RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Unexpected Energy Headlines from Obama II - Michael Levine, CFR
Obama's Bonfire of Clean Energy Inanities - Peter Glover, Energy Tribune
Debunking Five Myths about Alternative Fuels - Mike Cheiky, AOL Energy
Clean Energy Investment Will Recover - Josh Hutheson, Seeking Alpha
Will States Continue Push for Renewables? - Sara Wyant, High Plains Jrnl
Renewables Are Surging, So Why Bet On Shale? - F. Cousins, DeSmogBlog
Huge Shale Finds Don't Mean Very Much...Yet - Steve LeVine, Quartz
What Investors Don't Get About Chesapeake - Matt DiLallo, Motley Fool
A Quiet Breakthrough in Geothermal - Katie Fehrenbacher, GigaOm
Floating Offshore Wind Is Here to Stay - Celine Rottier, Energy Collective
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RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

Who Wins When the Keystone Oil Flows? - Claudia Assis, MarketWatch
It Pays to Own an Energy Pipeline. Thanks, Tax Code - Zach Mider, BBW
We Need to Free Trapped Canadian Oil - James Bambino, Platts
There's a Major MidEast Oil Shift Underway - Steve LeVine, Quartz
Move Over WTI. Brent Is the New Oil King - Blake Clayton, CFR
Big Taxes, Big Oil - Daniel Graeber,
Some Energy Stats Obama Should Know - Mark Green, Energy Tomorrow
An Energy/Environment Exodus from DC - Amy Harder, National Journal
Energy's Next Battleground: Fracking for Uranium - Chris Helman, Forbes
Limiting NatGas Exports Is Bad for the Economy - Neil Vitale, Wash Times
Nuclear Energy Is The Environment's Best Friend - Tim Wu, Slate
How Much Do You Really Know about Gasoline? - Jared Anderson, AOL
Energy Storage Is a Game-Changer* - Ken Silverstein, EnergyBiz
John Kerry Is Mr. Climate - Darren Samuelsohn and Jonathan Allen, Politico
Make Climate Change a Top Priority - Jim Yong Kim, Washington Post
What Does Obama Mean by Sustainable Energy? - Climate Science Watch
Think You Know Energy? Take This Quiz - Laurent Belsie, CS Monitor