RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Who's Afraid of Natural Gas Exports? - Jon Entine, Forbes
Competition Is the Solution to NatGas Prices - Loren Steffy, Fuel Fix
Why Are Manufacturers Blocking LNG's Flow? - Ken Silverstein, EnergyBiz
Waiting On an Energy Breakthrough - Marshall Kaplan, Fuel Freedom
Will France Give Up Its Role as a Nuclear Powerhouse? - Tech Review
Peak Oil Battle Royale: Norway v. Saudi Arabia - John Daly,
The Climate Agenda President Obama Needs to Follow - Mijin Cha, Demos
Wind Tax Credit Has Appeal for Red States, Too - John Feehery, Politico
Where's the Next Algeria? - Steve LeVine and David Yanofsky, Quartz
From Here to There: A Brief Outlook for Biofuels - Jeff Kessler, EC

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

The DOE Doesn't Drive Energy Policy - Nick Cunningham, AOL Energy
Ditch the Gas Tax & Build Better Roads - Rohit Aggarwala, Bloomberg
Natural Gas Is Just What Clean Energy Needs - Arno Harris, Fortune
Will California Be the Next Big Shale Oil Play? - Geoffrey Styles, EC
Obama's Energy Goals: Smart Grid May Be the Best Route - Forbes
The Keystone XL Is Coming Back - Editorial, Washington Post
A Different Kind of Nuclear Winter - Dave Levitan, IEEE Spectrum
A New Low in the "War on Energy" - Neil Vitale, Washington Times
The U.S. Should Act Now on Climate Change - Cass Sunstein, Bloomberg
Obama's Covert Plans for Climate Action - Darren Samuelsohn, Politico
Climate Change & the Cult of the Presidency - David Roberts, Grist
Yet Another Subsidy Gone Wild - Travis Fisher, MasterResource
The Quest for the Monster Wind Turbine Blade - Kevin Bullis, Tech Review
A Guide to 21st Century Energy Profiteering - Matt Insley, Daily Reckoning
La Cosa Nostra Infiltrates Italy's Green Biz - Anthony Faille, WashPost
Hunting for Brazil's Next Big Oil Startup - Peter Millard, Bloomberg
Arctic Council Needs to Tame Its Oil Rush - Arne Jernelov, Moscow Times
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