RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

The Keystone Pipeline Defines Folly - Bill McKibben, USA Today
Obama: All of the Above, Nothing from Below - J. Hayward, Human Events
Big Spring, Texas: Where 'Oil Is God' - Samuel James, Global Post
Experts: Obama Can Tackle Climate w/o Congress - Dina Capiello, AP
We Can't Afford NOT To Have Nuclear in Mix - James Smith, The Guardian
Green Energy Grants Stimulate Video Games - Editors, Washington Times
Is the Tesla Just a Niche Vehicle? - Mark Rogowsky, Forbes
EVs: Where Should We Be Today? - Tali Trigg, Scientific American
Three Ways To Mess Up a Solar Deal - Peter Gardett, AOL Energy
China: The New Global Energy Scavenger - Doug Young, AltEnergyStocks

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

Don't Blame Government for Big Coal's Demise - Dan Ferber, Wired
Minnesota: A Middle-Way on Climate Change? - Ken Silverstein, EnergyBiz
Joe Nocera Is Wrong on Canadian Oil Sands - Brad Plumer, Wash Post
Keystone XL: Real Jobs for Real People - Mark Green, Energy Tomorrow
Energy Independence from DIRTY Energy - Tom Steyer, Huffington Post
The Energy Potential of Fracking - Ed Feulner, Washington Times
Where Will Obama Get More Energy R&D $$? - Kevin Bullis, Tech Review
Obama's Energy Plans: Tragedy, Not Triumph - Marita Noon, Energy Trib
Americans Paying European Prices for Oil? - Claude Salhani, OilPrice
The Persian Gulf Is Still the Place to Be - Tamsin Carlisle, Platts
More Oil, More Problems - Zana Nesheiwat, Fuel Freedom
Why Gazprom Is In Trouble In One Chart - Mark Adomanis, Forbes
The Biggest Polluter--China--To Tax Carbon? - Christopher Mims, Quartz
Who Will Pay for Nuclear Power Plant Cleanup? - John Daly,
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