RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

The Simple Reply to the 'Sophisticated Objection' - David Roberts, Grist
Obama + Grid = Eisenhower + Highways? - Andrew Revkin, Dot Earth
America's Nuclear Future - Schellenberger & Nordhaus, Breakthrough
The City of Light Is About to Get Dimmer - Maia de la Baume, NY Times
Offshore Wind: Time to Fill its Sails! - Michael Conathan, Climate Progress
Can Fuel Cells Lighten Soliders' Loads? - Yasmin Tadjdeh, National Defense
A Greenprint For Cooperation on Climate - Editors, The Economist
McClendon Exit Will Not Solve Chesapeake Problems - John Kemp, Reuters
Two Dividend Pipelines; One To Be Wary Of - Editors, Motley Fool
ETFs: Prepare For a Canadian Oil Gusher - Josh Ehrlich, Globe and Mail

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

Energy Tax Would Cripple American Farmers - Eduardo Porter, NY Times
Is Anyone Funding U.S. Energy R&D? - Walter R. Mead, American Interest
The Cost of Not Using Renewable Energy - David Roberts, Grist
Obama's Path Toward Energy Poverty - Tom Harris, Washington Times
A New Energy Partner for Europe - Alexandros Petersen, National Interest
China Burns More Coal Than the Rest of the World Combined - WaPo
China's 'Blackest Day' Is Still to Come - Wolf Richter,
Boeing Fires Show Folly of Obama's Electric Car Push - Editorial, IBD
A Startup Charts a Path to Cheaper Solar Cells - Ucilia Wang, Forbes
Yoko's Magical Mystery Frack Tour - Thomas Shepstone, MasterResource
Minor Oil Spills Are Often Bigger Than Reported - Mark Schrope, Nature
Iraq Kurds Look Past Exxon For Energy Autonomy - Isabel Coles, Reuters
Taking the Nuclear Marbles and Going Home - Mark Flanagan, NEI Notes
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