RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

How Far Will Obama Go to Stop Global Warming? - Josh Boak, Fiscal Times
Changing the Climate Change Conversation - Rohit Aggarwala, Bloomberg
Banner Year for Global Lukewarming - C. Knappenberger, MasterResource
Secretary Chu's Aggressive Parting Salvo - Bill Sweet, IEEE Spectrum
Chu Is Leaving Oil Markets in Turmoil - Raymond Learsy, Huffington Post
Could a Smart Grid Prevented Super Bowl Blackout? - Brad Plumer, WaPo
Fears Fade Over Global Energy Supply Shortage - Florian Neuhof, National
Once Mighty Gazprom Loses Its Clout - Schultz & Bidder, Der Spiegel
Oil Tax Spike Forces Greeks to Face Cold as Ancients Did - S. Daley, NYT
Why It Makes Sense for Auto Foes to Join Forces - Shelley DuBois, Fortune

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

How Did Energy Change Under Steven Chu's Watch? - Brad Plumer, WaPo
DOE Has Lost Its Nerd in Chief - Kevin Bullis, MIT Technology Review
Can Nat Gas Push Nuclear Out of Market? - Rod Adams, Atomic Insights
'Silent Peak Oil Trade' Could Be Nasty Trap For Investors - Biz Insider
Paying For Another Imaginary Mandate - Marita Noon, Townhall
The Corruption of Wind Energy - Peter Glover, Energy Tribune
The Super Bowl Saves the Country Tons of Energy - Ariel Schwartz, Fast Co
Ohio Farmers Deadlocked on Frack Risk - Mary Vanac, Columbus Dispatch
Georgia Town Fights Big Energy for Property Rights - K. Silverstein, Forbes
China's Oil Giants Take a Choke-Hold on Power - Wee & Li, Reuters
Oil Makes Norway an Enemy to It's Neighbors - The Economist
Who WIll Pay to Cure Britain's Fuel Poverty Curse? - S. Read, Independent
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