RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

So You're Running DOE... - Garman & Thernstrom, Bloomberg
Restricting Trade For the Environment? - Editors, Economist
Climate Woes: Are Accountants The Answer? - Scott Bittle, EC
Energy Commodities: Beyond Oil - Ben Kramer-Miller, Seeking Alpha
Expanding the "Dirtiest Fuel on the Planet" - Frances Beinecke, HuffPost
Clear the Air at EPA - Sen. Mike Johanns, Beatrice Daily Sun
Release ALL The Email, EPA! - Thomas Lifson, American Thinker
Oil Sands Dependency: A Warning for Canada - Editors, Financial Post
Chesapeake Energy: No Turnaround Yet - Christopher Helman, Forbes
How To Profit During A Global Energy Crisis - Kent Moors, Money Morning

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

Drill, Baby, Drill Can't Stop Soaring Gas Prices - Kevin Hall, McClatchy
America: You're Not Paying Enough for Fuel - Chris Nedler, SmartPlanet
The Virtues of Being Unreasonable on Keystone - David Roberts, Grist
Is the Keystone XL Worth Getting Arrested For? - Robert Bryce, Slate
10 Energy Stocks Hedge Funds Love Right Now - MarketWatch
A Strategy to Prevent the Next Fukushima - Matt Wald, New York Times
Is Coal the Cleanest Energy Source There Is? - Gene Koprowski, FOX News
Steven Chu's Legacy of Waste & Failure - Terrence Scanlon, Wash Times
Time to Invest in Geothermal Energy? - Nathan Slaughter, StreetAuthority
Power Density Cuts Wheat From Chaff - Kent Hawkins, MasterResource
Biofuels Are Wiping Out America's Grasslands - Brad Plumer, Wash Post
Guess Who's Green in the Emerald Isle? - W.R. Mead, American Interest
Debunking 3 Myths About U.S. Emissions - Manish Bapna, Forbes
Turning Pollution Problem Into Jobs Solution - C. Hedegaard, Syndicate
The Best Way to Tackle Our Energy To-Do List - Jane Long, Tech Review
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