RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

10 Reasons High Oil Prices Are a Problem - G. Tverberg, Energy Collective
Key 3 Appointments: Advice & Dissent - Sean Paige, Boulder Daily Camera
Could a Carbon Tax Solve Global Warming? - Ronald Bailey, Reason
Clean Energy Fuels To the Rescue - Michael Fitzsimmons, Seeking Alpha
Ken Salazar Leaving a Legacy of Change - Darren Goode, Politico
Time to Refresh With Offshore Wind - Ken Silverstein, Forbes
Chavez's Troubled Legacy for Venezuelan Oil - Blake Clayton, CFR
Energy Giants Most At Risk In North Africa - Cyrus Sanati, CNN Money
Doubling Down on Energy Efficiency - Editors, Science Daily
Einstein's Blunder Beats Dark Energy - Brian Dodson, GizMag
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RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

Exxon's Epic Plans for Offshore Drilling - Steve Hargreaves, CNNMoney
Is Shell Really Ready for the Arctic? - Nick Butler, Financial Times
A New Era for Gulf Coast Oil Refining Has Dawned - Platts
Oil Industry Battles Back on NatGas Exports - Jennifer Dlouhy, Fuel Fix
A View of Our Future Energy World - Peter Kelly-Detwiler, Forbes
Shale Is No Energy Game-Changer - Chris Martenson,
E.U. Must Respond to the Shale Revolution - Alan Riley, Financial Times
Goldman Sachs: Renewables Are Back, Baby - Ehren Goossens, Bloomberg
Does the Math on Electric Cars Finally Add Up? - Brad Tuttle, Time
Wind Tax Credit Won't Stop Sector's Job Losses - Inst. for Energy Research
Obama's 2nd Term Energy/Climate Agenda Takes Shape - Huffington Post
Chilly Reception to a Red-Hot Climate Report - Ken Silverstein, EnergyBiz
Will Obama Punt Again on Climate Change? - Andrew Restuccia, Politico
Propane: A New Alternative Fuel for Vehicles? - The Energy Collective
What's Energy's Fate in a Post-Chavez Venezuela? - Jared Anderson, AOL
Argentina: The Perfect Example of How to Kill Energy - Economist
The Propaganda and Politics of Oil Exports - Jen Alic,
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