RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Is America the Next Energy Superpower? - Anthony Fensom, The Diplomat
The Right Way to Fund Solar Power - Adam English, Wealth Daily
A Hybrid Car That Runs on Air - Staff, LiveScience
Can Democracy and Ideas Beat Resoures? - Claude Salhani, OilPrice
Sierra Club OKs Civil Disobedience - Michael Brune, Think Progress
Drilling Down for New Energy Plays - Aaron Levitt, MSN Money
Is Clean Investment on Life Support? - Travis Hoium, Motley Fool
The Gamma-Ray Bombardment of 774 A.D. - John Timmer, Ars Technica
Do Green Energy Subsidies Invite Corruption? - V. de Rugy, The Corner
Wind Storage: Energy Island or Fantasy Island? - Pete Danko, EarthTech

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

A Mix of Sun & Clouds for Obama's 2nd Term - Ken Silverstein, EnergyBiz
How NatGas Will Make Investors a Fortune - Bob Bogda, StreetAuthority
What Holds Energy Tech Back? The Battery - Seth Borenstein, Yahoo
Why Has Saudi Arabia Cut Its Oil Output? - Jared Anderson, AOL Energy
The Coming Oil War in Iraq: Part II - Daniel Graeber,
Mike Bloomberg, Not Obama, Might Destory Coal - Kathy Larsen, Platts
The E.U. Needs a New Coal Plan - Gerard Wynn, Climate Spectator
Is the Climate's Goose Already Cooked? - Thomas Lovejoy, New York Times
So, Obama's a Born-Again Climate Hawk Now? - Matt Stepp, Forbes
Obama's Factless Climate Change Chutzpah - Kevin Bullis, Tech Review
How Would Obama Address Climate Change? - Mark Fischetti, SciAm
Senate Gives Up: Let the EPA Do It All - Amy Harder, National Journal
Quarterbacks & Nuke Power Plants - Peter Kelly-Detwiler, Forbes
An Early Nuclear Warning: Was It for Naught? - Matthew Wald, NY Times
'FrackNation' Sheds Truth on Fracking Debate - Tubb and Loris, Foundry
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