RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Is There a Green Side to the Super Bowl? - Matthew Wald, New York Times
The President's 2nd Term Carbon Crusade - Rupert Darwall, Nat'l Review
Is Obama About to Blow His Climate Cred? - Fred Pearce, New Scientist
The Weather in Washington Heats Up - Jin Yong Kim, Washington Post
How Fossil Fuels Saved Nature - Indur Goklany, MasterResource
Visualizing the Impacts of Unlimited Growth - Kurt Cobb, CSM
China's Environment an Economic Death Sentence - Minxin Pei, Fortune
Does Rebound Effect Undercut Efficiency? - Kyle Niemeyer, Ars Technica
U.S. to Bury Almost All Existing Nuclear Waste - Jeff McMahon, Forbes
Can Dark Energy be Explained by Symmetrons? - Lisa Zyga, PhysOrg

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

Is Solar Cheaper Than Coal Now Possible? - David Roberts, Grist
Jumping Aboard North Dakota's Oil Boom - David Shaffer, News Tribune
Obama Ties Green Jobs to Climate Agenda - Roberta Rampton, Reuters
Keystone XL: A Year in Review - Sarah Laskow, The American Prospect
China Dreams a Shale Gas Dream - James Parker, The Diplomat
Tighter Radiation Monitoring for Frack Sites - Jon Hurdle, NY Times
Fossil Fuels are Humanity's Liberator - Indur Goklany, MasterResource
Should Colleges Divest From Fossil Fuel Industry? - David Unger, CSM
Australian Outback Shale: A Hot, Secure Frontier - Editors,
Bringing a 'Green Tint' to Sacramento - Mark Funkhouser, Governing
Big Year Ahead for Green Energy Investing - Harris Roen, Seeking Alpha
Fed Court Overturns EPA's Biofuels Mandate - Matthew Wald, NYT
The Biofuel Boondoggle Continues - Walter R. Mead, American Interest
Japan Starved for Energy Leadership - Klaus Topfer, Asahi Shimbun
Did Chernobyl Cause the Soviet Union To Explode? - Mark J. Stern, Slate
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