RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Is Another Enron Possible in Today's Market? - Ken Silverstein, Forbes
Let's Play Some Energy Bingo w/ Obama - Mark Green, Energy Tomorrow
Americans Simply Don't Like Electric Cars - Charles Lane, Washington Post
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POTUS Should Say No to Keystone in his SOTU - Danny Kennedy, Forbes
A Few Dissenting Voices on Climate Plans - Gregory Rummo, The Record
Senator Whitehouse's Climate Crusade - Lisa Song, InsideClimate News

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

Making the Case for Keystone XL - Mark Green, Energy Collective
If Not Steven Chu, Then Who? - Bill Sweet, IEEE Spectrum
Steven Chu Gets the Onion Treatment - Derek Sands, Platts
Driving Doldrums: Gas Prices on the Rise - Again - Jen Alic, OilPrice
Another Energy CEO That Has Got to Go NOW!! - Richard Finger, Forbes
Defining Success Downward? - Peter Grossman, Energy Collective
Francoise Sagan, Gas Markets and Alternative Fuels - Fuel Freedom
Giant Overseas Oil Field Startup vs Tough U.S. NatGas Market - AOL
Billionaire Fracking Brothers Top Political Donors - Associated Press
Higher Oil Taxes Would Lift the Economy - Levi & Ahn, Bloomberg
California Oil Fields Not Up to Snuff - David Baker, SF Chronicle
The New Age of America's Energy Abundance - Mark Perry, Seeking Alpha
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