RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Mr. President: Put Solar on the White House! - Danny Kennedy, Forbes
Is Climate Change Legislation DOA in Congress? - Erica Martinson, Politico
Keystone XL Approved by Nebraska Gov. - Aamer Madhani, USA Today
Energy Industry Doesn't Understand Algeria Attack - Jen Alic, OilPrice
Biofuels Business: Accelerating History - Peter Gardett, AOL Energy
NatGas as Fuel: Future or Flavor of the Month? - Jeannie Kever, Fuel Fix
What's Delta Doing with Its Trainer, Pa Refinery? - Matt Kohlman, Platts
Energy Policy Is Key to Vermont's Future - Guy Page, The Energy Collective

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

An Energy Action List for a 2nd Obama Term - David Blackmon, Forbes
Obama Part II: Please Kill the Oil Monopoly - Gal Luft, Foreign Policy
A Second-Term Climate Agenda for the President - Washington Post
It's Time for the Keystone XL Pipeline - Mark Green, Energy Tomorrow
A 2nd Chance for an Energy-Smart Quest - Andrew Revkin, Dot Earth
The Amazing Reversal of the U.S. Oil Industry - Robert Rapier, R-Squared
Where There Is Oil, There Is Conflict - Gal Sitty, Fuel Freedom
Air Pollution: The Price of Coal in China - Peter Lehner, Energy Collective
China's Bad Air Puts Lie to EPA Scare Tactics - Steve Milloy, Wash Times
Army's Solar Array In New Mexico A World Beater - Pete Danko, AOL
Wind Gets Boost from Some Unlikely Firms - Jason Plautz, InsideClimate
Regulatory Views on Building a New Power Grid - Kathleen Davis, EBiz
Thailand's Natural Gas Quandry - Mriganka Jaipuriyar, Platts
The Education of Steven Chu - Coral Davenport, National Journal
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