RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

The Most Important Energy Chart Is... - Salim Khan, GigaOm
Breakthrough Near For Offshore Energy - Coral Davenport, Nat'l Journal
What China Knows About Wind - Joshua Hill, CleanTechnica
3 Things We DON'T Need from Chu's Successor - Hank Campbell, Sci. 2.0
Storage: The Chasm to Commercialization - Zach Pollock, GreenTechGrid
Ground Zero In the Energy/Water Nexus - Chris Nelder, SmartPlanet
Could Man-Made Wind Solve Shortages? - Stephen Vagus, H2 Fuel News
Six Reasons to Hack the DOE - Matthew Schwartz, InformationWeek
Will A "Green Home" Raise Your Bills? - Editors, AOL Real Estate
Riding the Energy Bull With ETFs - Paul Baiocchi, Forbes

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

Are You Kidding Me? Gas Prices Are Soaring - Steve Hargreaves, CNN
D.C. Just Doesn't Understand Energy - Meg Handley, US News & WR
Getting Natural Gas Right a Priority - Senator Ron Wyden, The Hill
This Energy Company Could Erase the Trade Deficit - StreetAuthority
Could Monterey Shale Save California? - Editorial, IBD
A Major Sea Change from Oil Revolution - Patrice Hill, Washington Times
Betting on the Most Abundant Fuel in the Universe - Fuel Freedom
Al Gore Profits From Fossil Fuels He Vilified - Robert Rapier, R-Squared
There's Real Money Flowing in Those Pipelines - Loren Steffy, Fuel Fix
The Big 3 Oil Services Firms Set to Explode - Peter Gardett, AOL Energy
Drilling Down into the WTI vs. Brent Evolution - Blake Clayton, CFR
Carbon Tax vs. Spending Cuts for Deficit Reduction - Energy Collective
U.S./China Pollution--Business as Usual - Gallucci & Horn, InsideClimate
Bruce Babbitt: Lease an Acre, Save an Acre - Darren Goode, Politico
Greenland: Yet Another Chinese Energy Play - Gwynn Guilford, Quartz
Why Is Iran Going Nuclear? - Claude Salhani,
Lady Barbara Judge: Japan's Nuclear Savior? - Catriona Davies, CNN
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