RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Where the U.S. Imports Its Oil in One Map - Brad Plumer, Wash Post
The Peak Oil Distraction and Other Fallacies - John Kemp, Reuters
Energy Industry Bracing for Post-Chavez Venezuela - J. Anderson, AOL
Are Arctic Drilling Challenges Too Great? - Amy Harder, Nat'l Journal
Boondoggling in Never-Never Land - Editorial, Washington Times
It's Time to Give Nuclear a Second Look - Robert Stone, Huffington Post
The Dirty Price of Coal in China - Peter Lehner, Energy Collective
Light-Trapping Surfaces Will Boost Solar Cell Efficiency - MIT Tech Review
Wind Power Delivers Too Much to Ignore - Reg Platt, New Scientist
Will The Grass Be Greener In Obama's Second Term? - Editors, NPR

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

What America's Oil Boom Looks Like From Space - Mindy Lubber, Forbes
Can the GOP Warm Up to a Carbon Tax? - Ben Schreckinger, Nat'l Journal
Farewell to Obama's "Green Dream Team" - Kate Sheppard, Mother Jones
Ken Salazar's Unfinished Business - Robert Semple, New York Times
An Inaguration for the People or for Exxon? - David Callahan, Demos
Obama's Wishful Green Thinking - Paul Driessen, Washington Times
A Make or Break Year for Algae Fuel - Katie Fehrenbacher , BusinessWeek
Why Is Transforming U.S. Electric Grid So Hard? - Lena Hansen, GreenBiz
Taming the Arctic Oil Rush - Arne Jernelow, Project Syndicate
A Big Day for the Dow and for the Peak Oil Myth - A. Planes, Motley Fool
What Happened Canada's Energy Visionaries? - C. Cattaneo, Financial Post
China Wants More Nuclear Plants than Anyone Else - The Economist
Living with Beijing's 'Air-pocalypse' - Jaime FlorCruz, CNN
Is Warming the Greatest Threat to Arab Economies? - EconomyWatch
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