RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

What Does the Keystone Pipeline Mean to You? - National Journal
Gas Prices Rising, Just as Obama Planned - Las Vegas Review-Journal
Virginia Is for Gas Lovers - Burns & Everett, Politico
Global Fuel Market Needs Real Competition - Marshall Kaplan, OC Register
The 2013 Proxy Season's Energy Agenda - Raz Godelnik, Triple Pundit
Is the Natural Gas Market Becoming "Intel Boring"? - Dian Chu, OilPrice
The Struggle to Develop Offshore Wind in the U.S. - Tom Zeller, HuffPo
Innovation Alone Wont Win the Climate Fight - Bryan Walsh, Time
U.S. Energy Power Will Reshape Military - Nikolas Gvosdev, WPR
Can Lithium-Air Replace Lithium-Ion? - N.V., The Economist

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

Kicking Big Oil Off Campus - Bill McKibben, Rolling Stone
The Anti-Keystone Crowd's Bogus Claims - William Cohan, BusinessWeek
All Oil Price Forecasts Are Worthless - Steven Hansen, EconIntersect
MIT: Gas Tax 6X More Effective Than Fuel Standard - Brad Plumer, WaPo
A Nuclear Reactor To Replace Your Water Heater - Jeff McMahon, Forbes
Photos: EPA's Idea of Transparency - William Yeatman, Global Warming
A Grass-Roots Revolt on Green Energy - Paul Mulshine, NJ Star-Ledger
Making Bank From the Global Energy Crisis - Kent Moors, Market Oracle
Arab Gas Market Reform Doesn't Have to Hurt - Robin Mills, The National
The Silver Lining in Europe's Carbon War - Bill Sweet, IEEE Spectrum
Can Norway & Germany Make an Arctic Pact? - Mia Bennett, FPA
Germany's Perilous Peace - Donald Hertzmark, MasterResource
Ontario Coal-Fire's Breezy Killer - Robert Horung, Globe & Mail
Will Independence Destroy Scottish Renewables? - The Economist
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