RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Will Environmentalists Kill Keystone? - Diane Alter, Money Morning
Nobody Is Protesting Oil from Nigeria - Andrew Revkin, New York Times
Mr. President: You Can't Drill AND Fight Climate - Kate Gordon, Huff Post
Independence Won't Boost US Power - Meghan O'Sullivan, Bloomberg
A Natural Gas Strategy Democrats Should Heed - Editors, Wasington Post
California Losing Farmland to Solar - Amanda Miller, C.E. Authority
Is UK Nuclear Fading Fast? - James Beioley, Energy Collective
Energy Crisis Pushing Pakistan into Dark Ages - Pakistan Today
Can Waste Heat Be Harvested? - University of Texas
Source of High-Energy Cosmic Rays Finally Nailed - Daniel Clery, Science

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

Fracking in the West: Big Reserves, Big Reservations - The Economist
Shale Energy Revolution Is Worth...$2.7 Trillion??? - Russia Today
Are Environmentalists Bungling Keystone X.L.? - Elana Schor, Atlantic
No Good Reason to Say 'No' to Keystone - Paul Driessen, Washington Times
Where Do Your Gas Dollars Go? - Jen Alic,
The Shockingly Simple Way to 'Save the Planet' - Will Oremus, Slate
The Silent Killer of Renewable Energy - Paul Nahi, Forbes
Why Obama Threw Down the Gauntlet on Climate Change - Quartz
Obama's Stunning Lack of Vision and Scope - Matthew Stepp, CE Report
Four New Juicy Deals in the Oil Patch? - Jim Cramer,
Who Will Win the Tesla vs. NY Times Battle? - Brad Plumer, Wash Post
Taxpayers Steaming Over Florida Nuclear Plant's Shuttering - NPR
Fracking Ready to Shake Up German Campaign - Spiegel Online
The U.S. Shale Gas Revolution Hits Asia - Anthony Fensom, The Diplomat
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