RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

What's the Sequester's Impact on Energy? - David Unger, CS Monitor
Alternative Energy Is a Religion - Bill Frezza , Beaufort Observer
Let's Do Canadian Hydro, Not Tar Sands - Mari Hernandez, Think Progress
Inside the Military's Clean Energy Revolution - Julia Whitty, Mother Jones
Report Card: China and Emissions - Andrew Revkin, New York Times
Graphene Foreshadows Paradigm Shift - Nathan, CleanTechnica
Wasting Food is Wasting Energy - Antonio Pasolini, Energy Collective
Liquid Storage for Hydrogen? - Richard Van Noorden, Nature
How to Crowdfund the Cost of Solar - Jesse Morris, GreenBiz
Before You Invest in Chesapeake... - Suman Chatterjee, Seeking Alpha

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

The Shaky Logic of U.S. Natural Gas Exports - Kurt Cobb, CS Monitor
The $1 Trillion Choice in Obama's Lap - Mark Green, Energy Tomorrow
Who's Behind Rising Gas Prices? Depends on Who You Ask - Fuel Fix
Oil Is Dangerous in the Wrong Hands - Claude Salhani,
Exciting Ideas in Solar Energy from ARPA-E - David Ferris, Forbes
Is Nuclear the UK's Energy Future? - Emma Wallis, Deutsche Welle
Shale Gas Is No Threat to Russia's Energy Dominance - Voice of Russia
Where Are We on Nuclear Safety? - Lipton and Wald, New York Times
We Can Have It Both Ways on Keystone XL - Alison Redford, USA Today
Keystone Scolds Should Let Activists Be Activists - David Roberts, Grist
Chesapeake's Deal with Sinopec 'Looks a Little Light' - AOL Energy
Maryland Offshore Wind: O'Malley's Folly - Lisa Linowes, MasterResource
Who's Afraid of Some Ethane Rejection? - Samantha Santa Maria, Platts
Flickers of Life for Clean Fuels Standard - Maria Gallucci, InsideClimate
China's Growing Methanol Economy - Zana Nesheiwat, Fuel Freedom
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