February 1, 2013

Is Clean Energy an Impossible Dream?

Taylor & Van Doren, Huffington Post


Don't get us wrong: If low-polluting renewable energy sources could displace fossil fuels without massive taxpayer subsidies that would harm the economy, you'd find us at the front of the parade. But President Obama's undying devotion to clean energy -- memorably invoked in his inaugural address -- should trouble anyone who does not believe in showering public money on industries with no hope of a back-end payoff for the taxpayer or consumer. . .

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October 21, 2013
Russia, American & the Arab Oil Curse
Raghida Dergham, Huff Post
The compass of the geopolitical strategic balance of power is turning towards a qualitative relationship between the United States and Russia, following a phase of tension in their relationship, the features of which had clearly... more ››
October 21, 2013
Fred Upton's Energy Work Starts @ Home
Alex Brown, Nat'l Journal
It seems fitting somehow that what may be the only congressional district that has faced oil spills, nuclear leaks, and threats from invasive species is the one held by Rep. Fred Upton, R-Mich. . . more ››
The rise and fall of Enron Corp. is Exhibit A by government advocates for increasing regulation of what is seen as unbridled, market-failure-ridden capitalism. As one economics textbook states: “The story about Enron... more ››
The U.S. energy sector’s carbon dioxide emissions fell last year to their lowest level in almost two decades, continuing a trend that has both supporters and opponents of President Barack Obama’s climate policies... more ››
For decades, the lack of a sensible U.S. transportation fuels policy hampered our ability to develop alternatives to oil’s stranglehold on the market. That all changed when the Renewable Fuel Standard was implemented in George... more ››