports Slump on Payment Woes - Marianna Parraga, Reuters
Biofuels 'Worse Than Oil' for The Environment - Henry Bodkin, Telegraph
Iran Wants 'Pre-Sanctions Oil Market Share' - Yahoo/AFP
Tibet Pushes Geothermal to Solve Power Shortage - CCTV America
Just 90 Firms Are Responsible For Most Carbon Emissions - Science
Opec: How to Do Nothing Noisily - David Sheppard, Financial Times
Duke Files $9.9 Million Claim on McClendon Estate - FuelFix/AP
Thursday, August 25
Ethanol Credit Spike Divides Gas Stations - James Osborne, FuelFix
Oil to See Strong Rebound in 2017 - Dan Steffens, OilPrice
Coal's Fall Is Good News for the Environment - Lucas Davis, EC
Electric Utilities and the Future They Need to Embrace - Bob Graves, GM
Solar Industry Braces With Looming Supply Glut - Joe Ryan, Bloomberg
SolarCity Chooses Its Relatives (For Loans) - Liam Denning, Bloomberg
Rhode Island May Pave Way for Obama Wind Energy Boom - The Hill
Despite Low Oil Prices, EV Sales Keep Rising - Leon Kaye, TriplePundit
Tensions Rise as Tribes Move to Block a Pipeline - Jack Healy, NYT
New Study Casts Doubt on the Future of Nuclear Power - EcoWatch
Your Next Nuke Will Be Small and Modular - Michael Lynch, Forbes
Apple Becomes a Green Energy Supplier, With Itself as Customer - NYT
Why Tech Wants in on Renewables - Aisha Abdelhamid, CleanTechnica
Rate Hike Warnings as Oregon Becomes 1st State to Kill Coal - FoxNews
The Australian Town That Wants to Get Off the Grid - R. Kurmelovs, BBC
Wednesday, August 24
Clinton Promises to Expand Failed Energy Polices - Peter Grossman, RCE
High-Price Ethanol Credits Add to Refiners' Woes - Clifford Krauss, NYT
Boom, Balance or Bust: What's Next for Oil? - Nick Cunningham, OilPrice
Asia's Gas "Bridge" Starts to Wobble - Clara Tan, Energy Intelligence
Russia and Turkey Feed Europe's Gas Addiction - Ellen Wald, Forbes
Oil Bounces on Iranian Rhetoric - Matt Smith, OilPrice
Nuclear Waste: Human Danger or Opportunity? - L. Andrews, RCEnergy
The Nation's Electrical Grid Is the "Weakest Link" - NPR
How Solar Roofs Fit into Elon Musk's Master Plan - David Roberts, Vox
Germany's New Normal in Renewable Energy Policy - Energy Collective
A New Strategy for Climate Change? Retreat - C. Flavelle, Bloomberg View
America's First Offshore Wind Farm May Power Industry - J. Gillis, NYT
The World's Next Energy Systems - Stratfor
Oil at $50 Tests Shale-Band Theory - Neanda Salvaterra, WSJ
Bus-Sized Nuclear Reactors Could Replace Large-Scale Plants - E&T

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