RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Will Prez Bypass Congress On Climate? - Geoffrey Lean, Telegraph
Crunch Time For World Carbon Markets - Editors, Economist
Why Does 'Bam Want to Out-China China? - Geoffrey Styles, EC
Take a Hard Look Before Digging Shale - Dan Randolph, Durango Herald
Is "All of the Above" Even Possible? - Bryan Walsh, Time
What's Killing Europe's Nuke Revival? - Ladka Bauerova, Bloomberg
Why I'm Optimistic About Nuclear Again - William Tucker, NTH
GOP: Check Out That Dodgy Wind Credit Biz - Erika Johnsen, Hot Air
Saving the Planet, One Cow Fart At A Time - Joao Peixe, OilPrice
Why Is VC Weak For Clean Energy Startups? - Raphael Rosen, Forbes

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

Price of Keystone May Be a Carbon Tax - Terence Corcoran, Financial Post
Let's Get That Oil Flowing East - Phil Walsh, Globe & Mail
Sizing Up Obama's SOTU Energy Promises - Amy Harder, Nat'l Journal
Obama's Path from Energy Rhetoric to Reality - Andrew Revkin, NY Times
Prez Brought God Back Into Climate Fight - Robert Nelson, USA Today
Is Doubling Down on Efficiency Possible by 2030? - Brad Plumer, WaPo
Avoiding the Curse of the Oil-Rich Nations - Tina Rosenberg, NY Times
Big Oil Drillers Need to Invest in Arctic Politics - Mia Bennett, FPA
What if Everything Could Be a Solar Panel? - Michael Coren, FastCo
The AP's 'Dirty Solar' Story Is Wildly Misleading - Pete Danko, EarthTech
Power Hungry Brazil Builds Monster Dams in Amazon - Juan Forero, NPR
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