RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Why World Shale Boom May Never Happen - Energy Burrito, OilPrice
Obama Faces Angry Liberals over Pipeline - Joe Garofoli, SF Chronicle
Energy Funding Is About to Get Slashed - Kevin Bullis, Technology Review
The Mild Winter Is Killing Natural Gas - Sumit Roy, Hard Assets Investor
Saudi Arabia's New Oil Balancing Act - Andres Cala, Energy Tribune
Low CO2 Prices Hamper EU Cleanup - David Hone, Energy Collective
Two Sides to Wind Turbine Debate - Dan Dakin, St. Catharines Standard
How Would Electric Vehicles Appeal to the Masses? - Brad Tuttle, Time
Could Electric Vehicles Fly Out of Showrooms? - Matthew Wald, NYTimes
Mystery Surrounding Fusion Unlocked - Editors, Science Daily
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RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

A Battery-Driven World Could Electrify the Economy - The Economist
Is Clean Energy an Impossible Dream? - Taylor & Van Doren, Huff Post
Top 5 International Energy Trends in 2013 - Consumer Energy Report
1366 Technologies Tries to Break the Solyndra Curse - Martin LaMonica
What's Driving the Huge Rally in Crude Oil? - Sober Look
At What Price Does It Start to Choke Growth? - Hale Stewart, Bonddad
2013: Massive Overseas Oil & Tough US Gas Market - Jared Anderson, AOL
The Global Shale Gas Boom...Or Is It? - Matt Smith, Fuel Fix
Old King Coal Feels the Heat from Washington - Nicolas Loris, Heritage
Oil Companies: A Feast for Corporate Raiders - Melanie Wold, Platts
These Pirates Are Not After Ransom, But Oil - Steve LeVine, Quartz
Anti-Oil Sands Protests Take Off - Maria Gallucci, InsideClimate News
U.S. For Sale: Obama Lets China Gobble Up U.S. Energy - Editorial, IBD
Will the Super Bowl Save Energy? - David Unger, Christian Science Monitor
The Perils of Ignoring the Water-Energy Nexus - Sandra Postel, NatGeo
Nanotech Set to Revolutionize Smart Grid - Kathleen Davis, EnergyBiz
Secretary Kerry: Climate Change Is a Security Issue - National Journal
Chuck Hagel's Other Label: Anti-Green - Darren Samuelsohn, Politico
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