RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Here We Go Again--Gas Prices Going Up - Steve Hargreaves, CNN
Keystone Is a Land Mine for Red State Dems - Alexandra Jaffe, The Hill
For Keystone, It's EPA vs. State Deparment - Lisa Song, InsideClimate
On LNG Exports, Let's Stick to the Facts - Mark Green, Energy Tomorrow
Is the Texas's Eagle Ford Miracle For Real? - Jennifer Hiller, Fuel Fix
2012: The Best or Worst of Times for Solar Energy? - Energy Collective
The Common Cure For Our Energy Hangover - Mark Halper, SPlanet
Coming to America: A Swiss Solar-Powered Plane - Ucilia Wang, GigaOm
The Hidden Costs of Expensive Electricity - Marita Noon, Energy Tribune

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

America the Energy Superpower: An Update - David Karl, FP Association
Latest Energy Discovery Could 'Dwarf North Dakota' - StreetAuthority
Will Exxon's Iraq Play Change Big Oil? - Jared Anderson, AOL Energy
Don't Let Special Interests Block NatGas Exports - Daniel Simmons, IER
McClendon Out at Chesapeake: A Takeover Next? - Chris Helman, Forbes
A New Era Begins in Natural Gas - Laurent Belsie, CS Monitor
Why I Don't Ride a Unicorn to Work - Robert Rapier, R-Squared
Your Car Could Be the Next iPhone - Gal Sitty, Fuel Freedom
Obama Slouches Toward Energy Poverty - Tom Harris, Washington Times
A Carbon Tax Won't Cure Climate Change - Simmons & Yonk, Nat'l Journal
How Serious Is Obama about Climate Change? - Hilal Elver, Al Jazeera
King Coal Will Remain on Top in Germany - Peter Fairley, IEEE Spectrum
Bulgaria's Uncertain (Nuclear) Energy Future - Victor Kotsev, Atlantic
How Ukraine Hopes to Avert a Winter Gas Melee - Steve LeVine, Quartz
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