RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Obama's Failing Us On Energy - Javier Ortiz, RealClearPolicy
Obama Gives Green Energy Funds a Jump-Start - John Wasik, Reuters
Will Obama Trade a Carbon Tax for Keystone? - Investor's Business Daily
Will New Tech Make Renewables Economically Viable? - Tim Worstall, Forbes
China Declares South China Sea Oil a National Asset - John Daly, OilPrice
Peak Oil Palaver Has Always Been Exaggerated - Gregory Morris, Bloomberg
What Does FERC Want From the Gas Market? - Peter Gardett, AOL Energy
How Apple Geeks Reinvented the Thermostat - Tom Simonite, MIT Tech

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

What's Behind Skyrocketing Gas Prices? - Emily Jane Fox, CNNMoney
Obama's Sphinx-Like Energy Policy - John Kemp, Reuters
Obama Green Fund Gains The More We Drill - Jim Snyder, Bloomberg
Obama Caught Between Friends in Keystone Fight - Byron York, Examiner
Doubling-Down on Renewables Will Be a Disaster - G. Laskoski, USNWR
Look to NAFTA For Jobs Model, Not NATO - Mark Mills, Forbes
Warming Consensus Looking More Like A Myth - Investor's Business Daily
Congress Must Act on Climate Change - Sen. Bernie Sanders, Guardian
U.S. Climate Talk May Galvanize Canada - J. Simpson, Globe & Mail
A New Dawn Rising For the Smart Grid? - Bill Sweet, IEEE Spectrum
Cuomo the Ditherer Hesitates Again on Frack Call - New York Daily News
Fracking Undermines California's Future - Adam Snow, SF Chronicle
How Tesla/NYT Fight Misses the Point About EVs - Bryan Walsh, Time
Bad Bets on Gas Market Shouldn't Set Export Policy - Arthur Berman, TOD
Why Japan Can't Quit Nuclear Power - Olga Belogolova, National Journal
Ride Russia's Energy Giant Straight to Bank - Aaron Levitt, InvestorPlace
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