February 12, 2013

Making the Case for Keystone XL

Mark Green, The Energy Collective

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Quick facts about the Keystone XL pipeline project and Canada’s oil sands resources: Construction of the Keystone XL would generate 20,000 jobs during that phase, according to builder TransCanada. . .

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October 22, 2013
Wait a Sec. Shale CAN Help with Climate Change
Grant McDermott, EC
I used to be an avid reader of Joe Romm's "Climate Progress" blog. However, my enthusiasm has waned over the years due to his stark intolerance for any opposing ideas, dogmatic stance on nuclear power and several other factors. .... more ››
We got all excited when our friends over at the SUN DAY Campaign tipped us off to the latest federal report on newly installed electrical generating capacity in the US, given that the overall picture looks so rosy for renewables.... more ››