RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Keystone: Win-Win or Lose-Lose for Obama? - E. Zuesse, Business Insider
Keystone XL Pipeline: Why All the Fuss? - Paul Schwennesen, Huff Post
Pickens: Let's Kill OPEC's Grip on Our Economy - Loren Steffy, Fuel Fix
A Pep Talk on Energy Innovation - Matthew Wald, New York Times
How Philly Is Leading in Energy Innovation - Laurie Actman, GreenBiz
See-Ya, Unions. Big Green's in the Driver's Seat - Washington Examiner
What Could De-Rail the Natural Gas Boom? - Chris Faulkner,
Smart Grid Can Outlast Extreme Weather Effects - Ken Silverstein, EB

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

Lessons for Bill McKibben's Keystone Nuts - Ralph Nader, Counterpunch
Approving Keystone XL Is a No-Brainer - Rep. Fred Upton, Nat'l Journal
Was BP Too Efficient? - Margaret Heffernan, CBS MoneyWatch
A Peak Oil State of Mind - Tom Whipple, Falls Church News
The Political Minefield of NY Fracking - Steven Cohen, Huffington Post
Why First Solar's New World Record Matters - Ucilia Wang, GigaOm
Offshore Wind Needs the States to Survive - Lauren Gardner, Roll Call
Renewable Energy's Single-Atom Savior - Dana Blankenhorn, TheStreet
Energy Tech Investing Faces Funding Cliff - Melissa Lott, Sci. American
Green Movement Has Morphed Into A Death Cult - Dennis Prager, IBD
California: Back in Black...Outs? - Walter Russell Mead, American Interest
9 Reasons China Won't Need U.S. Coal to Feed Habit - D. Roberts, Grist
The Right Way to Curb Power Plant Emissions - Becker & Gerstenzang, NYT
3 Simple Nudges to Convince People to Use Less Energy - Fast Company
Japan's Digital Grid Scheme - John Boyd, IEEE Spectrum
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