RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Obama Faces High Expectations on Climate - Tom Zeller Jr., Huff Post
Congress Feels Heat on Carbon Tax - Coral Davenport, Nat. Journal
China Wind Industry Next in U.S. Crosshairs - Kenneth Rapoza, Forbes
Mandating Ethanol - Good or Bad? - Jared Anderson, AOL Energy
Is Ethanol Cost-Effective for Climate? - John Miller, Energy Collective
Why Advanced Biofuels Aren't Dead - Maxx Chatsko, Motley Fool
Solar Panels Are in Harmony With Nature - Editors, Energy Matters
German Energy Costs Lead to Forest Theft - Renuka Rayasam, Der Spiegel
Photovoltaics Beats Biofuels in Energy Conversion - UCSB, R&D
Fireflies May Bring Us Brigher LEDs - Ben Coxworth, GizMag

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

Will U.S. Be Energy Self-Sufficient by 2030? - Meg Handley, US News
Sound Energy Policy for the Western World - K. Hawkins, MasterResource
Why OPEC Is Worried About the U.S. Congress - Daniel Graeber, OilPrice
Global Energy Shift Is Bad News for China - Yua Huapeng, WorldCrunch
Golden State Oil Gusher - Mark Mills, Wall Street Journal
How to Profit From U.S. Gas Juggernaut - David Goodboy, StreetAuthority
A Strange Light Spotted in North Dakota Night - Robert Krulwich, NPR
BP: Shale Not a Game Changer for the UK - Emily Gosden, Telegraph
Coal May Find Friend in Europe's Greens - W. R. Mead, American Interest
What's Happens to Venezuelan Oil After Chavez? - S. Cockerham, KC Star
The Road Forward From Cap-and-Trade - David Roberts, Grist
Can Subsidies Get EVs Rolling in India? - David Ferris, Forbes
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