RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Have Energy, Will Export - Walter Russell Mead, American Interest
The Case Against Natural Gas Exports - Charles Morris, Reuters
Nuclear Power Opportunities Move East - Colm Delaney, GR Insights
We Need a New War on Coal - Peter Singer, Project Syndicate
The Bloody Battle for Balcombe - Daniel Graeber,
If Not Yucca Mountain, Then Where? - Ken Silverstein, EnergyBiz
The Corn That Broke the Cattleman's Back - Jill Melchior, National Review
Wanted: Another Green Mayor - Editorial, New York Times
Climate Battle Is All in Your Head - Kharunya Paramaguru, Time

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

Your iPhone Uses More Energy Than Your Fridge - Tim Worstall, Forbes
Is Fracking a Necessary Evil? - Madeline Ostrander, The Nation
Fracking Could Lead to Real Estate Bust - Roger Drouin, Grist
The Dark Side of North Dakota's Oil Boom - Blaire Briody, Fiscal Times
Ethanol Quotas Pump Money From Your Pocket - Editorial, USA Today
The Breathtaking Benefits of Fracking - James Panero, City Journal
Big Oil Is Fighting to Preserve Its Market Share - Bob Dinneen, USA Today
Big Oil Pours Fuel on the Fire - Michael Vaughan, Globe & Mail
How Much Oil Really Spewed Into the Sea After the Gulf Spill? - FuelFix
The Atlantic: How Much Energy Does the U.S. Use?
U.S. Mining Rush Enters Its 'Survival Moment' - Manuel Quinones, E&E
Plan to Ban Oil Drilling in Amazon Dropped - Clifford Krauss, NY Times
Sorry, the Hyperloop Is Going Nowhere - René Lavanchy, The Guardian
Can U.S. Solar PV Costs Keep Falling? - Chris Nelder, GreenTech Media
More Smart Green Thinking on Display - Walter R. Mead, American Interest
How Did the British Cut Their Energy Use by 25%? - Todd Woody, Quartz
Climate Change: The Next Great Extinction - Peter Brannen, NY Times
Climate Policy's Twin Challenges - Durwood Zaelke & Paul Bledsoe, LA Times